Even Stevens

Season 2 Episode 5

Secret World of Girls

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Jul 20, 2001 on Disney Channel

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  • Ren decides to have a All-young womans sluber party at her house. Louis decides to set up a film in which he and many other guys explore the Secret world of girls.

    This was one of my favorite episodes and the first one i saw. I have seen this idea before of either spying on or crashing a girls only slumber party and they all end the same way. I loved the part when Louis is tied up and made over because it is funny but the mask looked like it hurt afeter a while. ALthough i knew what was going to happen, i was exited to watch th whole show. THey no longer make these as good as this anymore and the last thing i saw was awful. Stuff like this helped me to learn more about girls but also made me afraid of girls.
  • Ren has a slumber party and she wants everybody out of the house. Louis plants hidden cameras in the house and him and his friends watch. Ren finds out the girls catch louis and tie him up and give him a makeover and a facial. p.s they meet a boy Beans

    I thought that episode of Even Stevens was hilarious and great i thought it was probably the best episode of them all i loved the part when Louis got tied up and got a makeover and was in girls clothes by Ren and her friends at the slumber party. I also wanted to hear Beans' joke but they made a mistake at the end when Louis had his hands behind the chair but then they show him with them on his lap. They should have shown another part at the end, mabye in the day at school Louis could have still been tien up and was shown to everybody at school
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