Even Stevens

Season 3 Episode 18

Stevens' Manor

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Oct 28, 2002 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • In "Battle of the Bands", Tawny flat-out told Louis "I don't sing" when Louis asked her to form a band with him. In this episode, she's more than happy and even had to be stopped by Louis when she began singing at the piano.

    • In "Head Games," Tawny said something to the effect that she thinks sports are a waste of the human spirit. Why then does she want to go snowboarding? She could possbily though be talking about organized, competitive sports.

    • Louis says that Beans is a "masseuse," which is actually the term for a female who gives massages. The term for a male is "masseur."

    • When Ren is in Ruby's room, you see a close-up of her baby toe.There is nothing wrong with it. Then, a few seconds later, you see another close-up of Ren's toe and this time there is something that looks like a ball of pus. They must have forgotten to edit it out that time.

  • Quotes

    • Ren: Unless, they don´t know that is midnight.
      Louis: Ohoho...I understand what do you mean Ren. I understand...hahahaha (everybody laughs with Louis) I get it! I understand. (short pause) Eh...I don´t understand what do you mean...Ren.

    • Louis: And we have Tawny Dean on piano. She can play any request.
      One of the twins: Can she play, "I hate it here, we should have gone to Hawaii"?
      Tawny: I hate it here, we should have gone to Hawaii where they say aloha, and roast little piggies.

    • Eileen Stevens: Louis! Are you alright? How is your back?
      Louis: My, my back? My...my back! Yeah, yeah, I mean, it went out, but um, then, then it came back in.

    • Louis: See, it states clearly in your ah, in your brochure, if you got one, uh, check-out time is 7AM, you see that folks?
      Twin: That's your gas bill.

    • Mrs. Culpepper: Something smells ambrosial.
      Beans: Don't look at me, lady.

    • Louis: Beans, what are you doing? If you're gonna walk on a guy's back, take off your hikin' boots!

    • Twin: All you have is a ping-pong table?
      Louis: Yeah, well I never said anything about a table.

  • Notes

    • Ren says at one point, "My butt is on the line, too." This very mild profanity would hardly be worth noting except that it occurs in a Disney Channel sitcom, which is very conservative about such matter (to the point of saying "Oh my gosh!" instead of "Oh my God!")

    • Unseen character: Dexter (Dex), the guy Ruby has just broken up with.

    • Louis and the gang rush to put the house back to normal to the tune of the overture to the opera William Tell by Italian composer Gioacchino Rossini. This portion of the overture is well-known as the theme song for the TV and radio series The Lone Ranger. It's heard in a keyboard-synthesizer version here.

    • Chas and Chris Dewey, who play the twins, also appeared in "Quest for Coolness" as Mosh and Stosh.

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