Even Stevens

Season 3 Episode 16

Beans on the Brain

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Sep 16, 2002 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Donnie's footbal jersey number is 28, different from the number 32 he wore at Lawrence Junior High.

    • When Louis is walking on the ceiling, a good job is done of making his shirt look like it is falling down his stomach, but his pants hang towards the ceiling, never bunching up and falling down his legs.

    • When Chris gets on the gondola with Louis, she's carrying a handbag. But after Louis talks to Beans and gets back on the gondola, the handbag is gone.

    • Beans looks at the hands of Louis, Tom, and Twitty after they've sat in the bath water a long time and declares that all three pairs are "equally pruny." But the third pair of hands, supposedly belonging to Twitty, appear much "prunier" than the other two.

  • Quotes

    • Louis: It's just that, uh, when I leaned in to kiss you, I saw something.
      Chris: Sparks, fireworks...
      Louis: Um... close. I saw Beans.
      Chris: What?!

    • Tawny: Look Louis, Beans looks up to you like a little a brother.
      Louis: Right.
      Tawny: Just spend some time with him to show him that you really care. And then, your conscience will be cleared.
      (Louis imagines himself enjoying a fishing trip with Beans.)
      Louis: Tawny, you're gonna be a great shrink, someday.
      Tawny: (scoffing as Louis leaves) Someday? ...Ok.

    • Donnie: Eh, mom. You should pass here with me to a hair fixing. See that roots and else...
      Eileen: Hehehehe...you´re grounded.

    • (Louis leans in to kiss Chris)
      Louis: OH!!! OH MY!! G...
      Chris: What?! What's wrong Louis?
      Louis: Uhh...I just remembered...that I left a...uh...rump roast in the oven! I need to go! Row faster, faster!

    • Louis: Well, if ya gotta go, go gondola.

    • Beans: We're gonna spend the whole day fishin'?
      Louis: Thats right little buddy and we're gonna have the bestest time ever!
      Beans: Whoooo!!!!

    • Louis: On her shoulders. Her head was supposed to be there but it was Beans' head. (whisper) I see two headed people.

    • Donnie: Hey we're not here to talk about football! We're here to talk about hair, skin, and nails!
      Alright. Hair, skin and nails! Repeat with me: hair, skin and nails.
      Ren, Monique, and Ruby: Hair, skin and nails...?
      Donnie: That´s it! Good.

    • Chris: Beans was right, you are an amazing guy!
      Louis: Well, I don't know about amazing, spectacular maybe.

    • Louis: You know Beans, I'm tryin' to be nice to you, man, but it hurts.

    • Beans: I hate fish! They smell like fish!

    • Tawny: Oh Louis! Louis, how'd it go with Beans' cousin?
      Tawny: Um, do we need to have one of our little talks?
      Louis: (whimpering) I think so, yes.

    • Louis: Beans! What did I tell you about spyin' on people?
      Beans: Don't get caught?

    • Beans: But I have something important to tell you! My cousin Chris is in town.
      Tom: There are more of you?
      Twitty: Oh, I just got a chill!

    • Donnie: Ooh, I just wanna run away to Canada, or New Jersey.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • In a fantasy sequence, Louis imagines taking Beans fishing, and the scene shown is a replica of the opening of the old Andy Griffith Show, with Louis and Beans walking along carrying their fishing poles, taking the place of Andy Taylor and his son Opie. The scene is shot in a sepia tone and, as is often the case on this show, the familair whistling theme song from Andy Griffith is slightly re-written here.

    • Tawny: And how did that make you feel?

      This saying has become a cliché of the psychiatric profession, at least in the way it's portrayed in television and films. It's asked by psychiatrists in response to practically everything a patient says to them.

    • Louis: I see two-headed people!

      When Louis whispers this to Tawny, there's no doubt that it's a take-off on the much-quoted line spoken by Haley Joel Osment in the 1999 film The Sixth Sense: "I see dead people!"