Eurovision Song Contest

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  • Honestly, this is the best song contest in the world.

    I only started watching the Eurovision Song Contest about three years ago... and what was i missing out on! This show has grown on me so much.

    There are amazing performances and amazing songs. The hosts are great and the whole show is put together wonderfully. It is bringing Europe closer together. However, I really don't think there is a need for a commentator. Thank god Terry Wogan has quit. He was the most annoying personality on TV. This years (2008) Eurovision Song Contest was held in Belgrade, Serbia. The only reason it was held there was because the worlds best singer, Marija Serifovic, won the song contest in 2007 with her song Molitva. I was obsessed with Molitva for over a year and Marija has become my favourite celebrity. I must congratulate her on the song as it blew me away. I have all her CD's and hope to meet her one day.

    I'm definitelly looking forward to next years Eurovision which will be held in Moscow, Russia.