Even Stevens

Season 2 Episode 5

Secret World of Girls

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Jul 20, 2001 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Books that Ren was going to bring to the slumber party for discussion included Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, and volumes by Shakespeare and Plato!

    • One of our viewers who must be a bit of a lip-reader tells us that when the girls are playing "The One Thing You Would Never Want A Boy to Know," Monique begins by saying, "Well, I once had this dream, that I was on a stranded island with Ryan Zellpepper. Anyway, I can't believe I'm saying this, but there we were stranded, so finally we turned to each other. And I..." Then when the sound goes out she says "...grabbed him in my arms."

    • Telephone number on the flyer Louis and Beans pass out: 555-5433.

    • Louis had the entire house wired for "security purposes" back in "What'll Idol Do?" Back then the camera's were unnoticeable. But in this episode they only set the camera up in the living room. What happened to the security cameras? And why was this one so incredibly easy to trace (unlike the others)?

    • When Tawny comes over looking for Louis she has a conversation with Ren in the kitchen about where he is. Louis is able to see and hear this conversation although the camera is only set up to look at the couch.

    • In the last scene where Louis is tied up and Beans comes in to tell his joke, Louis' hands are tied in front of him. Then immediately in the next shot, they're tied behind him.

    • Steve and Eileen Stevens say they are going to a chamber music concert (small musical group) but when they return it is referred to as a symphony concert (full orchestra).

  • Quotes

    • (Ren is playing a game with her girlfriends)
      Ren: So let's rate guys, shall we? Tom Gribolski?!
      Tom: from another room)Ladies, please give me a 7, come on!!!
      (the sound cuts off)
      Tom: I knew I'm a 4!

    • Ren: Hi Mom and Dad, how was the symphony?
      Elaine: Well, the only symphony I heard was your father's snoring.
      Steve: At least I was intune!

    • Ren: Let's play college interview. Now I'll be the dean of admissions and you can be the hopeful applicants!
      (Girls stare)

    • Louis: Is this your card?
      Ryan: No
      Louis: Is this your card?
      Ryan: No
      Louis: Okay, this one for sure!
      Ryan: No, and you've been through the deck twice already!

    • Beans: Good news! My mom says I can stay as long as I want!
      Louis: Beans?!?! How'd you get past the electric fence?

    • Tom: Who should I make this check out to?
      Twitty: You have your own checking account, Tom?
      Tom: Yes . . . don't you?

    • Ruby: I hope you don't have anything boring planned, like a book disucssion
      Ren: No, of course not, (kicks books aside) why would I do that? (Ruby looks at her) Okay, can you help me?
      Ruby: We need chips, we need dip, we need tons of makeup, we got to go shopping!

    • Beans: I don't have any friends
      Louis: So make up some imaginary ones kid, they never let you down

    • Twitty: So where do you live kid?
      Beans: In a house!

    • Ren: I love you all very much, but you are not going to be here on Saturday, okay? Okay!

    • Ren: A slumber party is for two year olds. This is a women's all night forum!

    • Louis: Ever since I saw this thing on the internet, I have wanted to own a suit of armour.
      Twitty: I don't know man, how would you go to the bathroom?
      Louis: There's got to be a trapdoor or something . . . or we could sew in a zipper. . . THATS NOT THE POINT!

    • Ren: Okay, what's in the pack?
      Louis: A toothbrush and a fresh pair of undies.
      Ren: Or could it just be some rolled up newspaper making me think you are spending the night at Twitty's, so you can come back and trash my slumber-party.
      (Louis and Twitty Begin to Leave)
      Ren: Not so fast! (Grabs Louis' backpack)
      (Pulls out a toothbrush and a pair of undies)
      Ren: What is this?
      Louis: A toothbrush and a fresh pair of undies.

    • Twitty: Hello Ren. I'm here to pick up Louis where I can take him back to my house where we spend the rest of the evening safely away from you.
      Louis: (walking into the room) Hello Alan. Are you here to pick me up and bring me back to your house where we spend the rest of the evening safely away from Ren?

    • Louis: Twitty, how much would you pay to see what girls are like when guys aren't around?
      Twitty: Like, half-a-million dollars.
      Louis: I'm thinkin' more like ten dollars.
      Twitty: Yeah, I don't have that either.

    • Louis: This guy is making these outrageous demands.
      Twitty: He wants you to pay for it?

    • Louis: A nickname is not supposed to be logical; it's supposed to be fun.

    • Louis: Twitty, I find myself not only growing older, but wiser.

    • Louis: Ryan, hey, you may have arrived here an angry young man, but trust me, you will leave a happy one.

    • Beans: None of your beeswax!
      Twitty: Ohhh, I hate kids that say beeswax, man!

    • Donnie: Ren. You know what? If you guys need any advice on facials or makeovers, I'm your man!

  • Notes

    • Character mentioned but not seen: Principal Wexler.

    • When the surveillance equipment is being set up, the background music is a re-written version of Lalo Schifrin's famous theme from the TV show (and later movies) Mission: Impossible.

    • Margo Harshman (Tawny) was not listed in this episode's credits when it was first broadcast, but her name had been added when it was repeated about a week later.

  • Allusions

    • The concept of watching the girls through hidden cameras was also done in the movie Revenge of the Nerds which starred Robert Carradine from Lizzie McGuire. During both scenes in which they are wiring the rooms, the Mission Impossible theme is used.

    • Twitty: Sacramento, we have a problem.

      Twitty is paraphrasing the line heard in the movie Apollo 13 (1995), spoken by Tom Hanks playing astronaut Jim Lovell, substituting "Sacremento" for "Houston." The movie was the true story of the almost-disastrous 1970 manned American mission to the moon. Houston, Texas is where the space flight control center was located.