Even Stevens

Season 2 Episode 21

Influenza: The Musical

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Jan 25, 2002 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • In the beginning of the episode, Eileen puts on a musical for Ren to watch while bedridden, and the actor in the movie sings a song which includes the lyrics 'I'm singing to my horse / In 1869'. The tune of the song (and a few lyrics) is the same as Ren's song near the end of the episode, 'We Went to the Moon in 1969'.

    • Tawny wears a t-shirt with a design like a sash worn by a beauty pageant contestant that reads "Miss Understood."

    • During the song "Sixth Period", while Coach Tugnut is "running" on the treadmill, if you watch the treadmill, you'll notice that it isn't actually moving at all.

    • The dancer who wears a red sweatshirt throughout the episode is first seen in the gym during "Master of the Gym," he then appears in the science classroom for "We Went to the Moon in 1969."

    • In "What's the Matter With Ren?" when some of the kids are walking toward the table, you can see the letters on the bottom of their lunch trays.

    • In "Masters of the Gym", if you look at Twitty's mouth when he singing right around the time that Coach Tugnut is getting on the treadmill, it looks like the words he is singing are not the words that are being heard.

    • When the boys sing "Masters of the Gym" and Coach Tugnut is forced on to the treadmill, you clearly see he is faking the supposedly "10" speed running on the treadmill.

    • During the "Masters of the Gym" number, the treadmill that Coach Tugnut is running on is not turned on.

    • Closed caption error: Right before the song "I Always Find a Way," Louis says, "Oh Tawny," but the captioning reads, "Oh Connie."

    • When Twitty first rubs the green paint off of Louis' nose onto his t-shirt, the stain is on his chest. In subsequent shots, the paint smear is gone, then it's on his sleeve, then it's gone again.

    • During Louis' sixth period gym class, a boy with long curly hair is seen in the background. Then when Ren is shown in her sixth period class, the same boy is seen there.

    • Two of the dancers (guy in red shirt, girl in light blue shirt) are walking toward the table just before "What's the Matter with Ren?" is sung, then in the next instant they are on top of the table.

    • Tawny is seen snapping he fingers while she sings and dances to "I Always Find a Way." Yet in "The Thomas Gribalski Affair" she said she couldn't snap her fingers.

  • Quotes

    • Lyrics to the song "We Went to the Moon":

      We went to the moon in 1969
      Um, not 1968, but a year later
      We went to the moon in 1969
      That's when the astronauts first walked inside a crater

      We went to the moon in 1969
      Not 1970 but a year sooner
      We went to the moon in 1969
      That's when thet made a landing that was lunar
      We didn't go up to the sun or stars
      We didn't go to Mercury or Mars

      But we went to the moon in 1969
      Not 1968 but the year after
      And once they got there the astronauts felt fine
      They smiled at each other and there was laughter
      We went to the moon in 1969
      Not 1970, a year before, uh-huh
      The rocket that flew had a really neat design
      When it took off it the engines made a roar

      We went to the moon in 1969
      The trip wasn't all that easy
      And when we got there we were surprised to find
      That it was solid and it wasn't cheesy
      We went up to the M-double-O-N
      We went up to the moon sing it again
      We went to the moon in 1969
      Not 1970 but a year sooner
      We went to the moon in 1969
      That's when they made a landing that was lunar.

    • Lyrics to the song "Ren got an F":

      Ren got an F!
      That's got to be a first
      I can't believe that she messed up so badly.
      Ren got an F
      This is my lucky day.
      I'm sorry it had to end so sadly.
      Ren got an F, Ren got an F (haha), Ren got an F, Ren got an F.

    • Lyrics to the song "It's Just an Award":

      There'll be no award
      You missed a day of school
      You never shoulda gotten influenza
      It's just an award
      It doesn't mean a thing
      I think that we should sing another stanza!
      It's just an award

    • Lyrics to the song "Master(s) of the Gym":

      Welcome lads now I must enforce
      Your participation in the obstacle course
      Designed by me with no remorse
      I'm the master of the gym
      Master, I'm the master, I'm the master of the gym
      Faster, for the master's patience has run thin

      This is a test that you won't forget
      You'll be soaking wet with sweat
      Hurry up or you will regret
      Ending up like him
      Master, I'm the master, I'm the master of the gym
      Move faster for the master or your future will look grim

      You have lost your authority
      This here is a mutiny
      From now on it is plain to see
      We're the masters of the gym
      Masters, we're the masters, we're the masters of the gym
      Move faster for the masters or you're future's looking grim
      Masters, we're the masters, now we're getting back at him
      Masters, we're the masters, we're the masters of the gym.

    • Lyrics to the song "6th Period":

      6th period, 6th period, 6th period
      6th period is drawing near
      To ruin my junior high career
      That test run by Tugnut
      Is gonna kick my butt
      Oh how you fill my heart with dread, 6th period

      6th period, 6th period, 6th period
      I'll tell my college plans farewell
      (Gee we remember when)
      When I hear that 6th period bell
      (We could rely on Ren)
      I think I ate bad shrimp
      Stevens don't be a wimp
      Try and be a man instead, 6th period

      6th period, 6th period, 6th period
      Ren's presentation time has come
      (Oh I can't wait to see)
      Oh no I'm gonna look so dumb
      (What Ren's prepared for me)
      We hope to leave the gym
      With all of our limbs
      And of course with all our heads
      Steve, Ren's not in her bed
      (We better find her)
      Yeah let's hustle
      (Ow, I think I pulled a muscle)
      Wow these halls get so crowded, 6th period
      6th period, 6th period, 6th period.

