Even Stevens

Season 3 Episode 13

Boy on a Rock

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Aug 30, 2002 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Although Tawny told Louis that she was indifferent to other girls taking an interest in him, Tawny's jealousy is made quite apparent in this episode. Just after convincing Louis that getting together with Allison was too soon, since Allison and Twitty had just broke up, Tawny greets Allison. However, if you pay attention closely, seconds after their encounter, Tawny turns her head and gives Allison a dirty look.

    • The vehicle Steve is driving appears to be a 2002 Volvo S80 luxury sedan.

    • When Ren said she'd give the "cheesy calzone" to Tugnut, he took it, but when he stuffed it in his mouth, it was filled with veggies and no sign of cheese.

    • Louis is running away from Twitty, he trips and he gets covered in mud (including his back)-- yet a little bit later (when Louis is running away from that group of young girl scouts) his back is almost completely clean.

    • Tawny and several others are next to Louis in the lunch line when the two old guys in his head start a dialog. When Louis comes to his senses a few seconds later, it's Ren who is suddenly next to him.
      Also, when the two old guys are talking, Louis subconciously hears Ren's voice saying, "Loius...Louis." Then when the camera shows Louis coming to, we hear Ren saying "Louis" again, but her lips don't move.

  • Quotes

    • Tawny: No, no, that's ridiculous. Why would Allison be giving you the eye?
      Louis: Oh! Whoa, I'm sorry. Looks like someone's a little jealous that "the ladies" are checking me out.
      Tawny: Look Louis, we had our little "thing" and now we're just friends. OK, I'm fine if "the ladies" wanna check you out. But, I really don't think that's what Allison was doing.
      Louis: Really?
      Tawny: Yeah.
      Louis: What was she doing, then?
      Tawny: I don't know, maybe she was staring at that piece of crud on your chin?
      Louis: (scoffs) Crud on my chin? Ha, ha! Crud on my chin!

    • (As Louis assumes the pose in the painting)
      Allison: You're missing something...
      Louis: My dignity?

    • Tawny: (to Louis opening her locker) What do you think this means?
      (Louis tells her what it means)
      Tawny: Oh my gosh, that is exactly what it means!
      (Louis tells her that all of her paintings mean the same thing)
      Louis: But enough about that, back to me.

    • Tom: Ren, could you please hold my flag and stand back because I am about to jump around hysterically!

    • Louis: What are you doing in here Tom?
      Tom: Oh, just practicing my flag team routine. But the question is, who are you talking to in here?
      Louis: Well, Tom, there are these old guys in my head that eat in a deli and help me with life's little problems.

    • Twitty: Dude, what are you doin'?
      Louis: Whoa! Twitty, stop man! Me and Allison didn't do anything!
      Twitty: OK, so why are you running?
      Louis: 'Cause you're chasin' me, Twitty!

    • Ren: Coach Tugnut! I know what you've been doing and frankly, I am appalled.
      Coach Tugnut: Hey look! I never told Miss Wilkins to shave my back! She asked me if she could do it!
      Ren: No. It's not that, which is awful.

    • Coach Tugnut: Look, Stevens, I can't go back on a bribe! I have integrity!

    • Allison: Louis, I think what you think I think isn't what I think.
      Louis: You think?

    • Coach Tugnut: The kids are just a delight. Each one of them unique in their own blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

    • Tawny: What does this say to you?
      Louis: It looks like um, a plea for tolerance and world peace.
      Tawny: Yes! I can't believe you got that!
      Louis: Tawny, everything you do is a plea for tolerance and world peace!

    • Louis: You're not gonna embarrass us, are you Dad?
      Steve Stevens: Well, that's probably unavoidable.

  • Notes

    • Character with no lines: Swoboda, a kid that Tugnut speaks to in the hall.
      Unseen character: Shamsky, the injured flag corps member.

  • Allusions

    • Old Guy #1: Run, nudnik, run!

      "Nudnik" (pronounced NOOD-nick) is a Yiddish word, Yiddish being a variation of the Hebrew (Jewish) language. It's an uncomplimentary term that means fool or nuisance. The two old guys in Louis' head both sound like they're Jewish, like Louis is himself on his mother's side.

    • Coach Tugnut: OK, Pavarooti.

      A take-off on the name of Luciano Pavarotti, the Italian singer who is generally considered the greatest operatic tenor of the last generation. Tugnut calls Tom this just before his flag corps tryout after he says he just came from the opera club meeting.