Eurovision Song Contest

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  • I have to watch this every year... I'm an ESC geek and I'm proud of it!!!

    OK so it is the 53rd year this thing is going on! And there are more countries than ever who has submitted a song, so for the first time we have two semi finales before the big finale. But the thing that is a bit disturbing is that Great Britain, Spain, Germany and France has a permanent spot in the finale, it's because they give so much money to the competition, but I think it's wrong. I live in Sweden and we take this thing really serious, we have a 6 part competition to choose the song we wanna send to the big ESC, and it's a big thing, over a third of the population watch our domestic finale! I think it's kind of weird how people can send so stupid songs to this competition, I like the eastern European countries because they take it seriously!!
    Hopefully Estonia, and Ireland will send something less sucky next year!!
    Tonight is the second semi finale and I'm counting the minutes to 21:00 when it begins!!