Even Stevens

Season 2 Episode 21

Influenza: The Musical

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Jan 25, 2002 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Even though she's burning up with fever, Ren still wants to go to school so she can qualify for a perfect attendance award, but her mom won't let her. Ren tries to get un sick very quickly in order to go to school. However, unlike Ren, Louis tries to fake illness to avoid Coach Tugnut's fitness test, but his dad is not fooled. Ren is in bed with Mr. Pookie watching a musical. A big puff of steam comes from the humidifier and...
Ren is at school after all, but when she comes in the office she gets a big surprise--Principal Wexler is singing the "Morning Announcements," complete with a troupe of dancing students! She sees Louis, Twitty, and Tawny in the hall. Louis is still looking to get out of gym and he and his friends start singing and dancing to the song "I Always Find a Way." Ren meets Ruby and Nelson for lunch. They remind her that her science presentation is due today in 6th period. Ren has forgotten all about it and isn't prepared. But Larry Beale is--and he intends to win the science medal with his presentation. While Ren stumbles around trying to get herself together, everyone breaks into song and dance, singing "What's the Matter with Ren?"
Ren and Louis go to the library and get on the computers. She's looking for something for her presentation; he's looking for something to excuse him from gym. They sing the song "6th Period." Meanwhile, Steve and Eileen find that Ren's not home in bed and--you guessed it--they start singing and dancing too. Coach Tugnut has the boys assembled in gym for their fitness tests. He's sings "I'm the Master of the Gym," but Louis leads a revolt and the guys sing "WE'RE the Masters..." In 6th period science Larry demonstrates his project--turning liver into chocolate! Ren is unprepared but Nelson and Ruby encourage her to go on. Ren gets up and sings a song about the only thing she knows, "We Went to the Moon in 1969." Ms. Lovelson likes the song, but gives her presentation a failing grade, causing Larry to sing "Ren Got an 'F!'" Ren screams hysterically.

Ren wakes up in bed surrounded by her family. Was it all a dream?
She frets about missing school and breaking her perfect attendance, but her family sings to her, "It's Just an Award!" Again, Ren screams!
This time she wakes up for real. Her fever has broken, but she can't go to school--she slept through until 4 in the afternoon! Ren is disappointed but relieved that the pressure is finally off her. But there's one more "nightmare." Louis comes in the room singing "I've Got Hot Soup," as Ren thinks it's another song.
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