Even Stevens

Season 3 Episode 13

Boy on a Rock

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Aug 30, 2002 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Twitty has broken up with his girlfriend Allison, but continues to say that things between them are ok, and they are still friends. Louis is surprised, though, when Allison starts giving him "the eye" right away. Louis tells Tawny about this. She's very skeptical, and bluntly asks Allison if she's been checking out Louis. Tawny is surprised when Allison say yes, "I like his look." Louis is even more surprised when Allison asks him to meet her at a local park with a reputation as a place to make out. Louis is confused about what to do. He's concerned how his best friend Twitty will react to himself and Allison as a couple so soon after breaking up with her. His conflicting emotions are played out in his head in the form of a couple of old guys sitting around in a deli talking!
Despite his fears, Louis tells Twitty he can't hang out after school and goes to the park to meet Allison. But when she asks Louis to put on a bathing suit she's brought along, he stops her, saying that this is all wrong and he's betraying his best friend Twitty. But it turns out that Allison doesn't want to make out with Louis--she wants to paint him! It seems that Louis resembles the model in a picture called "Boy on a Rock" that Allison admires, and she wants to try to recreate the painting herself. Louis goes along with the idea, but when Twitty happens to come along, he gets the wrong idea. Louis runs from him, but Twitty finally chases him down and tells him that he's not mad about him being with Allison, but for lying to him about it. Louis isn't home free yet, though, as he falls in the mud and is pursued by a pack of little girls who think he's a "mud monster!"
Meanwhile, Ren is hoping to win a spot on the school's flag corps so she can fulfill her dream of being in the Rose Bowl Parade. But he has some unexpected competition for the slot--from Tom, of all people. During a tryout before Coach Tugnut, Tom is clearly the better of the two. But Steve Stevens, who is working as a volunteer at school (and thoroughly embarrassing his kids!), does some lobbying for his daughter. He tempts Tugnut with something the coach has a weakness for--food, doughnuts and pastries in this case. When Tugnut announces his decision, Ren gets the spot on the team. But she finds out about what happened with her dad and the coach and she gives the job to the much more deserving Tom.