Even Stevens

Season 3 Episode 23

The Even Stevens Movie

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Jun 13, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Not really the best finale they could have come up with, but still a fantastic finale

    I love this tv movie, but I thought it could have ended a lot better. Its great to see Louis and Tawny still end up together (even though they already were in the last episode). Ren and the tv actor don't really excite me, but its nice to know that Ren found someone. There was way too much Beans, but it doesn't bother me. I can't believe they made Twitty seem like such a jerk though for selling out the Stevens family. I wasn't fond of the whole survival island gimmick. Despite some of my negativity, I still love this movie. I just thought they could have made it slightly better.
  • The movie was so awesome!

    The Even Stevens Movie is the most well put together made-for-TV movie I've seen in years. Shia LaBeouf(Louis Stevens) is at his comedic apex, with the typical sarcastic and dry one-liners and blood-curdling squeals, and the rest of the cast fits together cohesively well. Each character will have a trait that endears them to you, and each character likewise leaves memorable performances. This is clean, pure, unadulterated family comedy with a very unique plot and several surprises. SNL's Tim Meadows plays the humorous villain extremely well, and is believably shady. Dave Coulier of Full House fame even plays a small role, and does it confidently well. Margo Harshman(Tawny Dean) is her usual beautiful self. This movie will familiarize those who haven't watched the show before with all of the wonderful characters in the series. The movie also teaches an important lesson in the power of family togetherness. The comedy in this film has a universally hilarious appeal, and overall, it shows off what the series has to offer, and more. Not easily forgettable, and very entertaining
  • Great Movie!

    The movie is about the Stevens family. They want to take a vacation when Miles McDermot(SP?) comes and tells them they've won an all expenses paid trip to Mandileno. Little they know it's actually only a boat ride from Sacramento, not a trip half way around the world! When they get there, Louis accidentally destroys where they would be staying. The Stevens find out later on from Rens crush that they're being filmed! The Stevens get their time to shine by getting together, and making a truce. The cast is very well put together and Christy and Shia have such chemistry! The way they play their parts is amazing like they're actually siblings! The people of the island are actually the cast of a reality TV show and turn the family against each other!
  • Awesome Movie!

    The Even Stevens Movie is amazing! It is an excellent way to end the fabulous series! The Stevens family wins what they think is a carefree island vacation, but what they don't know is that they are secretly being filmed for a "reality"-type TV show where the unscrupulous host tries to turn the family members against each other. Dave Coulier from Full House is in this movie, which is really special because Full House is one my favorite shows. All of the stars in the show and most of the recurring stars are in this movie. Overall, this movie was terrific!
  • ends the show with a bang

    This even stevens episode is presented in a tv movie form. It elevates the stories to a movie format. The movie is about the stevens family getting tricked into coming to an island paradise called mandelino. They are totally unaware that the trip is in fact a reality show called family fake out. It's really funny, the stevens go through demeaning stuff on the island while the whole world watches them on TV. It's kinda like Truman meets survivor punk'd. It's really funny, this is a good way of ending the show. This tv movie was filled with jokes, it's so funny.
  • on the disney channel.

    absoulutley love this show. it is the best show that disnet has ever made. it might be old but it still has that hook to it. like the one where you watch one episode and you just want to keep watching more and more and more. all of the actors and actresses are perfect for all of the characters that they play in the show. i really love everything about the show. the characters, the story lines, and anything else you can think of to rate. it is absoultley my favorite show of all time on the disney channel.