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The Even Stevens Cast: Where Are They Now?

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    EVEN STEVENS was one of Disney Channel's most popular and most successful shows during the network's heyday in the early 2000s.

    Now, it's been a few years since the series stopped production, I guess the fact that most of the cast members have moved on.

    We all know that Shia LaBeouf had went on to have huge success on the big screen.

    But what about his co-stars?

    So that brings me to ask you a very particular question.

    Does anyone know whatever happened to Christy Carlson Romano, A.J. Trauth, Margo Harshman, Steven Anthony Lawrence, Nick Spano, and the other cast members of EVEN STEVENS?

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    Christy Carlson Romano went on to be the voice of Kim Possible as well as star in 3 "Cutting Edge" movies. But really, no one was as successful as Shia.
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    Let's see. . .of course Shia LaBeouf went on to movies. He had small roles in three movies the year Even Stevens was cancelled, including Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle and Dumb and Dumberer. He also did a small movie about war that year that few people saw. He went on to star with bigger actor names like Will Smith and Keanu Reeves with movies like I, Robot and Constantine. 2007 was his big breakout year with hits like Disturbia and Transformers. And with Indiana Jones 4, a spy thriller movie coming up, and the sequel to Transformers next years, he's out to be the next big thing. He can if he has a truly breakout role and stop doing his recent public faux paus.

    Shia LaBeouf had the best success outside of Even Stevens, although it did take him awhile. Christy Carlson Romano voiced Kim Possible bfore and after the show ended. She tried a singing career but outside of Disney, it's obvious she didn't go far. She voiced Kim Possible again during the fourth and final season and has starred in a couple of ABC Family movies, one recent one including The Cutting Edge 3 and if I'm not wrong, 4.

    A.J. Trauth formed his own band and sang the theme song for the first season of American Dragon: Jake Long. His version was replaced in Season Two when The Jonas Brothers started getting popular. He has lied low for the most part of five years.

    Margo Harshman tried another show on then WB after Even Stevens but that show was quickly cancelled and she has laid low the last five years as well.

    Nick Spano has done a couple of small parts on tv, his most recent one on NCIS.

    Steven Anthony Lawrence starred in movies for awhile. He was in Cheaper by Dozen (2003), the Will Ferrell comedy Kicking and Screaming and in the Martin Lawrence comedy Rebound, which didn't do very well. I haven't seen or heard about him since 2005.

    Nick Virtuoe, Dad Stevens, has kept along children's cable and has had parts in That's So Raven, Drake and Josh, and others.

    That's all I know about the cast members. I hope I helped answer your question.

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    Its Tom Virtue actually . And he has also been doing basically guests spots steadily on various tv shows like Bones, King of Queens. Charmed mixing it in with sketch comedy like Sarah Silverman program and Mind of Mencia. He recently lent his voice talents on Turok Son of stone as the old man. Aside from that yeah no real success just steady work. He did come out in kicking and Screaming as well with beans.
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    Tom Virtue was in the DCOM "Read It And Weep" in 2006.

    Margo Harshman starred with Raven Symone and Martin Lawrence in "College Road Trip" in March 2008.

    Shia LaBeouf has found success in "Eagle Eye", "Disturbia" and The Transformers film series.

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    Christy Carlson Romano has a couple of movies coming out this year, but nothing big as what Shia is doing. It's kinda hard to compete with Shia since Steven Spielberg loves him.
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    Great message board. I was thinking about this the other day.
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    Christy Romano was on broadway in the adult musical "Avenue Q" (great show, I was sad I didn't get to see her in it, she played 'Kate Monster' and 'Lucy the Slut', she's also been recording a lot of songs, and has a book out that's for tween's. She has an official website. I hope we see more of her soon, she was my favorite actress on the Disney Channel.
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    Shia: Shia will be in three new movie next year (so far) Wall Street 2, Transformers 3 and the Associate.

    Christy: Christy was in Wolvesbage and will be in Suicide dolls coming out next year.

    A.J.: A.J. will be Tnago late next year.

    Margo: was in sorroity row and guest stared in an episode of the new ABC show modern Family.

    Steven: Steven will be in My suicide anf Holly, Jingles, Clide 3D.

    Nick: Nick how ever has been doing a trasmendis amount of guest staring for various shows.

    thats all i could find

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