Even Stevens

Season 2 Episode 15

Sibling Rivalry

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Nov 03, 2001 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • When Louis and Twity are backstage where Ren is about to be seated on the "Throne of Shame," the director's chair in front of the TV has the name "Sean McNamara: Executive Producer on it. McNamara is the real-life executive producer for Even Stevens.

  • Quotes

    • Louis: HOW DARE YOU! What if I was doing something stupid, Ren!
      Ren: As opposed to this?
      Louis: I happen to be flossercizing, right?

    • Ren: You are the most infuriating...
      Louis: You're in-flur-i-nate...ter-ing!

    • Louis: Just make sure Miss Prissy Pants respects my floss time.
      Ren: When I get my hands on you you will not have teeth left to floss!

    • Louis: Yeah, I'm Louis Stevens; this is Cruella.

    • Ren: I could even grow a mustache before you.
      Louis: You could. In fact it's coming in quite nicely.

    • Mandy Sanchez: Love that lipstick. That color works so well on your thin lips.
      Ren: You know, I really wonder what it would look like on a fat lip.

    • Nelson: I spent two summers at French Camp. I thought it was going to be something else, but it turned out to be OK.

  • Notes

    • Bianca Lopez, who plays Mandy, reprises her role from the episode "Devil Mountain."

    • This episode first aired as a part of ABC's "One Saturday Morning" lineup, almost two weeks before its scheduled November 16 premiere on the Disney Channel.

  • Allusions

    • The belt that Ren wins on Sib Wars is a replica of the old World Championship Wrestling (WCW) world title belt.

    • Louis: You can't beat me, I'm the Priest of the Plank, Ren!

      Louis is comparing himself to the Lord of the Dance, which is the name of the Irish dance extravaganza founded and danced by Michael Flatley, the original male lead dancer in "Riverdance."

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