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  • Eurovision is fun to watch.

    Eurovision it's weird,wacky and look there's someone dressed up as Kiss that's just part of the charm of Eurovision and also the fact that some acts are well lets just say strange.

    This beats Australia Idol (and the ones from other countries except Polish Idol now that was pretty strange but it was funny).Also it brings Europe together with the competition getting held a different each year and really it's just one big party and celebration of song and dance in Europe.

    I'm a fan of Eurovison now from watching it I think 2 years ago and I hope my review gives you the urge to watch it next year or even enter just remember to thank me if you win.
  • I love it but also hate it!

    This show is a guilty pleasure thats also very annoying!! For the first hour and a half this show rocks! But when the voting begins it gets very annoying and very political i'm from the UK and I don't blame people for not voting for us, I mean why should they? Even if we come last ( which we always do) we are still in the show every year as we put to much money into it!! But the voting is still extremly political and hardly ever based on how good the song is! I think we need to go back to the old system of voting where judges pick a winner based on the song or tweak it a bit and have the judges pick 3-5 songs then people vote for the best one out of them!!
  • Honestly, this is the best song contest in the world.

    I only started watching the Eurovision Song Contest about three years ago... and what was i missing out on! This show has grown on me so much.

    There are amazing performances and amazing songs. The hosts are great and the whole show is put together wonderfully. It is bringing Europe closer together. However, I really don't think there is a need for a commentator. Thank god Terry Wogan has quit. He was the most annoying personality on TV. This years (2008) Eurovision Song Contest was held in Belgrade, Serbia. The only reason it was held there was because the worlds best singer, Marija Serifovic, won the song contest in 2007 with her song Molitva. I was obsessed with Molitva for over a year and Marija has become my favourite celebrity. I must congratulate her on the song as it blew me away. I have all her CD's and hope to meet her one day.

    I'm definitelly looking forward to next years Eurovision which will be held in Moscow, Russia.
  • I'm from Ireland! We've won it more times than any other country!...

    The Eurovision is an annual song contest that is on tv all across Europe and the world every April/May. The contest has been going on since the 1950's and has become more and more popular every year! The contest will always bring people together to cheer on their own country and enjoy the songs from the rest of them. Each year, It's just great to come down and watch each act and just enjoy yourself. I'm from Ireland and we've won the contest more times than any other country, including 3 years in a row at one stage. This year, 2007 we were embarrassed to finish in last place, but we hope to bounce back next year!
    The Eurovision's just alot of fun!
  • A great night of diverse music, friendly competition and European solidrity!

    Eurovision is a great event, call me lame but the gathering of nations for something other than football and for something thats more of a laugh is a worthwhile event. Eurovision has a bit of a naff reputation, but this is largly because the British mainly because were monolingual have little tolerance for foriegn music. If your in the know or have broader taste however you'll be aware that with every passing year the quailty of songs is improving vastly any many countries use thier top musicians. In the last few years I've genuinly enjoyed many songs and still listen to some.

    Eurovision however is just as fun for the bad songs and the live mistakes and the guilty pleasure of laughing at whoever gets 'nil point'! My god did us Brits take it badly! We however diserve everything we get because we simply do not try.

    I've always made an event of eurovision along with myfirends so this show will always have a special place in my heart no matter who wants to knock it
  • I have to watch this every year... I'm an ESC geek and I'm proud of it!!!

    OK so it is the 53rd year this thing is going on! And there are more countries than ever who has submitted a song, so for the first time we have two semi finales before the big finale. But the thing that is a bit disturbing is that Great Britain, Spain, Germany and France has a permanent spot in the finale, it's because they give so much money to the competition, but I think it's wrong. I live in Sweden and we take this thing really serious, we have a 6 part competition to choose the song we wanna send to the big ESC, and it's a big thing, over a third of the population watch our domestic finale! I think it's kind of weird how people can send so stupid songs to this competition, I like the eastern European countries because they take it seriously!!
    Hopefully Estonia, and Ireland will send something less sucky next year!!
    Tonight is the second semi finale and I'm counting the minutes to 21:00 when it begins!!
  • Love it or Hate it?

    The Eurovision Song Contest is back again in 2008, bigger (and better???) than ever. So many countries want to take part in this annual pan-european songfest that it now spreads over 2 semi-finals and then the big final spectacular. I'm a big fan of the contest despite the various musical offerings being so lame, but when all is said and done it is just harmless fun and not to be taken seriously.. unless of course you live in mainland Europe where it seems to be the top musical event of the year and has to be won at all costs.. and what a cost it is to win.. Millions of Dollars/Pounds/Euros spent by the national broadcaster of the winning country in order to host the event the following year. I know it doesn't exactly rank as a show to look for new talent, but in the past it has given the world ABBA and Celine Dion, so it's not all bad. It's turned into a more political popularity contest than a song one, so I wont be expecting the UK to win anytime soon.. but I can still think back to the days of hearing United Kingdom - 12 points and look forward to the day when we are not involved in some far off war that has nothing to do with us and maybe, just maybe we might be in with a chance of walking away with the crown for the 1st time since 1997.
  • Along with the Junior contest it is really fun!

    It isn't a serious boring competition like Idol for example, it is fun and filled with catchy songs. People say there is now an eastern voting block but Ireland has won the competition the most so all this could change. The Eurosong contest has catchy and light songs or some more serious songs and ballads. It is good to watch the excitement of the scores being read out and to see who will win. You can support your favorite act or score all the countries yourself just for fun. I'm in Australia so unfortunately we can't actually vote. Very good show!!