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  • even steven

    big love
  • It's sad those sort of shows are gone forever...

    It's pretty good. It had PARENTS, It had REALISM and most of all it didn't even have many fashion refrences unlike other new disney channel trash of today would have (Except for Liv & Maddie which is actually
  • Awesome show!

    This show was awesome, I miss this.
  • My review

    This series has wonderful performances for Shia LaBeouf in 2002.
  • These are where the good old Disney channel shows are.

    This show is hilarious and it never fails to make laugh at least one time. Now like i said these are the old classic good funny Disney channel shows. Now the shows are either good, ok or bad but the old one were never bad. And this was one of our shows. Ok its not a ten is because the main character Lious is kind of annoying to Ren her sister and mean to her and he goes over the top some time. Anyway i found this show on Disney channel i only was like 2 episodes but i think they have some episodes on youtube so check out this show if you can. Check out this show, you might like it. Overall 9/10.
  • Brings back Great Memoriies

    Anyone who has the slightest sense of humor can find laughter in this show. The tone is different from other comedic shows which usually revolve around sex, drugs, and alcohol. Its refreshing to see comedy that actually teaches you important values. I enjoyed every bit of this show and the movie. All the episodes can be found on youtube. (Although Christy Romano was half the reason I followed the show. She's a beautiful, sexy, and talented actress).
  • Best show ever. Hands down.

    This is one of the Disney shows that Disney should continue to show again and again. It is a shame that Lizzie McGuire is out on DVD before Even Stevens is. Even Stevens never gets old no matter how many times you watch it. Like I said... best ever, nuff said.
  • Show about a family living there lives as stupid annoying people

    The show is dumb! The show has Louis Stevens(Shia Lebouf) which plays a stupid teenager which likes wierd stuff. Ren which plays a control freak aka goody two shoes. The show is really clueless about how families work in the 21st century! The show is really dumb. Louis prances around as a retard with different ways of life!
  • One of disneys worst shows ever.

    The worst show disney ever made! Don\\\'t waste your time watching this show it is just not worth it at all I dislike this show so much it isn\\\'t even funny at all. So so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so.
  • Just seems a little stupid.

    I know that a lot of people would disagree with me on this; and I know that a lot of people like this show; it's just that I find it stupid. I think that the characters are dumb, and that none of them are likeable. It's like none of them understand what their situation is. To me the show just seems stupid. I'm not sure if it is the casting that's bad, or the writting. Either way; the show is really bad. I do not recommend it to anyone. I also feel that it has a bad influence, everyone is stupid and people may think that that's the way to act.
  • I think the jokes are stupid and the actors are rubbish.

    What a stupid show. i was so happy when they made the last episode. the only bit that was funny in each show was when it ended.i don't know why people like it. i would rather what an episode of the tweenies 2000 times. Yes it's that bad to watch. it is not funny when louis does something stupid or dum or idotic, it is just wrong.The reason why this show is popular is that people watc anything on tv these days, even though sky has 1000 channels. let me suggest a better programme. Mr meaty or the simpsons, ANYTHING IS BETTER.
  • Definitely one of the better shows on Disney Channel.

    "Even Stevens" is one of my favorite television shows on Disney Channel ever. I was so angry when I found that they'd decided to stop filming the series. "Even Stevens" summed up the typical family life almost perfectly with it's mildly annoying younger brother who loved to play pranks (Shia Labouf), pretty perfectionist older sister (Christy Carlson Ramono), and crazy parents who loved their kids to death and only wanted the best. Not to mention, the unusually looney friends and intriguing problems they faced. For a family comedy, it was almost perfection - keyword being "was." I'd love to have it back!
  • This Is Good

    I Personally think that this is the best even stevens episode ever i love the way they created a posh bed and breakfast out of their untidy common home.
    I Aslo Enjoyed the problem situation in the middle where louis' mum and dad are going to come back from their anniversary because one of louis' guests has hurt his back his name was also louis which made it very funny. If they sold dvd's and box sets i would buy them all! Even Stevens is my favourite tv show. i wish they made new episodes. Anyway thats my review.

    -Coolkidmoa Esq.
  • EVEN though it's Disney, The STEVENS rule!

    "Even Stevens" was another of those family-orientated shows which the Disney channel is famously known for. This particular one concerns a family known as "The Stevens", but this time around instead of the main focus being on the parents (as most family sitcoms tend to be), the focus shifted more towards a brother Vs. sister combination. The brother's name is Louis (played by Shia LaBeouf) and his sister Ren (played by "the incredible" Christy Carlson Romano). There is also another brother named Donnie, but he was more of a background character (although he was "often" featured in the show - he was never featured as much as Ren or Louis were).
    This TV series also finished with a TV movie called simply "The Even Stevens Movie", where the main characters were tricked into going on a reality TV show set on a native island.
    If you enjoy: Disney programs, comedy, music (yes, Ren is heard to belt-out a few songs along the course of the show) or family sitcoms - then check out this show. Although this is not one of the best shows ever made, it is still a fantastic show to watch if you have a spare half-hour or so. I strongly recommend it!
  • One of the best Disney shows!

