Even Stevens - Season 2

Disney Channel (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Gutter Queen
    Gutter Queen
    Episode 22
    Ren organises a mother-daughter bowling night but the girls think their mother's will embarrass them which doesn't even occur to Ren. Louis puts the money he won to good use by hiring a butler called Chives.
  • Influenza: The Musical
    Ren comes down sick and her prefect attendance record is at stake so she wants to go in. In her feverish state she imagines that the whole school has turned into a musical with singing and dancing abound...
  • Tight End in Traction
    Donnie is going to be inducted into the Lawrence Jr. High 'Wombat Hall of Fame' and Louis is getting a little perturbed at his brother because of all the things he gets away with, simply because he's an athletic star. His dad ignores his complaints, so Louis plans his own stunt to get even. Ren becomes fed up with Beans and sets about helping him mend his ways.moreless
  • Ren-Gate
    Episode 19
    After going over the top one last time the Principal and Louis' parents agree that he shouldn't be punished but given extra resposibilities so becomes a hall monitor. To the surprise of most he does a good job and even spots Ren abusing her power for her own personal gain.
  • The Thomas Gribalski Affair
    Tom and Steve Stevens become the best of friends much to the annoyance of Louis who keeps trying to involve himself but fails miserably when compared to Tom. He hopes that a game of golf will prove to his dad that he's better. Ren has do bicycle safety procedures in front of the whole school.moreless
  • Uncle Chuck
    Uncle Chuck
    Episode 17
    Steve's brother comes to visit and Louis looks up to him as a god with his love for wrong doing and quick money schemes. Ren, on the other hand is having a harder time as her cooking project fails to meet expectations.
  • Wombat Wuv
    Wombat Wuv
    Episode 16
    Louis has a crush on the new faculty adviser, Ms. Morgan and so endeavors to become a teacher's pet by becoming the school mascot. Meanwhile, Ren is having trouble fitting in as a cheerleader.
  • Sibling Rivalry
    Sibling Rivalry
    Episode 15
    Ren and Louis are fighting as usual when Donnie shows them a tape of a TV show, "Sibling Sessions," and suggests they appear on it to help them solve their differences. Ren agrees and so does Louis (once he learns that he'll get free tickets to Magic Mountain). Elsewhere, Donnie needs the help of Nelson when he dates a girl who can't speak English.moreless
  • Sadie Hawkins Day
    Sadie Hawkins Day
    Episode 14
    Ren is panicking that she won't have a date for the dance after breaking up with Bobby whereas Twitty is inundated with requests. Louis and Tom haven't even been asked once and Louis' big head is ruining his chances of going with Tawny.
  • A Very Scary Story
    A Very Scary Story
    Episode 13
    Louis is preparing for the biggest and best Halloween prank ever whereas Ren is encouraging everyone to get eye examinations...
  • Easy Crier
    Easy Crier
    Episode 12
    Louis befriends a transfer student who has a rather large frame in the hope to scare the older kids. Ren and Larry campaign to get dodgeball banned, much to the displeasure of Coach Tugnut.
  • Wild Child
    Wild Child
    Episode 11
    After Eileen states that she's running for secretary-of-state, Louis throws a tantrum which doesn't help her case. Elsewhere Nelson learns some new moves from Donny which he wants to try out.
  • Devil Mountain
    Devil Mountain
    Episode 10
    Ren gets jealous of another girl who's taken an interest in Bobby and Louis and Twitty are investigated by Tom when he thinks they like food more than they do him.
  • Love and Basketball
    Louis helps out Donnie coach his Little League basketball team after proving he has what it takes. Meanwhile, Ren wants a kiss from her boyfriend rather than a high five...
  • Head Games
    Head Games
    Episode 8
    Twitty gets the opportunity to play for the school baseball team and does well, all thanks to Louis. Ren tries everything possible to get to sit next to Bobby.
  • Thin Ice
    Thin Ice
    Episode 7
    Louis and Twitty are making prank calls to people they know. Ren reunites her old childhood friend Nelson, but feels awkward about his presence at school, and ducks out of a dinner with his family to go to a skate party with Bobby Deaver.
  • Broadcast Blues
    Broadcast Blues
    Episode 6
    Ren is all set to watch her favorite newscaster and role model, Cynthia Mills, but she's bothered by Louis and Twitty, who are big fans of the station's clownish weatherman, Zippy Winds. Ren mentions that she is entering a newscasting contest for students with a prize that includes meeting Ms. Mills. This excites the boys, who see it as a chance to meet their idol Zippy. But when Ren interviews Tawny the next day at school for an audition tape, Louis is sure that her subject will be too dull to win. He uses the annoying neighbor Beans as part of his plan for a more exciting entry.moreless
  • Secret World of Girls
    Ren is having a "young women's all-night forum" (better known as a slumber party) and she wants everyone to clear out of the house on Saturday night. All the family members agree, including Louis, who says he'll be sleeping over at Twitty's. But he's got a plan - to put hidden cameras in the house and broadcast the evening as "The Secret World of Girls," charging $10 a head to his fellow male students to watch. But will the arrival of their new little friend Beans spoil the fun?moreless
  • Quest for Coolness
    Quest for Coolness
    Episode 4
    Louis and Twitty are desperate to find the new ultra-cool "Quasi" sneakers, but they are sold out everywhere. Tom puts them in contact with his underground source, though, and they set up a meeting with "Scabbie" at South Creek Mall. Meanwhile, Ren is leading a fund-raising meeting for the school paper. Ruby proposes a fashion show at the Mall, an idea everyone likes better than Ren's, including, surprisingly, Ren's devoted disciples Carla and Marla.moreless
  • Duck Soup
    Duck Soup
    Episode 3
    Eileen Stevens is throwing a fancy dinner catered by French chef Pierre for Lieutenant Governor Woods and his wife Dottie during which she hopes to persuade him to help pass her family care bill. Ren is angry with Louis, though, because the kids must eat take-out food in the back yard because Louis has been such an embarrassing slob at previous dinners.moreless
  • Shutterbugged
    Episode 2
    Ren is ecstatic when she finds out that her braces will come off in the morning before her 8th grade school picture will be taken. When the dentist removes them, he says she has a slight infection and gives her some oral medication which has "mild side effects." At home, Louis brings in the horrible yearbook photo that's arrived in the mail. Ren's mom tells her how she led a protest for womens' studies in college and suggests Ren could do the same. Ren organizes a demonstration to get retakes of bad photos ("Blinkers Unite!"), but Wexler gets angry about the protest. Also, Louis is out of his room for two weeks while a biohazard team decontaminates it! He has to move in with Donnie...moreless
  • Starstruck
    Episode 1
    Louis finds a penny on the school grounds. As he bends over to pick it up, a scaffolding with workmen on it tumbles to the ground around him, but it misses him. An uncanny lucky streak begins for Louis. Meanwhile Ren is worried about Ruby's obsession with the British pop trio BBMak, as is Ruby's friend Nelson. After Ruby stays up all night listening to the radio trying to win a contest with the prize of attending BBMak's recording session in Sacramento, Ren and Nelson decide to stage an intervention for her. Louis and Twitty firmly believe in the power of the penny. Tawny is skeptical until Louis casually calls up the radio station and wins the BBMak contest. Louis takes them plus Ruby and Ren with him to the recording session.moreless