Even Stevens

Season 1 Episode 5

All About Yvette

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Jul 15, 2000 on Disney Channel
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All About Yvette
Louis wants to baby-sit Twitty's kid brother to earn some money but his mom says he's too young yet, but if he can get Tawny to baby-sit with him then she'll think about it. Meanwhile, Ren and Charlotte are on the decorating committee and must get the school's gymnasium decorated for the school dance which will be chaperoned by Ren's parents! Talk about a nightmare for Ren, but that's not the biggest part of her problem -- Charlotte's old friend, Yvette moves back from Topeka and she's afraid that Yvette will move in on their best friend relationship.moreless

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  • One of my favorite episodes.

    Ren and Charlotte are, like, the best of friends. They do everything together. They're like twins.

    In this episode, Ren and Charlotte are decorating the gym for an upcoming dance. Charlottes best friends from her childhood, Yvette, is coming to visit. Yvette decides to help out with the decorations. Soon, Ren sees that Charlotte and Yvette are spending a lot of time together, and she feels replaced and left out. It gets to a point where Ren gets pissed of at Charlotte and tells her she doesn't need her.

    Soon Ren learns that she can have more than one best friend, and she also finds out that Yvette was feeling like "a third wheel" the whole time. Ren then teaches Yvette the same thing she learned.

    Soon, they all make up, and they're all best friends. The group just got bigger.

    I love those friendship episodes where a best friend feels left out and then they make up in the end. I don't like arguments, but I love it when people make up. What a sweet episode!moreless
Tom Virtue

Tom Virtue

Steve Stevens

Donna Pescow

Donna Pescow

Eileen Stevens

Nick Spano

Nick Spano

Donnie Stevens

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf

Louis Anthony Stevens

Christy Carlson Romano

Christy Carlson Romano

Renèe 'Ren' Stevens

A.J. Trauth

A.J. Trauth

Alan Twitty

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Eileen mentions that she attended Brown University. Brown is one of the Ivy League schools (like Harvard, Yale and Princeton). It's located in Providence, Rhode Island.

    • At the "Awesome Eighties" dance, Eileen is dressed like Boy George in his Culture Club days, Charlotte is costumed like Tina Turner around the time of her Private Dancer album, Twitty seems to be dressed like Adam Ant with a hairstyle like Mike Score, lead singer of A Flock of Seagulls, and Ren and Yvette are in styles that look like a cross between Madonna and Cyndi Lauper's looks of the time.

    • Tawny's three favorite DVD's are identified as Frankenstein (presumably the 1931 version with Boris Karloff), Bride of Frankenstein and Oklahoma!

    • This is the first time that Louis and the other 7th graders have been identified as 13 years old.

    • Yvette and Charlotte were best friends when they were younger.

    • Eileen looks at her shoes that Ren has been polishing and can see her reflection. She asks herself, "Is that a gray hair?" Could anyone get ANY shoes clean enough to see a single gray hair reflected in them?

    • Yvette tells Charlotte and Ren that her father has transferred to Sacramento and that she will be attending Lawrence next semester. But she's never seen again. Also, Charlotte is described by Ren as her best friend, but she only appears in one more episode ("Louis in the Middle," the next broadcast after this one) before she too disappears without another word mentioned about her.

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  • NOTES (1)

    • Twins Sawyer and Sullivan Sweeten, who play Milton, also appear in the roles of Michael and Jeffery Barone on the TV series Everybody Loves Raymond.


    • "All About Yvette"

      "All About Yvette" is a play on the movie title All About Eve. Eve makes friends with a famous actress named Margo and begins to take over Margo's life. Margo finally realizes that Eve is using her, but she cannot stop Eve ruining her career.

    • Louis: While you're moonwalking the night away at the school dance...

      The "moonwalk" is the trademark dance step of Michael Jackson, the self-proclaimed "King of Pop." He originated the move, which manages to look like a backward and forward walk at the same time, in the early 1980's and showed it off to its best advantage in concerts, music videos and TV appearances. jackson's 1988 autobiography is entitled Moonwalk.

    • Yvette: Doesn't Charlotte look great as Tina Turner?

      Tina Turner, born Annie Mae Bullock in 1939, started her musical career in the 1950's singing with the band of R&B/early rock & roll performer Ike Turner, soon marrying him. In the 1960's, the Ike & Tina Turner Revue became well-known for their high-energy live shows, featuring the sexy figure of Tina up front along with her female trio of singers and dancers known as the Ikettes. Despite their notoriety, they had few hit records. Tina left Ike in 1976 after years of physical abuse, taking no money in a divorce settlement. For years she performed as a solo act without great success, but in 1984 her album Private Dancer and single "What's Love Got to Do With it?" were both huge hits and she won several Grammy awards in 1985. For the next several years she had an impressive string of big-selling hits and was a top concert draw until she finally retired from live performing around the time of her 60th birthday.

    • Eileen Stevens: It wouldn't be the eighties without Boy George.

      Boy George is the professional name of of George O'Dowd, born in England in 1961, who became most famous as the lead singer of the rock group Culture Club. The band sold millions of singles and albums in the 1980's and were a constant topic of conversation in that decade. George was perhaps most famous for his startling appearance, wearing bizarre and/or outrageous clothing combinations and hair styles along with facial makeup. This led to much specualtion, of course, about his sexual preference, though he never addressed this directly until much later in his career. After the demise of Culture Club and a serious drug problem, George resumed his musical career and has had some sporadic successes, such as a 1993 hit with "The Crying Game," the theme from the movie of the same name, but his main reputation rests on his work with Culture Club, a band he dominated so much that many people then and now simply referred to them as "Boy George."

    • Ren: We are gonna have this gym decorated like a total '80's new wave...
      Charlotte: ...Devo Madonna...
      Ren: ...Flashdance party in no time!

      Devo was a new-wave group who actually started out in the 1970's. Promoting the idea that American society was "devolving" rather than evolving, they dressed in identical work-suit costumes and played an early version of techno-rock, complete with robotic-type movements on stage. The legendary pop diva Madonna got her start in the early 1980's, and at the time was thought of as a singer rather than a star. Flashdance is the 1983 movie starring Jennifer Beals as a woman who worked as a welder by day and an exotic dancer by night and who dreamed of joining a professional dance company. The movie had a great effect on the styles and, to a lesser extent, the music of the time.