Even Stevens

Season 3 Episode 16

Beans on the Brain

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Sep 16, 2002 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Louis, Twitty, and Tom are engaging in one of their usual crazy pursuits (this time trying to walk on the ceiling!) when they find that Beans has once again gotten into the house and is annoying them. Beans says he has a cousin named Chris that the guys might like to meet, but they throw him out anyway, only to find out that not only is Chris a girl, she's a pretty one, too! Now all of a sudden Louis and his friends are fawning all over Beans, hoping that he will introduce them to his cousin. Beans puts them through a test and decides he'll let Louis meet her. Louis arranges to take a gondola ride with Chris, but she shows up with Beans in tow. Louis manages to ditch Beans, and on the gondola ride sparks start to fly between him and Chris. She gives him permission to kiss her, but when Louis starts to move in on her, Chris' head morphs into a replica of--Beans!! Louis screams in horror!
At school Twitty and Tom want to know all the juicy details about Louis' date, but Louis is still traumatized and freaks out whenever Chris is mentioned. Amateur psychiatrist Tawny knows something is wrong with Louis and she tries to help him solve the problem. She makes Louis realize that he feels guilty for always pushing Beans away, so Louis arranges to take Beans fishing for a little bonding time together. But before they can even leave the house, Beans is destroying Louis' room and snags him with a fishhook! Louis apologizes to Chris about what happened and tels her they probably shouldn't see each other anymore. Chris admires Louis for his honesty and gives him a kiss, after which she turns into Beans again!
Meanwhile, Ren, Ruby, and Monique notice that Donnie, who is hobbled by a football injury, is very depressed and they want to try and cheer him up. So they ask Donnie for advice on his other great love after athletics--beauty treatments! This works well, so well in fact that when Mr. and Mrs. Stevens come home one day they find Donnie running a virtual beauty parlor with Ren's friends as his clients! But Ren notices that Donnie's injured ankle doesn't appear to be bothering him anymore, even though he's told the coach he can't play in the next game. Ren confronts Donnie about this and he admits that he's ashamed to got back to football after injuring his ankle in a touchdown dance. Ren helps to set him straight and Donnie is back on the field for the next game--and still doing his touchdown dance.