Even Stevens

Season 3 Episode 19

Model Principal

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Nov 29, 2002 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • The Skee-Ball game that Beans competes on at the arcade is not quite the same as the real-life version. The point value of the upper-left and -right hand holes, which are actually the hardest shots to make, are changed from 100,000 points to 40,000. This makes the top-center hole, worth 50,000 points, appear to be the most difficult shot. This no doubt was done to make the segment easier to film.

    • Continuity Error: Ren quit her job as assistant to the principal in "Ren-Gate" (ep. #40), saying that it was getting too easy to abuse her power. But she must have had a change of heart, because she's back on the job again in "Dirty Work" (ep. #57) and this episode. Just couldn't stay away, we guess!

    • Donnie asks Beans if he's left- or right-handed and Beans says he doesn't know! Whether or not he's really supposed to be ambidextrous or not, he is shown using both hands to roll balls.

    • Tom says here that his middle name is Randoph, but in "Hardly Famous," his name was given as Thomas L. Gribalski.

  • Quotes

    • Landau: Why aren't you in class?
      Tom: Because my shoes are glued to the floor.

    • Louis: I'm gonna solve this. 'Cause I'm gonna go talk to the man.
      Tawny: Who, Landau?
      Louis: No, Ren.

    • Donnie: (thinking to himself) KSAK Radio arcade championships--win 10,000 tickets! Wait a minute, that bear's 10,000 tickets. Lemme do the math. (pause) Yeah, that's pretty close!

    • Ren: Oh, Principal Wexler, good, you're here. I need you to choose a strudel for next week's big Strudel Day in the cafeteria.
      Principal Wexler: Oh, oh Ren, I couldn't possibly. I have to watch the old (pats stomach) tum-tum!
      Ren: Since when?

  • Notes

    • This episode premiered during the "Bakin' with Twitty and Beans" Even Stevens marathon hosted by A.J. Trauth and Steven Anthony Lawrence. It was shown the day after Thanksgiving. The other episodes shown were:
      "Family Picnic"
      "Your Toast"
      "Raiders of the Lost Sausage"
      "Scrub Day"
      "Deep Chocolate"
      "Get a Job"
      "Duck Soup"
      "Secret World of Girls"
      "Tight End in Traction"
      "Uncle Chuck"
      "Band on the Roof"
      "The King Sloppy"
      "Close Encounters of the Beans Kind"
      "Stevens Manor"
      "Boy on a Rock"
      "Hardly Famous."

  • Allusions

    • Principal Wexler: I'm baaack!

      This phrase and variations like "He's back," "They're back," etc., said in a sing-song lilt with a little bit of an ominous connotation were inspired by the 1982 suspense/horror movie Poltergiest, directed by Tobe Hooper and produced by Steven Spielberg. In that film a family's home was plagued by poltergiests, ghosts that have kinetic powers (i.e. the ability to move things). The youngest child (Heather O'Roarke) was especially sensitive to their presence. One day while watching TV she turned toward the camera and uttered the movie's most famous line: "They're baaack!"

    • Mr. Landau: You do the crime, you wear the sign.

      A variation on the modern proverb, "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time."