Season 3 Episode 18

Separate, But Unequal

Aired Unknown Apr 13, 2006 on UPN



  • Quotes

    • (Rita, Janie, & JT think Rita's apartment is haunted but Shelley doesn't)
      : Listen here Mama Chickenfoot, I don't believe in any of that superstitious Hoo Doo.
      Janie: It's Voo Doo and it's a science.
      Shelley: Yeah? Who won the last Nobel Prize for Voo Doo?
      Janie: (Ignoring Shelley) Rita, as you know, I am one quarter Voo Doo Priestess.
      Shelley: (Rolling her eyes) Here we go.
      Janie: I'm qualified to remove spirits from homes. If you would like I could perform a cleansing ritual that would help Mrs. Thomas's spirit move on.
      Rita: Are you certified? Because if I were home in New Orleans, I'd just call Mama Babineau. She's run ghosts out of The White House.
      Janie: I was trained by High Priestess Lulabelle. That's who Mama Babineau calls when she needs help.
      Shelley (Sarcastically): What? Scooby-Doo too busy?