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  • Season 3 Episode 23: The Even Stevens Movie

  • Ren stated in 'Hardly Famous' that only 7th and 8th graders were allowed to audition indicating she was in 9th grade. However, in the Even Stevens movie, her graduation was her completing Junior High.

  • Twitty uses the pseudonym "Lars Honeytoast" when he lands on the island and gets caught. This is the third time he's used this fake name. The other two were in 'Quest for Coolness' and 'Dirty Work.'

  • When the Stevens' were getting on the plane to go home that was not Margo Harshman (Tawny), it was a stunt double. The scenes with her were filmed in California, not Hawaii.

  • The chocolate in the pantry of the chief's palace is the Real Good brand, the same kind that Louis and Twitty sold in 'Deep Chocolate.'

  • Tom's boat is called the S.S. Doris after his mom and BFF. She is once again mentioned but is only seen in 'Hardly Famous.'

  • Wouldn't Ren have known that Mootai wasn't acting when he said "soon you'll be home with your family and it'll seem like none of this is real"?

  • In one of the early parts of the movie Louis is reading "Get Rich Quick" a magazine in which the episode 'Raiders of the Lost Sausage' his father said "I am cancelling your subscription to Get Rich Quick."

  • The box Eileen is holding in her right hand when her group goes to retrieve the food drop is a box of Honey Comb with the word "Comb" blocked out.

  • In real life, Steven A. Lawrence is 13 and going through puberty now. In this show/in this movie, Beans is 8. I really doubt a kid's voice would be as low and squeaky as Steven's new voice that he had after going through puberty.

  • Why would Gill take a job for a summer camp in Maine when he already works for King Neptune's Seafood Company? And wouldn't the camp want to hire someone who lives in Maine and not someone who lives in California?

  • While Louis, Donny, and Elieen were out gathering wood Miles comes out of nowhere to tell them about the feast. Notice that his shirt changes from the time in the woods, to the time he is eating with the three, to the time he is talking, and to Ren after she finds the three eating.

  • When Miles told Ren, Beans, and Steve where to find the food, he told them to follow the trail of red markers, but if the food had just dropped from the plane and didn't land where it was supposed to, how would he know where to put the markers?

  • Louis had on blue and white slip-on shoes when they first found out they were going to be sleeping outside but then he has sneakers on around the time Ren is looking for him. How is that possible when they couldn't bring any of their belongings with him?

  • Even allowing for "comedic license," it seems like the Stevens family had way, WAY too little time to plan the elaborate scam with the "Gotcha!" TV show after they found out the truth about Miles and "Family Fakeout."

  • Why does the lawyer Steve Stevens not review the contract for the show better and determine what's really going on?

  • When Ren sits on Louis's chair, it tries to shove a hotdog in her mouth. You can see that she doesn't bite it. But when the chair is chasing her, you see that there is a bite taken out of it.

  • When Beans goes to put his bacon in the fridge, Ren mentions that there is a guest room upstairs. If there is a guest room, then why did Louis have to sleep in Donnie's room when he couldn't use his own?

  • Half way through the movie, Ren is wearing some sort of band on her arm. She didn't get it from Mootai. It didn't come from her luggage because it was cursed and she couldn't get it.Where did it come from?

  • When Ren storms off and says,"I hate this family" her hair is really messy and her face is filthy. In the next scene when she goes to Mootai, her hair is so much neater and her face is cleaner too. How is it that her she looks cleaner after runnug on the beach? If anything, she should be sweaty and her hair should be messed up more.

  • Season 3 Episode 22: Leavin' Stevens

  • While Tawny is first watching the videotape Louis had made for her, you can see her holding the grappling hook Louis and Beans had used to climb up into her bedroom earlier. This probably explains why the next day, Tawny doesn't seem surprised when Louis implies that he had watched her videotape as well.

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