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Season 3 Episode 10

Your Face or Mine

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 17, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Dead Ringers

    This is another episode that I really like in fact it's one of my favorates in the show. The story is actually simple it just doesn't seem that way at first.

    Errica Cerra really did a great job at playing contrary to her character personality which actually made me believe she was the other character Julia.
    And also the Julia character I think is an interesting addition in the show. She was a character you did feel sympahthy for, it is a common fear where sometimes a person might feel like their own persona is not enough there is a lack of something and it's just easier to use another because it seem more full.

    It was interesting seeing Jo act out of charcter,whenever she tired to utilize her usual characteristics it seemed a bit forced as if not natural to her, or even when she interacted with certain people Jo would usual interact with as if she is talking to them for the first time. One small funny moment was seeing her handle her usual guns like someone that is inexperenced with firearms, I was a little affraid she might accidently shoot. And of course my favorate moment was the Karoke night when Jo was in a dress and singing I'll admit she looked great in one and that actress really is a good singer.

    But of course my favorate thing about the episode was seeing the interactions with Zane and Fargo. I really loved how Zane was able to believe Jo was Jo when she was disguised as Julia, I felt it really showed how close both Zane and Jo are.

    Though the best one for me was with Fargo and Julia. Personally I think it's about time Fargo had a significant other in the show, he's been single for like 3 years now. I liked how Fargo said he figured out it was Julia all along and that he really did want her because of her. Yes, Fargo had a crush on Jo but it was only a crush it wasn't like he was in love with or anything both aren't that close. He really just like any of us that are single just someone in his life, that would like/love him for him. My only gripe was there wasn't nearly enough interaction time between both Julia(while she was disgused) and Fargo. But that probably might be saved for further in this season. Julia really is a great person she just didn't look in the mirror close enough.
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