Even Stevens

Season 3 Episode 21

In Ren We Trust

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM May 19, 2003 on Disney Channel
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In Ren We Trust
While playing with a boomerang, Louis, Tom, Ren, and Monique find a metal briefcase containing a large amount of money. The four question what to do with it.

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  • this epiosodes so cool.

    Louis & the gang find 4,412 dollars to be exact. They have 2 weeks before someone claims it. so they give it to Ren cause they know she'll protect it. But then she gets nervous. When she goes to the mall. She buys leather jeans & and outfit. Then she goes crazy & buys a bunch of things with the gang's money. So when the gang finds out. There out to kill Ren. They chase after her. But then she snaps out of it. It goes back to the time when she's gonna buy the outfit. She decides not to> Thats why they trust Ren! This was a very adventourus episode.moreless
  • I love this episode.

    While Louis and his friends were playing with a boomerrang they hit Ren with it and when they go to the bushes to find it Ren finds a suitcase that hasd money in it and so the gang takes it home and counts it and they decide to save it for themselves.Meanwhile after finding the money,Ren goes to a clothing boutique to see if she can find something to buy when after she tells everyone she will take it the police to return the money.Back at school Ren comes wearing lizard pants,Principal Wexler asks Ren if she has seen the money anbd she lies and saids no.When finally when the gang finds out that Ren really spent the money for the lizard pants after Tawny tells Ruby and Monique and the girls get mad and tell the boys that Ren really spent the money they begin chasing her.When the flashback comes back and Ren tells the sales woman she will be returning them and takes the money to the police.They end up getting the case as a reward.moreless
  • Louis and Tom are fooling around with Tom\'s boomerang when Louis flings it in the direction of Ren, Ruby and Monique, nearly hitting them.The group looks for the lost boomerang,but instead of finding it Ren found something else with is money alot of it..moreless

    Louis and Tom are fooling around with Tom\'s boomerang when Louis flings it in the direction of Ren, Ruby and Monique, nearly hitting them.The group looks for the lost boomerang,but instead of finding it Ren found something else,a metal briefcase,the kind used to carry large sums of cash!When the gang gets home,they open it up and check it out. Amazingly,they find that it IS full of money-$4,412 to be exact!Everyone starts mentally dividing up the money and deciding how they are going to spend it-except for Ren, of course.Though the others are reluctant, they finally listen to Ren when she tells them the money is not theirs and must be turned over all the money.They all agree that Ren, being the most responsible one does it.

    then ren sees pants that she wants andthinks about buying them but in the end she doesnt.they return money and reward is the case

Gibby Brand

Gibby Brand

Father O'Neil

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Niner Parikh

Niner Parikh

Cab Driver

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Charlie Stewart

Charlie Stewart

Little Timmy

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Lauren Frost

Lauren Frost


Recurring Role

George Anthony Bell

George Anthony Bell

Conrad Wexler

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Fred Meyers

Fred Meyers


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Throughout the episode Beans' pony kept changing gender. First Beans asks the girls if they want "her," then in the Hall with Tawny, Beans says "Tell 'him' that." Then when Louis goes to borrow the pony for the chase scene Beans says "You can keep 'her'" and at the end when the pony talks it is in a male voice.

    • At the begining, it was said that it was a new boomerang, then Tom said it was an heirloom.

    • In the final chase scene, the different vehicles that everyone took were not present when the previous people took off.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Tawny: Beans, what are you doing in my school?
      Beans: I'm trying to ditch my pony. The stupid thing keeps following me everywhere.
      (pony brings up rear)

    • Little Timmy: You hear that lady? New socks!

    • Ruby: Louis, I don't trust you with that money. You have dollar signs in your eyes.
      Louis: Oh Ruby, that's hurtful.
      Twitty: No man, you really do.

    • Ren: OK. Let me level with ya here. Alright, I, I took the money to buy the pants. I'm really sorry, I don't know what got into me. You know, I'm just so used to being such a goody-goody and never doing anything wrong! Anyway, I'm really sorry, and...I guess I snapped.
      Tom: Yeah...I guess we all just kinda snapped.
      Ruby: Yeah, look at us chasing Ren like some greedy animals.
      Twitty: Yeah. I guess money can do that to ya.
      Louis: You know what? It could have happened to any of us...you know. (pause) Good thing it happened to her, though, right? (bursts out laughing)
      Father O'Neil: I know ya don't mean that, son.
      Principal Wexler: Yeah he does.

    • Principal Wexler: Ren Stevens! How could you take the money?
      Ren: I can explain everything!
      Father O'Neil: Yes? Explain why your pants are made out of lizard, while little Timmy's pants are made out of cardboard!

    • Principal Wexler: OK officers, let's go find that perk! Is it perk or perp?

    • Monique: Little Beans has got a pony!
      Ren: Beans, what are you doing with a pony?
      Beans: It was my birthday present. You want 'er?
      Ruby: Beans, you don't want a pony?
      Beans: No, I wanted a couch!

  • NOTES (1)

    • This episode first aired on the Disney Channel in France on January 8, 2003. It was first broadcast in Australia in February and in Canada in April.


    • The episode title is taken from the motto that appears on all U.S. currency, 'In God We Trust.'

    • Little Timmy seems similar to the character Tiny Tim from the novel A Christmas Carol.

    • Louis: Hi' Ho' Silver!

      When Louis is the last one out of the door, he has no choice but to ride Beans' pony. As he rides, he shouts the famous line from the most popular radio show made, The Lone Ranger.