Even Stevens - Season 1

Disney Channel (ended 2003)


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  • A Weak First Week (aka Pilot)
    Ren and Louis are at the carnival on a Ferris wheel when the ride gets stuck with them at the top. As the two argue, a repair woman comes climbing up to their bucket and serves as a moderator for their argument. In flashback form, we see Louis' first days at junior high and how he embarrasses Ren. We also see the early rivalry between Ren and Larry Beale, plus Louis' first flirtations with Tawny.moreless
  • Almost Perfect
    Almost Perfect
    Episode 20
    Ren looks like a shoo-in for "Student of the Semester" and among her biggest supporters are Principal Wexler and two admiring young cub reporters, Carla and Marla, who are writing about her for the school paper. But the unthinkable could happen: in Mr. Rupert's wood shop class Ren may get a "C" on her final project. Louis helps her to cope with the possibility that she may have to accept less than perfection.

    Meanwhile, Louis' locker has become a mess, and it's not all his fault this time, as a broken steam pipe is creating new life-forms in the muck. Principal Wexler gives him a dusty old janitor's closet as a temporary space, and Louis uses it to create "Casa de Fiesta", a spot which becomes as popular as Studio 54 among the students.moreless
  • Strictly Ballroom
    Strictly Ballroom
    Episode 19
    Ren and Louis are both looking forward to Zack Estrada's party with anticipation and nervousness. Ren has told Ruby that she's planning to make her move on Bobby Deaver at the party. Louis decides to go when Tawny and Twitty say they're going, but he's afraid because he can't dance. Ren is mortified when she hears Louis will be at the same party as her and Bobby so she stipulates all sorts of no-contact rules for Louis to follow. At the party, Louis is too shy to ask Tawny to dance. Ren's attempts to hook up with Bobby meet with disaster. First her hair gets caught in a houseplant, then her foot gets stuck in the toilet.moreless
  • Movie Madness
    Movie Madness
    Episode 18
    Louis plans to make an entry in a local young people's film festival. He recruits Tawny and Twitty for his cast and Tom for his crew and they begin making his extremely low-budget space alien love story. Louis proves to be a fanatical and dictatorial film director, and after Tawny almost gets hurt his cast and crew quit. Louis finishes the film alone and shows "Three Eyes Wide Shut" at the film festival where it doesn't go as planned for him. Elsewhere Ren is ready to tell Bobby Deaver that she's interested in him. Ren practices her lines she's going to use on Bobby and then writes them out. Ruby mistakenly gives the note to Bobby, but it turns out that dorky Ivan is the one who received it.moreless
  • Get a Job
    Get a Job
    Episode 17
    Louis tries to butter up his father so he'll buy him a used Slushy machine from the convenience store, but Mr. Stevens has three words for him: get a job. Ren is a volunteer career counselor at school and she gets Louis three different jobs, including one in "journalism" (a paper route), but he blows all three. Finally Louis comes up with his own brainstorm, a dog sitting service. Also, Donnie and Mr. Stevens get out the big old birdhouse they never finished. But when they start working together, they realize why they left it incomplete.moreless
  • Luscious Lou
    Luscious Lou
    Episode 16
    Coach Tugnut needs a wrestler in Louis' weight class, and always looking for something to excel at, Louis tries out for the team. He does very well in the practices, but he's horrified to learn his first opponent will be the dreaded Mimi Nagurski! Knowing that wrestling a girl is a lose-lose situation for him, Louis tries to quickly gain enough weight to make himself ineligible.moreless
  • Heck of a Hanukkah
    Heck of a Hanukkah
    Episode 15
    Ren is surprised by Louis, who she finds in her closet looking for Hanukkah presents. In the process he messes up her room and breaks Donnie's trophys trying to run away from her. Keeping up his search, Louis finds the presents in the basement which can never turn out to be a good thing. Upstairs, Ren asks her mom to tell the Hanukkah story again.moreless
  • Battle of the Bands
    Battle of the Bands
    Episode 14
    Louis forms his own band after being out voted to let Ren onto Twitty's band so the two battle it out in the competition.
  • After Hours
    After Hours
    Episode 13
    Louis gets Ren put in dentention after a series of mishaps and somehow she still needs to make a display for the school's 75th anniversary.
  • Deep Chocolate
    Deep Chocolate
    Episode 12
    Louis and Twitty compete to sell the most chocolate bars for the school sale and Ren must not insult Louis for a whole week if she is to get her new phone.
  • Secrets and Spies
    Secrets and Spies
