Even Stevens - Season 3

Disney Channel (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • The Even Stevens Movie
    The Stevens family win what they think is a carefree island vacation, but what they don't know is that they are secretly being filmed for a "reality"-type TV show, where the unscrupulous host tries to turn the family members against each other.
  • Leavin' Stevens
    Leavin' Stevens
    Episode 22
    For three years we have been watching the wild Stevens family, as today it all comes to an end. When it's election time for Eileen, she has to choose to move to Washington D.C., or stay home with her family, friends, and job.
  • In Ren We Trust
    In Ren We Trust
    Episode 21
    While playing with a boomerang, Louis, Tom, Ren, and Monique find a metal briefcase containing a large amount of money. The four question what to do with it.
  • Surf's Up
    Surf's Up
    Episode 20
    Spring break is here. Louis is hurt when he realizes that Twitty wants to do something without Louis. Ren finds the perfect guy, just that he's not a 'guy guy' and Beans finds a new way of torturing people and making some money.
  • Model Principal
    Model Principal
    Episode 19
    Louis' enjoyment at the fact that Principal Wexler has left is short lived when he sees who will be taking his place. Donnie thinks with Beans as a lucky charm, he'll be able to win an arcade game competition.
  • Stevens' Manor
    Stevens' Manor
    Episode 18
    Louis takes advantage of the fact that his parents are away by opening the house up as a B&B, in order to raise some funds for a trip.
  • Snow Job
    Snow Job
    Episode 17
    Louis fears he will fail he upcoming exam so tries to delay it as long as possible. Ren has to train hard so that she can win an upcoming pole-vaulting competition.
  • Beans on the Brain
    Beans on the Brain
    Episode 16
    Donnie has to quit football after getting injured so takes a shine to his personal appearance. Louis feels bad for blowing off Beans so tries to make it up to him.
  • The Big Splash
    The Big Splash
    Episode 15
    Ren is challenging for 'best smile' for the yearbook and Louis evaluates his life as a prankster after soaking his dad's boss.
  • Dirty Work
    Dirty Work
    Episode 14
    Louis starts up a new club at school much to the annoyance of Wexler, so he sets Ren the task of finding out and stopping the club.
  • Boy on a Rock
    Boy on a Rock
    Episode 13
    Louis and Twitty's friendship is in jeopardy when Twitty's ex invites Louis to a known couples hot spot.
  • The King Sloppy
    The King Sloppy
    Episode 12
    Louis and Twitty plan on getting on the King Sloppy Wall of Fame by teaming up to eat a whole King Sloppy thinking that two stomachs would be better than one! A guest who Ren is looking after is an unlikely suspect to give the challenge a go...
  • Hardly Famous
    Hardly Famous
    Episode 11
    Louis after much consideration auditions for the school of arts thanks to Tawny's 'persuasion'.
  • Hutch Boy
    Hutch Boy
    Episode 10
    Louis is being bullied and Tom comes to his rescue by teaching him self defence.
  • Short Story
    Short Story
    Episode 9
    Louis has an evil twin that has come to take over the school and Ren is being shallow about her shorter date.
  • Close Encounters of the Beans Kind
    Ren volunteers to tutor an outside student for a school volunteer project and is assigned to tutor Beans in creative writing. Louis and Twitty watch an Alien television program and start to wonder if Aliens are living along with us... and more specifically, right in there own hometown! When the doorbell rings they find a mysterious man standing there who seems to be looking for Beans. This leads Louis and Twitty to start trailing Beans to find out just where he really does live and ends up leading straight to what appears to be a normal, ordinary looking house with a normal, ordinary looking mailbox out front. Except for the fact that Beans parents look like giant termite parents!moreless
  • Raiders of the Lost Sausage
    When an emu that Louis ordered arrives through the mail, his dad Steve puts his foot down on his son's get-rich-quick schemes. His dad though supports his latest attempt where they dig under the house in an effort to find treasure. Also, Ren and Larry Beale's rivalry is responsible for Principal Wexler getting a couple of pies in the face, so he sends them to the school's somewhat flaky counselor Miss Shannon, who decides on a radical therapy: she tethers them together!moreless
  • Little Mr. Sacktown
    Louis isn't too happy with Tom having a talented cousin reigning two-time winner of the "Little Mr. Sacramento" pageant, so Beans is forced to enter by Louis but doesn't stick by him throughout.
  • Band on the Roof
    Band on the Roof
    Episode 5
    In the form of a "rockumentary" directed by Tom Gribalski, we witness the ups and downs of the Twitty-Stevens Connection, the rock band featuring Alan Twitty on guitar, Louis Stevens on drums, Ren Stevens on vocals, Tawny Dean on keyboards, and Artie Ryan on bass, who is replaced by Beans.
  • Your Toast
    Your Toast
    Episode 4
    Ren and Ruby take jobs at a fast food joint but promotion is enough to test their friendship. Louis meanwhile, is putting his drum kit to good use by taking drum lessons.
  • My Best Friend's Girlfriend
    Louis enlists Tom as his new best friend and Donny is annoyed with losing his rock climbing record to not only a girl, but to Ren!
  • Where in the World Is Pookie Stevens?
    Louis is after a new drum set so organizes a garage sale to get rid of all their excess junk so that he can make some money to get them. In the process though Louis gets rid of Ren's teddy so they set about finding it.
  • The Kiss
    The Kiss
    Episode 1
    Louis and Tawny become an item after a kiss over lunch. Louis becomes the jealous boyfriend when Tawny has to kiss another boy in the school play.