Even Stevens

Season 3 Episode 22

Leavin' Stevens

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Jun 02, 2003 on Disney Channel
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Leavin' Stevens
For three years we have been watching the wild Stevens family, as today it all comes to an end. When it's election time for Eileen, she has to choose to move to Washington D.C., or stay home with her family, friends, and job.

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  • Great disney show!

    This was a real good show! I didn't like the fact though is that the made the series final into a movie! I think the thing that made the show funny was Louis {Shiala Lebouf} the way he acted was so funny!

    I did though like the Even Stevens movie I don't think they should have cancelled the show, but I guess that they thought that the kids were gettin too old to play the parts! I hope the at least make another movie! Shiala Lebouf is starting a little movie carreer though he played in the movie holes and in 2009 he's gonna co-star in Captain America! I'm not sure what he's doin till then!moreless
  • A great ending to a great show!

    This episode was possibly the best finale that this show could have had. I did suspect that Eileen would somehow not end up in Washington, D.C. as she was supposed to, but it didn't take away from this episode in my eyes. The big reveal of how she didn't get to go and the looks on the family's faces were wonderful as none of them saw it coming, especially their father.

    I loved the fact that Ren cared so much about her friends that she found a replacement for her that oddly was way too much like her named Denise, it was scary. Her poor friends didn't know what to think. I loved how Ren in the end after she found out that she was staying, found replacement friends for her replacement friend who ended up being exactly her two best friends, right down to the walk they walked and their accents.

    I didn't really care that much about Donny's rhythmic gymnastics or the fact that his coach decided to follow him to D.C., although I guess it was a way to get all the cast we were all used to back together for the finale. I'm glad the coach finally got what was coming to him in the end.

    The best plot of all was that of Louis and Tawny. I loved their "last" conversation about the chili fries on Wednesday, it was so clear how he wanted to tell Tawny how he felt but couldn't. The best was when he made the tape and forced Tom to give it to her, then finding out that he wasn't leaving at all. You had to know he could get Beans to break into her house and get the tape back, except it wasn't his tape at all. Tawny had also made one for him.

    Possibly the best directing of this series occured when both Louis and Tawny were watching the tapes each other had made. The way the scenes were intercut was beautifully shot and the acting by Shia LeBeouf was great in his video, he showed such a range of emotion.

    This episode basically left me wanting more, but in a good way. Ren got her friends back and can help the school keep up it's high GPA and Louis finally got Tawny. Basically the open ending let's you decide what you think will happen to them and that's what made it such a great season finale. There were no tricks, no stupidity involved, just good old fashioned acting.

    Final Grade: A-moreless
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Beau Billingslea


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Shanelle Henry


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Robin Shorr


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Lauren Frost


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George Anthony Bell

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Fred Meyers


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • While Tawny is first watching the videotape Louis had made for her, you can see her holding the grappling hook Louis and Beans had used to climb up into her bedroom earlier. This probably explains why the next day, Tawny doesn't seem surprised when Louis implies that he had watched her videotape as well.

    • When Louis is unpacking his things back into his locker, he isn't wearing his bag as Mr. Wexler is screaming. But when Louis is speaking to Twitty, he suddenly is wearing the bag.

    • When they are watching the "news" to see who won the election you can clearly see that the VCR says 'PLAY' on it, and that the VCR isn't there anymore when it shows the Stevens family watching it from afar.

    • Louis threatens Tom by saying that he will hunt him down if someone besides Tawny gets his tape, but why would Tom seem so scared if he knows kung-fu or tai-kwon-do or whatever. This was proved in the episode, "Hutch Boy."

    • When Beans chages the TV channel from the election news to Teamo Supremo, he says, "Hey, it's a new one!" But all that's showing at that point is the show's standard opening, so it would be impossible for him to tell whether or not it was a new episode.

    • A recount that resulted in the change in the winner of a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives with a margin of only 17 votes would certainly lead to a thorough investigation and probably another recount. Surely the Stevens side wouldn't just accept the result without any further challenge or confirmation.

