Even Stevens

Season 3 Episode 1

The Kiss

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Feb 22, 2002 on Disney Channel
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The Kiss
Louis and Tawny become an item after a kiss over lunch. Louis becomes the jealous boyfriend when Tawny has to kiss another boy in the school play.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (7)

      • When Tawny and Louis meet at his locker to talk about the kiss they shared the day before, Tawny tells Louis that she's liked him since the day they first met. However, in 'A Weak First Week', aka the pilot episode, Tawny seemed rather condescending towards Louis at their first meeting. Also, when Louis had brought up the notion that her sour attitude towards him may have meant that she had romantic feelings for him (counsel received by his mother), Tawny denied it. This, of course, could have been an act on Tawny's part. All the same, the chemistry between Louis and Tawny was clearly seen during the pilot episode.

      • Tawny says her mother is from Modesto and her father is from Gilroy, two northern California towns not too far from Sacramento.

      • Ren's play is originally titled 'The Long Wait for Freedom', then is changed to 'The Abigail Adams Story'.

      • Donnie mentions that Beans is eight years old and Beans confirms it.

      • Ren's play is not quite historically accurate. She has John Adams leaving for France in 1783, but according to the Encyclopedia Americana he actually departed in October 1782!

      • During the play scene, Tawny puts down a book at the edge of the table. When she walks over to Zach, the book has magically moved to the middle of the table.

      • In a scene where Tom, Louis and Twitty are walking down the hall at school, Tom and a girl walking the other way run into each other.

    • QUOTES (15)

      • Steve Stevens: (watching the romance movie) She loves him so much. It gets me every time.

      • Louis: Ren, I have been thinking in a different finale.
        Ren: No, thanks. I have work to do.
        Louis: But, Ren just read it.
        Ren: (reading) Abigail Addams run towards John, and gives him a haircut. A haircut?!!
        Louis: Yeah, that. You don´t see it in all the plays.
        Ren: I know what your trying to do, you just dont want zack to kiss tawny.
        Louis: Ren, do you wanna embarrass me in front of all the school?
        Ren: Yeah! And now goodbye. (she closes the door in his face)

      • Donnie: (to Beans) You're a crying machine. Well, I wanna cry too.

      • Steve Stevens: (to Donnie) You know son, there's nothing wrong with a man having a good cry sometimes. In fact, that's healthy.

      • Louis: I feel...like skipping.
        Twitty: So skip, skip man!
        (Louis starts to skip)

      • Tawny: The kiss... it was very surprising... I liked it.
        Louis: Well why didn't you say anything, we could have kissed up a storm!

      • (During the play)
        Louis: Hark! Your chariot awaits madam!
        Zack: But I must say goodbye to my beloved.
        Louis: Yeah well you're just gonna have to send a postcard.. or any e-mail or something, because she's gotta go!

      • Donnie: (crying) When his eyes are open, and when they're closed, that's all the time!

      • Zack: I will think of you on two occasions; when my eyes are open, and when they are closed.

      • Louis: You gotta understand, I tried to be mature and cool. And, and the next thing I know I'm up on stage wearing Tom's pants.
        Tawny: So what are we supposed to do?
        Louis: Let's just say one of us might not be ready for a relationship.

      • Coach Tugnut: First girlfriend?
        Louis: Yep.
        Coach Tugnut: Get ready for a lifetime of pain.

      • Beans: Dinner? What are we having for dinner?
        Steve Stevens: (to Eileen) Did you adopt him without telling me?

      • Tawny: I never had a boyfriend before.
        Louis: Me neither!

      • Coach Tugnut: (to Ren) Your play is a rancid pile of stinking garbage.

      • Ren: Cut! Brilliant! Genius! Who wrote this? (raises hand) I did!

    • NOTES (1)

      • The "love theme" that was played when Ren used to look at Bobby Deaver is heard again when the Stevens family is watching the black & white romance movie.

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