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Even Stevens

Season 3 Episode 23

The Even Stevens Movie

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Jun 13, 2003 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

The Even Stevens Movie
The Stevens family win what they think is a carefree island vacation, but what they don't know is that they are secretly being filmed for a "reality"-type TV show, where the unscrupulous host tries to turn the family members against each other.

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  • Not really the best finale they could have come up with, but still a fantastic finale

    I love this tv movie, but I thought it could have ended a lot better. Its great to see Louis and Tawny still end up together (even though they already were in the last episode). Ren and the tv actor don't really excite me, but its nice to know that Ren found someone. There was way too much Beans, but it doesn't bother me. I can't believe they made Twitty seem like such a jerk though for selling out the Stevens family. I wasn't fond of the whole survival island gimmick. Despite some of my negativity, I still love this movie. I just thought they could have made it slightly better.moreless
  • The movie was so awesome!

    The Even Stevens Movie is the most well put together made-for-TV movie I've seen in years. Shia LaBeouf(Louis Stevens) is at his comedic apex, with the typical sarcastic and dry one-liners and blood-curdling squeals, and the rest of the cast fits together cohesively well. Each character will have a trait that endears them to you, and each character likewise leaves memorable performances. This is clean, pure, unadulterated family comedy with a very unique plot and several surprises. SNL's Tim Meadows plays the humorous villain extremely well, and is believably shady. Dave Coulier of Full House fame even plays a small role, and does it confidently well. Margo Harshman(Tawny Dean) is her usual beautiful self. This movie will familiarize those who haven't watched the show before with all of the wonderful characters in the series. The movie also teaches an important lesson in the power of family togetherness. The comedy in this film has a universally hilarious appeal, and overall, it shows off what the series has to offer, and more. Not easily forgettable, and very entertainingmoreless
  • Great Movie!

    The movie is about the Stevens family. They want to take a vacation when Miles McDermot(SP?) comes and tells them they've won an all expenses paid trip to Mandileno. Little they know it's actually only a boat ride from Sacramento, not a trip half way around the world! When they get there, Louis accidentally destroys where they would be staying. The Stevens find out later on from Rens crush that they're being filmed! The Stevens get their time to shine by getting together, and making a truce. The cast is very well put together and Christy and Shia have such chemistry! The way they play their parts is amazing like they're actually siblings! The people of the island are actually the cast of a reality TV show and turn the family against each other!moreless
  • Awesome Movie!

    The Even Stevens Movie is amazing! It is an excellent way to end the fabulous series! The Stevens family wins what they think is a carefree island vacation, but what they don't know is that they are secretly being filmed for a "reality"-type TV show where the unscrupulous host tries to turn the family members against each other. Dave Coulier from Full House is in this movie, which is really special because Full House is one my favorite shows. All of the stars in the show and most of the recurring stars are in this movie. Overall, this movie was terrific!moreless
  • ends the show with a bang

    This even stevens episode is presented in a tv movie form. It elevates the stories to a movie format. The movie is about the stevens family getting tricked into coming to an island paradise called mandelino. They are totally unaware that the trip is in fact a reality show called family fake out. It's really funny, the stevens go through demeaning stuff on the island while the whole world watches them on TV. It's kinda like Truman meets survivor punk'd. It's really funny, this is a good way of ending the show. This tv movie was filled with jokes, it's so funny.moreless
Dave Coulier

Dave Coulier

Lance LeBow

Guest Star

Jody Howard

Jody Howard

Cynthia Mills

Guest Star

Tim Meadows

Tim Meadows

Miles McDermott

Guest Star

George Anthony Bell

George Anthony Bell

Conrad Wexler

Recurring Role

Lauren Frost

Lauren Frost


Recurring Role

Jim Wise

Jim Wise

Coach Tugnut

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (19)

    • Ren stated in 'Hardly Famous' that only 7th and 8th graders were allowed to audition indicating she was in 9th grade. However, in the Even Stevens movie, her graduation was her completing Junior High.

    • Twitty uses the pseudonym "Lars Honeytoast" when he lands on the island and gets caught. This is the third time he's used this fake name. The other two were in 'Quest for Coolness' and 'Dirty Work.'

    • When the Stevens' were getting on the plane to go home that was not Margo Harshman (Tawny), it was a stunt double. The scenes with her were filmed in California, not Hawaii.

    • The chocolate in the pantry of the chief's palace is the Real Good brand, the same kind that Louis and Twitty sold in 'Deep Chocolate.'

    • Tom's boat is called the S.S. Doris after his mom and BFF. She is once again mentioned but is only seen in 'Hardly Famous.'

    • Wouldn't Ren have known that Mootai wasn't acting when he said "soon you'll be home with your family and it'll seem like none of this is real"?

    • In one of the early parts of the movie Louis is reading "Get Rich Quick" a magazine in which the episode 'Raiders of the Lost Sausage' his father said "I am cancelling your subscription to Get Rich Quick."

    • The box Eileen is holding in her right hand when her group goes to retrieve the food drop is a box of Honey Comb with the word "Comb" blocked out.

    • In real life, Steven A. Lawrence is 13 and going through puberty now. In this show/in this movie, Beans is 8. I really doubt a kid's voice would be as low and squeaky as Steven's new voice that he had after going through puberty.

    • Why would Gill take a job for a summer camp in Maine when he already works for King Neptune's Seafood Company? And wouldn't the camp want to hire someone who lives in Maine and not someone who lives in California?

    • While Louis, Donny, and Elieen were out gathering wood Miles comes out of nowhere to tell them about the feast. Notice that his shirt changes from the time in the woods, to the time he is eating with the three, to the time he is talking, and to Ren after she finds the three eating.