    Even though I haven't seen many episodes, one is all I need to tell you this... This show rocks! I found this show not to long ago and I was glued to the T.V.
    I would not go to bed until the marathon was over. But mom dragged me up to bed after only 1 episode! But It was still as good as the others I've seen. And those were awesome!!! First of all the show had wonderful storylines that you can actually sit through whereas the disney shows now (Except Phineas and Ferb) has BORING storylines and plots that you can do your life without. Even Stevens also has good actors and good Charecters ( GO BEANS!!!!) . They have funny jokes too!!!! I lol when I hear them! Overall: A+ Good job disney!!!! Except when you cancelled it. That was kinda stupid. That's it for me. Webby out!!!
  • Best show ever

    I have to admit I'm kind of biased. I know this show probably doesn't deserve a 10 (it didn't really make a huge impact on future kids' TV shows), but it is without a doubt my favorite television series ever. I remember how excited I would get every time I got to see a new episode. Shia Labeouf was amazing as Louis Stevens. This show really made his career because in every single episode in the series, he brought in a ton of humor and good acting. There was a good supporting cast, though my only complaint is that the Donnie and Ren looked too old to be high school and middle school students, respectively. However, Even Stevens was never a show that got boring or unfunny. It definitely did not overstay its welcome, lasting only three seasons. I was so sad when the show ended; I only wish I could find a TV show as funny as Even Stevens. Until then, this show will remain very dear to me. I love this show!
  • This is the only show on Disney that didn't suck

    Out of all the shows on Disney, Jetix not included, this was the only show that totally didn't suck! I love Even Stevens! Mainly because it has Shia LeBeouf in it, and I'm a big fan of his. No so much o Christy Carlson Romano. I could do without her. Probably because she still has to do with Disney Channel, where as Shia moved on to bigger and better things, and CCR is involved with The Cutting Edge movies, which I also hate. In this case, getting off of Disney was the best thing! Shia ended up in Disturbia, one of the best horror flicks ever, and in Indiana Jones with Harrison Ford! It was very good, by the way. The nding was totall unpredictable, or would've been if I hadn't been watching that episode of SNL where they spoiled parts of it! But where's Christy? She's in an animated cartoon with Eric from Boy Meets World, who is my favorite from BMW, and in a bad skater movie. I think Shia got the better end of that deal.
  • Even Stevens is a great show! its waaaay funnier than the other Disney crap and i hope they bring it back.

    This show was the best and now the only way i can watch it is record it at 4 AM on Wed. and Friday on WGN. Disney should bring it back at least once a day and the people in charge should come to this website and see all the fans and realize it would be better if they brought it back. Even Stevens is way funnier than any other Disney show they have now and if they dont want to bring it back, they should at least make a season 1 and 2 DVD so we can actually watch it.
  • a little strange but good

    one of the only good disney shows (the only good live action one.) Even Stevens was a favorite of mine back in the day. It was funny and featured a young talented cast. While no one besides Shia went on to do anything else, they all still remain in my heart as some of my favorite actors of my child hood. This show was always amusing and zany and slightly wierd, but it didnt matter because much like the adventures of pete and pete, it was one of the few decent children shows on air. This show was very good.
  • ok show

    its an ok show. i mean its just about a family and stuff like that. You've got annoying siblings: smart one, annoying ones, and apparantly a strong one. Well, not much to say about this show. it is a cool show. but some of their storylines are just plain weird. i think that this show cant beat other great shows like Thats so raven, phil of the future etc. but sometimes their jokes are funny.
    the evan stevens movie was kinda nice i guess. but it was kinda weird too.
    whatever it is, i just find this show a very average show. okok.
  • One of the better Disney shows

    This show beats Lizzie Mcguire (or any other Disney show for that matter) when it comes to humor and entertainment. Shia Lebouf and Christy Romano are wonderful actors, and they did their parts well. The show was always interesting, especially with the contrast in personalities between Louis and Ren. The movie itsefl was good, and it should have been in theaters, instead of the annoying Lizzie Mcguire Movie. This show should have lasted for more than a few seasons, like the other Disney shows that are lasting too long right now. It's a good show, and it offers entertainment that the family can enjoy.
  • this show was HILARIOUS!