    Episode 11
    Mrs. Stevens wants Ren to take an internship with a city councilman. Ren's schedule is already overloaded, but she says yes to please her mother. Louis finds clues that lead him to believe that Ren is up to something secret. When he finds out another girl got the internship that Ren told their mother she'd gotten, he begins spying on her. Also, Donnie is greatly helped by a trigonometry tutor he found online. The tutor asks for Donnie's help in improving his social skills.moreless
  • Easy Way
    Easy Way
    Episode 10
    Ren becomes in charge of organizing the "Beacon of Help" fund-raiser, where people work, walk, skateboard, etc. for pledges of money. Louis wants to contribute to the cause hoping that it might impress Tawny. He decides to "doze for dollars" and is scheduled to spend 48 hours in a bed in a department store window. He soon draws a crowd and news media. Ren is irritated by all of the attention Louis is receiving. She feels that she does all the hard work, and that Louis is the only one getting any attention. However, Louis is soon upstaged by a skateboarding dog.moreless
  • Scrub Day
    Scrub Day
    Episode 9
    The 7th graders become terrified of the approaching "Scrub Day". Scrub day is when the upperclassmen are supposedly allowed to do terrible things to unsuspecting 7th graders.
  • Family Picnic
    Family Picnic
    Episode 8
    Louis is dreading his father's law firm's family picnic because Steve Stevens is determined his family will win the picnic's decathlon for the third year in a row. Donny injures himself in an event, so Louis must participate in the deciding contest, the father-son kayak race. Louis decides he's willing to do anything to win the race.moreless
  • Foodzilla
    Episode 7
    Louis is dying to be on the TV-news magazine "Wombat Report." Louis manages to convince Ren (who is producing it) to allow him to do a serious piece profiling one of the cafeteria ladies. When the show airs live, Louis ambushes the woman and mocks them in the interview. Ren is unable to be mad when she learns what a hit the Louis’s story was. The kids at school begin calling the cafeteria lady "Foodzilla". Embarrassed, she flees the cafeteria and quits her job. Louis and Ren become overcome with guilt and decide they need to fix the situation.moreless
  • Louis in the Middle
    Louis saves a popular student's life when he suddenly starts choking and as a reward Louis becomes the guy's sidekick for "15 minutes of fame". The sudden popularity that Louis begins receiving from everyone goes straight to his head and it's up to old friends Tawny and Twitty to shock him back into reality. Meanwhile, Ren runs for school cafeteria policy monitor and tries to start a new suggestion box...moreless
  • All About Yvette
    All About Yvette
    Episode 5
    Louis wants to baby-sit Twitty's kid brother to earn some money but his mom says he's too young yet, but if he can get Tawny to baby-sit with him then she'll think about it. Meanwhile, Ren and Charlotte are on the decorating committee and must get the school's gymnasium decorated for the school dance which will be chaperoned by Ren's parents! Talk about a nightmare for Ren, but that's not the biggest part of her problem -- Charlotte's old friend, Yvette moves back from Topeka and she's afraid that Yvette will move in on their best friend relationship.moreless
  • What'll Idol Do?
    What'll Idol Do?
    Episode 4
    Ren is overjoyed that June Marie is going to be her "pre-high school mentor." She excitedly sings her praises to everyone in the family, but Louis is only interested in finding his missing tape of a favorite Saturday Night Live episode. He gets some surveillance equipment from Tom and begins spying on family members to find out who taped over his show. While doing this he finds out that June Marie is only using Ren in an effort to make a play for their brother Donnie. Louis tells Ren, but she is reluctant to believe him.moreless
  • Take My Sister... Please
    Desperate to be in the school talent show, Louis teams with Ren to come up with a brother-sister act. However, things go sour when the two disagree on what act they should do.
  • Stevens Genes
    Stevens Genes
    Episode 2
    Ren agrees to write for the school newspaper, but becomes upset when she learns that she has to write the sports page. Louis is forced to run track in PE, but makes the best out of it by having Larry (whose working the stop watch) lie to the coach about Louis' actual time. As a result, Louis gets invited onto the track team and some undeserved popularity. Things are going well for Louis until Ren finds out the true source of her brothers speed.moreless
  • Swap.com
    Episode 1
    After making a deal with a kid at school for a date with Ren in exchange for a rare trading card, Louis actually manages to talk Ren into going.
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