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Even Stevens

Season 1 Episode 20

Almost Perfect

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Feb 09, 2001 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Almost Perfect
Ren looks like a shoo-in for "Student of the Semester" and among her biggest supporters are Principal Wexler and two admiring young cub reporters, Carla and Marla, who are writing about her for the school paper. But the unthinkable could happen: in Mr. Rupert's wood shop class Ren may get a "C" on her final project. Louis helps her to cope with the possibility that she may have to accept less than perfection.

Meanwhile, Louis' locker has become a mess, and it's not all his fault this time, as a broken steam pipe is creating new life-forms in the muck. Principal Wexler gives him a dusty old janitor's closet as a temporary space, and Louis uses it to create "Casa de Fiesta", a spot which becomes as popular as Studio 54 among the students.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (6)

      • Carly Blaine is identified as Twitty's cousin.

      • Twitty states "Carly, how are ya?" right before he asks Carly her name. Twitty seems to be very lightheaded in earlier episodes.

      • When Twitty asks Louis if he has any umbrellas for the drinks, he's looking directly at the cup that holds them, with no obstruction.

      • When Louis and Principal Wexler are looking into Louis' locker, Louis tells Wexler to look at the left corner, and points to his right (the camera's left.)

      • Louis calls the guitar in the former storage room a bass, yet there are six strings on it, and they're the standard length and gauge as a normal 6 string acoustic guitar. Also, he says "that's not a guitar, that's a bass." A "bass" is as much of a guitar as a standard acoustic.

      • Louis is walking up the line outside his "casa de fiesta" greeting people. In the next shot he's behind some of the same students he just passed up.

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    • NOTES (3)

    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Outside Louis party, Twitty controls the entrance of the guests by use of velvet ropes and a clipboard and pretends to fail to recognize his own cousin. This is an allusion to the real-life 1970's disco, Studio 54, which was infamously known for its exclusivity on who was allowed in and who was kept out by the use of velvet ropes.

      • Louis: See that matador painting? The guy at the gas station told me that's on real velvet.

        Paintings on velvet are quite popular but many people look down on that particular medium of art as being the height of tackiness. The matador has long been a subject for paintings on velvet, but in many peoples' minds, they don't approach the tackiness of the Elvis portraits on velvet, or card-playing dogs, etc.

      • Ren: You finally bought that red Miata.

        Miata is a sports car model made by Mazda.