    • When Miles told Ren, Beans, and Steve where to find the food, he told them to follow the trail of red markers, but if the food had just dropped from the plane and didn't land where it was supposed to, how would he know where to put the markers?

    • Louis had on blue and white slip-on shoes when they first found out they were going to be sleeping outside but then he has sneakers on around the time Ren is looking for him. How is that possible when they couldn't bring any of their belongings with him?

    • Even allowing for "comedic license," it seems like the Stevens family had way, WAY too little time to plan the elaborate scam with the "Gotcha!" TV show after they found out the truth about Miles and "Family Fakeout."

    • Why does the lawyer Steve Stevens not review the contract for the show better and determine what's really going on?

    • When Ren sits on Louis's chair, it tries to shove a hotdog in her mouth. You can see that she doesn't bite it. But when the chair is chasing her, you see that there is a bite taken out of it.

    • When Beans goes to put his bacon in the fridge, Ren mentions that there is a guest room upstairs. If there is a guest room, then why did Louis have to sleep in Donnie's room when he couldn't use his own?

    • Half way through the movie, Ren is wearing some sort of band on her arm. She didn't get it from Mootai. It didn't come from her luggage because it was cursed and she couldn't get it.Where did it come from?

    • When Ren storms off and says,"I hate this family" her hair is really messy and her face is filthy. In the next scene when she goes to Mootai, her hair is so much neater and her face is cleaner too. How is it that her she looks cleaner after runnug on the beach? If anything, she should be sweaty and her hair should be messed up more.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Louis: You took my food... and my shirt!

    • (Tom was singing 'Blow the Man Down')
      Twitty: Tom! TOM! It's getting dark, and I'm getting seasick so I want a little less singing, and little more sailing, OKAY?
      Tom: Well, excuse me, Benedict Twitty! If you don't like a good sea shanty, maybe you should take the bus to Cadelona!

    • Ren: We're tired, we're hungry, and we just got attacked by a killer squirrel!

    • Donnie: Hey guys, that native guy that looks like Patrick Green, he is Patrick Green!
      Louis: Donnie, calm down. Being here cause you make look weird things. In the morning I believe that I was looking at a hamburger doing yoga.

    • Tom: Blow the man down, matey blow the man down, hey ho, we'll blow the man down!"
      Twitty: TOM! We're in a boat and it's almost nighttime and I'm getting seasick so STOP!
      Tom: Sorry Benedict Twitty!
      (Tom tells them how he can't go to Katalona)
      Tawny: Then how are we going to get there in time?
      Tom: Oh, you can just hop on my dinghy.
      (Twitty and Tawny look worried while Tom blows up his raft)

    • Ren: Um... Beans, you brought your own bacon?
      Beans: (sarcastically) No, I'm holding it for a friend.

    • Eileen: This is a happy day! We should all be HAPPY!

    • Ren: Well you can sleep out in the rain tonight!
      Louis: WE CAN, AND WE WILL!

    • Mootai: (Jason) Your brother, he eats without chewing.

    • Chef Elder: Oh mighty Oprah!
      Eeline: Oprah?
      Miles: It's a coincidence.

    • Twitty: (to Steve) You were scratching yourself with a stick for a long time.... Beans was smelling a beetle.... oh and um Ren was getting ready to go kill Louis.

    • Twitty: You know, if there's no room on the plane, I can swim home.
      Louis: No Twitty, you can go on the plane with us. Except you're sittin with Beans.
      Beans: I'm feeling a little gassy, so keep the window open.

    • Ren: You ruined my life.
      Louis: When?
      Ren: (through gritted teeth) The day you were born.

    • Louis: This morning, I thought I saw a cheeseburger doing yoga!

    • Beans: (to Steve) Wanna go skinny dippin'?

    • (Beans farts in Louis's face)
      Louis: Oh.. mother of pearl, Beans! MOTHER OF PEARL! OH WOW!
      Beans: Sorry! I'm a little gassy in the morning!

    • Louis: Now time.. for the confetti.
      Beans: Confetti? I thought you said... Spaghetti!
      Louis: Beans, your lack of listening skills have finally paid off!

    • Steve Stevens: That's my little girl up there!
      Donnie: I know, Dad, I'm her brother.

    • Ren: Hey Beans, you know, I-I'm just watching you for the afternoon.
      Beans: I don't think my parents will appreciate that.
      Ren: Why not?
      Beans: They're in Helsinki.
      Ren & Eileen Stevens: (together) Helsinki!?
      Beans: It's in Finland. Get a globe.

    • Gil: Ren, are you upset?
      Ren: You dump me in a pancake house, and you wonder if I'm upset?!

    • Steve Stevens: Stop it! Would the two of you get along for five minutes, please?!
      Louis: No!
      Ren: No way!

    • Steve: Hey, hey, be careful, guys, you don't want to break anything!
      Ren: (glaring at Louis) "Oh yes...I do.

    • Miles McDermott: Havin' trouble gettin' it (the slug) down, huh?
      Louis: I uh...I generally try to avoid snacks that leave a trail of slime.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Jim Wise, who plays Coach Tugnut on the series, is credited with co-writing the final song, "Dream Vacation." Wise also wrote all the original songs for 'Influenza: The Musical.'

    • Actor and voice-over artist, Dave Coulier, is best known for his role as "Joey Gladstone" on the TV series Full House. Dennis Rinsler and Marc Warren both served as writers and producers on that series.

    • This TV-movie premiered the same day as the movie Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd, which also features Shia LaBeouf.