    • Lyrics to the song "What's The Matter With Ren":

      What's the matter with Ren
      She's usually so responsible
      Tell me could it be possible
      She's losing her touch
      What's the matter with Ren?

      What's the matter with Ren
      She's usually so reliable
      But her flakiness is undeniable
      Oh this is too much
      What's the matter with Ren?

      The space assignment was something that she knew about
      And it really isn't like her to forget
      But instead of knowing about space she is spacing out
      Ironically Ren's now a space cadet

      Everybody's asking me again and again,
      So I'll tell you what's the matter, what's the matter with Ren
      She is crackin' under pressure, and when it comes to science
      We review it's one of those academic giants,
      Finally I'm gonna get my chance to shine,
      That science medal is gonna be mine
      She was gonna keep me down
      But this is now, that was then
      And that's what's the matter, what's the matter with Rennnnnn....

      What's the matter with Ren (What?)
      She's usually so dependable (I just told you)
      Doesn't she act like our friend at all
      What's happened with her
      What's the matter with Ren?

      She can't take the heat
      What's the matter with me
      She's smelling defeat
      What's the matter with me
      My victory will be sweet
      Whats the matter with me?
      Whats the matter with Ren?

    • Lyrics to the song "I Always Find a Way":

      I'm not strong, I'm not fast, when it comes to endurance, I just can't last
      So I'll get out of gym like I have in the past
      Like the time you wore the huge full body cast

      I always find a way
      He always finds a way
      No one can produce
      An excellent excuse like you
      What can I say?
      He always finds a way

      A pathetic weeze, a powerful sneeze
      Like the time you filled your ears up with cottage cheese
      And said it was because of my sweat allergies
      That one got me out of gym with ease

      I always find a way
      He always finds a way
      He can easily create
      Ways to abbreviate
      His gym period stay
      I always find a way
      He always find a way
      But not today!

    • Lyrics to the song "Morning Announcements":

      Lawrence Junior High, wont you lend me an ear
      I hope this PA system is loud and clear
      Now listen up people, I got something to say
      These are the morning announcements for today

      Be sure to check the lost and found between classes
      There's a comb in there and a pair of really thick glasses
      Looks like somebody lost there pants
      There's an old salami sandwich and some complimentary ants (eww)
      I hope you 7th graders got a lot of rest
      Because today's your physical endurance test
      Tugnut's wearin' a crazy grin,
      6th period, in the gym, let the pain begin!

      That's all for this morning, oh did I mention?
      Theres only one name on the list for detention
      He's never been accused of overachievin'
      He's that goofy little troublemaker
      Louis Stevens (who?)
      Louis Stevens (oh)
      Now I'm leavin', Out.

  • Notes

    • All of the regular cast and co-stars have singing parts in this episode, right down to Donnie, who only sings one solo line, "You never should have gotten influenza!"

    • A few outtakes of Louis and Twitty in the gym scene are shown in this episode's epilog. This, if our memory is correct, is only the second time this has been done on the show. The other time was in "Movie Madness."

    • Kim Blank is credited as this episode's choreographer.

    • Jim Wise, who plays Coach Tugnut, is credited with writing the original songs for this episode.

    • A "Behind the Scenes" segment about this episode started appearing on the Disney Channel during the Christmas holiday. A clapboard seen on this segment listed a date of production as May 21, 2001.

    • The first musical episode on a Disney show since Kids Inc. left the air in 1993.

    • During the singing of "We Went to the Moon," in the outer space part, Louis' face appears on the moon.

  • Allusions

    • During the scene where Louis is in bed acting sick, he makes one final, loud sneeze right in his father's face. This is a near-recreation of a scene in the 1994 Jim Carrey movie The Mask.

    • The song 'Morning Announcements' was a parody of the song 'Lave-Boheme' from the hit broadway musical Rent.

    • Coach Tugnut: I'm the master of the gym.

      "Master Of The Gym" is a parody of "Master Of The House" from Broadway's Les Miserables.

    • Eileen Stevens: Yeah, let's Hustle!

      The Hustle is a disco dance from the 1970's in which the man draws his female partner close to him, then sort of pushes her away, holding onto her with one hand while she spins around, then repeats the action. An instrumental song called "The Hustle" by Van McCoy went to #1 on the charts in 1975. As noted above, Donna Pescow's (Eileen) best-known movie role was as Annette in Saturday Night Fever (1977) the most famous film about disco dancing and the 1970's disco scene.

    • Louis: I've got hot soup! Delicious chicken soup!

      When Louis brings up the hot chicken soup at the end of the episode it shows the Stevens' Jewish side. It's a traditonal Jewish thing if someone is sick to give them chicken soup. Normally made by a grandmother or mother.

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