    I loved this show so much. It was soo hilarious! I laughed at almost every episode. Louis is always doin something stupid, when Ren is tryin to accomplish somethin. In between all of that, they fight! Almost everyday, they keep fighting and fighting over random, silly things. This show was sooo hilarious. I always enjoyed the company of Beans, when ever he would annoy Louis or Ren. He was an unusual kid, in a good way. Him and his bacon! LMAO!! That was funny. He could get quite annoying at times. THey really should bring this show back. I really wanna watch it more!
  • A very funny show! With great characters, and strange, but funny storylines!

    This show was one of my favorites, when it just started. I really wish they would show reruns, because now that Shia is famous, I've been thinking about how much I miss the show, and it's so strange to see him as Louis...because he looks so different! Anyway, I loved Beans, he was a really funny character, and the storylines were great! I'm not sure what my favorite episode was, but I had quite a few. Me and my sister were reminiscing about them a few weeks ago, it definatly is a classic! Let's tell Disney Channel to bring it back (in rerun form of course)!
  • Even Stevens was one of the funniest shows Disney ever created.

    Even Stevens was a comedy on the Disney Channel. It was an absolutely riot to watch. In the late 80's to the late 90's Nickelodeon had their Golden Age of great shows, but in the late 90's and early 2000's Disney had their Golden Age with good shows such as Even Stevens. It is a shame that Disney doesn't have much on lately. Shia LaBeouf is a hilarious actor, and recently he has even branched out by doing a thriller and an action film that both did ok at the box office. The show had good on screen chemistry between the actors and actresses. Very funny!
  • Great show....

    This was probably the greatest disney channel show of all time. As a tv.com member I can say that no other show comes close. I loved it. I can't believe they ended t without a single spin-off. I thought maybe beans would get something of a spinoff or anything! But the characters were awesome, the story was just flat out great, and everything else was perfect. I really don't know what else I can say, it was perfect. Nothing could have made it better except for there being more seasons worth of it. Too bad that there wasn't. Yeah Even Stevens rules!
  • This was a classic Disney Channel originasl Series.

    Even Stevens was a great show that came on disney channle during a great time. Christy Carlson Romano and Shia LeBeouf both started their careers fromthis show. It is about Louis a boy who goes through life falling second to his sister in academics and his brother in athletics. Louis has had some classic lines one of my favorites is "What's living til you pull you pants down and slideon the ice Ren?" The mother is a senator. She is funny as the father is as well. Louis also has his friend Twitty and I can;t remember his other friend's name. Oh and one of my favorites, Louis' little buddy Beans. Gotta love Beans. The show was a D-Channel classic with an avid cast. Shia went on to be in Transformer while Ren has done a few things her main one being Kim Possible in the series Kim Possible.
  • such a good and funny show!!

    I love Even Stevens!! its such an awesome show!! My favorite charecters are Ren and Louis....haha...they crack me up!! they have such talented actresses and actors on this show...never a dull moment with them. I think this is one of the best shows ever!!! too bad its over..oh well, we still have re-runs!
  • This show is a great!

    Even Stevens is one of my top 10 shows of all time. The characters are great. A lot of people don't like Beans, but I think he can be hilarious. The supporting cast is excellent, but the show belongs to Shia. He's a superb actor (everyone on the show is, in my opinion). The writing is witty, clever, and original, and some episodes literally have me laughing for over half an hour (and most shows are unable to elicit more than a chuckle from me). It's too bad there's a 65-episode limit, 'cause I'd definitely like to see some new episodes (although most of 'em I haven't seen). Anyway, if you have Disney Channel, give it a try. You'll probably enjoy it.
  • Kinda stupid but funny.

    This show was a about a boy named louis who is always compared to his brother who is a huge track star at his school and is very well liked. Then also his sister ren who is perfect, i mean in every thing she does she succeeds which is impossible but hey its called a tv show. There parents are a little nuts but are populat too since his mom is a senator and dad is a pretty well known lawyer. I liked a couple of the guest stars like ren best friends and boy friend. I barely watch this show any more.
  • Amazing!

    Even Stevens was a funny show! Louis, Ren, Donnie, Beans, Twitty, Tawny, and Mr. and Mrs. Stevens were all so lovable. Louis was hilarious with all his nonsense plans and whatnot. Beans was a bacon lover and he was so strange. Twitty would always be in on Louis’s plans. Tawny and Louis were so great together. Ren was a perfectionist and a really smart person. There was a goofy one, a smart one, and then there’s the athletic one. Donnie was the strong athlete. The show was great and could be serious if necessary. Now, I see Shia Lebouf in these serious movies, but I always think of him as the crazy guy in Even Stevens! Overall, this show was great and I give it a 9.5!
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