Eve - Season 2

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  • Stay Tuned
    Episode 22
    J.T. spots Janie and Grant at a jewelry store buying an engagement ring for Shelly, so he's faced with a tough decision, and after consulting with his parents and friends, J.T. decides to also propose at Shelly's birthday party. Donovan tries to avoid tearful goodbyes, so he leaves and discusses future plans with a cab driver.moreless
  • Taken For Grant-ed
    Episode 21
    Shelly questions her relationship when Grant takes her to a surprising camping trip. Rita and Janie try to spend more time with Donovan, but their attempt is put aback when Nick and he get invited to a swimsuit model party. Meanwhile, J.T. decides to confess his love to Shelly.
  • Resident Aliens
    Episode 20
    When Coleman's hair salon is suddenly shut down, Shelly and the girls decides to let him set up his business in their shop, but they regret the decision as soon as Coleman starts taking over DivaStyle. Also, the gang learns a secret about Donovan after an immigration raid on Z Lounge.moreless
  • Testing Testing HIV
    Episode 19
    Grant tells Shelly about taking an HIV test because he's ready to take their relationship to the next level, and his brave thing encourages the entire gang to get tested too. J.T. realizes he's still in love with Shelly. Donovan learns his request for residency in USA has been denied, and he must leave the country within 30 days.moreless
  • 4/19/05
    Shelly tries to impress Grant by cooking dinner for him, but she then decides to enlist her friends to help her in the kitchen. J.T. and Nick's year-old satellite radio stops working, so they turn to a variety of customer service reps based in India.
  • Moral Minority
    Episode 17
    Nick and J.T. suspect Donovan keeping a secret from them. Rita and Shelly discover that Janie had a fling with Troy and now it's time for them to teach Janie that she can't give the lectures on right and wrong anymore.
  • Prom Night
    Episode 16
    Shelley agrees to a "mercy date" when a younger man named Grant asks her out, but the evening turns into a romantic attraction. Nick declares Z Lounge's Ladies Night discriminatory and demands that Donovan give the guys equal attention at the club.
  • If The Shrew Fits
    Episode 15
    When Shelly and Rita's stepmother Lucy fight, it is up to Shelly to swallow her pride and be the first one to apologize, to guarantee Rita getting some financial help. Nick tries to make a pass at Shelly when he learns J.T. slept with his ex-girlfriend in college.
  • 2/15/05
    When a potential wheelchair buyer accidentally catches her using a handicapped parking spot, Shelly decides to pretend being disabled. Nick and J.T. put up house rules for their new roommate, Rita.
  • Kung Fu Divas
    Episode 13
    Donovan starts dating an older woman named Rebecca and everything is going fine until he attempts to set Nick and J.T. up with her friends. Rita and Shelly compete in a martial arts class after Rita turns out to be more adept.
  • Breast in Show
    Episode 12
    Shelly and the girls enter a lively debate when Shelly considers getting implants. J.T. and Donovan are determined to fix Nick's annoying habit of never picking up a check.
  • 1/4/05
    Shelly and the girls are shocked when Robert Verdi slams their dress worn by celebrity Brooke Burke on air, and it's obvious that their promotional opportunity turned into a nightmare. Nick regrets taking piano lessons from Frances.
  • Dateless In Miami
    Episode 10
    The gang reminisces about their dating past when Shelly breaks the rules and brings a date to the New Year's Eve. J.T. reminisces about Diana, Donovan and Rita about Jackson and Shannon. Then later, the night takes a surprising turn.
  • Above Average Joe
    Episode 9
    Janie has to make peace between Shelly and Rita, who are competing for the affections of a charming bachelor with a yacht. J.T. decides to take a new direction in meeting a woman who is waiting to meet "her special guy."
  • Love TKO
    Episode 8
    J.T. can't hide his jealousy when Shelly starts dating a buff boxer named Adrian. Shelly fears she might end up with Rita as her roommate, so she decides to make up Janie and Rita, who are having hard time living together.
  • Friend Or Foe?
    Episode 7
    Rita and Janie warn Shelly to stop talking about her breakup with J.T. after she ruins a night at the movie, so Shelly turns to new friend, Claudia, who suggests getting revenger on her ex. Rita runs into problems while trying to sell the contents of her storage unit in a garage sale.moreless
  • Splice of Life
    Episode 6
    A homeless Rita moves in with Janie and they discover a new friendship, Shelly-less. J.T. wants to watch a new sports package added to his and Nick's cable, but he refuses to pay for it since Nick, who took it, didn't ask him about it.
  • Footloose
    Episode 5
    An injured Shelly is forced to ask J.T. for some medical advice, but when Shelly is asked out by a handsome doctor, a jealous J.T. decides to sabotage Shelly's plans. Donovan challenges Nick to become a manager of the Z Lounge for one night.
  • 10/12/04
    Donovan makes plans to take Rita to a hot new club in Miami after their first date went awry. Shelly continues taking advice from the self-help book, so she asks J.T. via e-mail to give her the uncollected possessions back, but then he turns the tables by asking her to repay the money he loaned her first.moreless
  • All My Exes Havin' Sexes
    Despite her friends warnings, Shelly decides to get back between sheets with J.T., only to realize later that she's acting like they are still dating. Donovan suffers a severe allergic reaction while on a date with Rita. J.T. tries to convince Nick that Shelly broke the pool table with him and not Donovan.moreless
  • Self Helpless
    Episode 2
    Shelly tries to cope with her breakup by using a self-help book which encourages her to spend more time by herself, but then she realizes that she actually needs the support of her best friends, Rita and Janie. Nick helps J.T. deal with the breakup by getting back into the local scene, which leaves Dani wondering if Nick is committed to their relationship or not.moreless
  • OVER
    Episode 1
    Shelly and J.T. finally sit down and discuss their rocky relationship, and just as Shelly thinks they got over the hard part, she soon learns that J.T. has a whole another idea of compromise. Nick tries to pretend that Donovan and Rita's new attraction doesn't bother him.
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