    • This is the first time it's ever mentioned that Eileen was running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. For something that would be such a major event in the lives of the whole family, it seems odd that it was never referred to even once before in previous episodes. This is similar to the situation in season two's "Wild Child," in which Eileen is running for California Secretary of State, a race which was never mentioned again.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Louis: So, I saw a tape, last night.
      Tawny: Yeah, I... I saw a tape, too.
      Louis: So?
      Tawny: So?
      Louis: So... I heard they're having chilly-fries at lunch today.
      Tawny: Cool. I love chilly-fries.

    • (Mr. Wexler is screaming his head off because Louis is refilling his locker)
      Teacher: Come along Mr Wexler. I'll give you some coffee!
      Mr. Wexler: And cookies?

    • Beans: (to Louis) Gettin' a little hippy there, Professer Cuddlebottems!

    • Tom: Is that a threat, Louis?
      Louis: Yeah. That's a threat.
      Tom: OK. Uh-- Well, I respond very well to threats.

    • Louis: We're moving to Washington?
      Ren: Hello! Mom's in Congress now, Congress is in Washington.
      Donnie: Since when?

    • Eileen Stevens: This whole election has been a disaster.
      Steve Stevens: Come on, Eileen, it's not your fault.
      Eileen: I know it's not my fault. The people have spoken. It's their fault.

    • Beans: (sniffing Tawny's pillow) Her pillow smells good, my pillows smells like macaroni and cheese.

    • (Eileen and Steve moving heavy box to truck)
      Eileen: (to Steve) Why does this box have holes in it?
      Beans: (pops out of box) So I can breathe.

    • (After finding out Eileen lost the election)
      Louis: My tape!
      Ren: My friends!
      Steve: My job!
      Donnie: My coach!
      Eileen: My seat!

    • Louis: (to Tawny on video) I remember the first time I saw you... I had fallen off the flag pole--hurt like crud--but it didn't matter, cause there you were...
      Tawny: (to Louis on video) ...and you fell off the flagpole and, I just remember thinking how funny you were; n...not funny that you broke your back, but just... that you were a funny person. And, you're really cute, too.
      Louis: (on video) I like the way you look at me. You have this look you do, right after I do something stupid, you give me this look--It's like... It's like you're gonna get mad, but then, you just smile!
      Tawny: (on video) As long as I live, I'm...I'm never gonna meet anybody like you.
      Louis: (on video) I'm gonna miss you, so much. I love you, Tawny.
      Tawny: (on video) ...I love you, Louis.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Although the show was extremely popular, Disney's 'rule' was a show to be cancelled after only 65 episodes.

    • This episode is also known as "Mano-A-Mano".

    • Christy Romano & Shia LaBeouf (a.k.a Ren and Louis) are the only two actors/actress to appear in every episode.

      From the Main Cast:
      Tom Virtue played "Steve Stevens" in 51/65 episodes.
      Donna Pescow played "Eileen Stevens" in 50/65 episodes.
      Nick Spano played "Donnie Stevens" in 44/65 episodes.
      A.J. Trauth played "Twitty" in 54/65 episodes.
      Margo Harshman played "Tawny" in 45/65 episodes.

      Recurring Characters:
      Fred Meyers played "Tom" in 30/65 episodes.
      George Anthony Bell played "Principal Wexler" in 23/65 episodes.
      Steven Anthony Lawrence played "Beans" in 22/65 episodes.
      Lauren Frost played "Ruby" in 21/65 episodes.
      Jim Wise played "Coach Tugnut" in 17/65 episodes.
      Kenya Williams played "Monique" in 13/65 episodes.
      Eric "Ty" Hodges II played "Larry Beal" in 13/65 episodes.

    • This series finale was broadcast on the Disney Channel without any indication that it would be the show's last episode. In the week or two beforhand, promo ads were broadcast regularly for it, but they focused on the Louis-Tawny tape mixup and never mentioned that the show was coming to an end.

    • Broadcast in Australia in February 2003.