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CBS (ended 1994)





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  • Or at least get it on to DVD. Outstanding cast! Outstanding writing! It is a shame that todays younger viewers have not been exposed.

    One of best shows and cast of our time. Well written and acted. We will never see another show of it's kind. We will never see another ensemble cast as wonderful as those on Evening Shade. Addressed issues without forcing a political view point. Hal Holbrook, Burt Reynolds, Ossie Davis, Charles Durning, Ann Wedgeworth ... what else need be said. Bloodworth-Thomason at their very best!

    Best show - The Road Trip. Writing that has yet to be matched. It is time that we plead to have this show release on DVD. Let the "me" generation see a quality show with quality values.
  • One of he best shows ever.

    I wish that Evening Shade would come back on TV like the other older shows that are available. I absolutely loved that show. It just got better every season and I couldn't wait until the night it came on. If there was a way of getting the entire 4 seasons on DVD I would buy it in a minute. So, if anyone out there knows if it will ever be on TV again or if it will come out on DVD let me know. I WIll be the first one in line to buy it. What a great show it was.
  • What a cast!

    This was a great, great show. There wasn't a dull or subpar episode. Look at the cast!! When do you get a group of actors like this in supporting roles: Ossie Davis, Charles Durning, Hal Holbrook, Michael Jeter, Elizabeth Ashley, Ann Wedgeworth. Brilliant actors alone, but all in one show?!? Unheard of, and an amazing treat every week. We never missed it. Each character fully developed, written with nuance and wholly inhabited by the actors. I'd love to see reruns!! And Burt's portrayal was always masterfully understated - never tried to hog a scene or used little Burt-isms. He was Wood, with the authority a retired football star coach would have. I loved this show! Anyone who loves the theater or is an acting student should buy this if it's available. They don't make comedies like this anymore - now it's all sex and slapstick, badly done at that.
  • Fun Comedy For Reynolds & Friends

    Burt Reynolds is a big movie star, but he did some of his finest work on this CBS sitcom. He stars as Wood Newton, a one-time football star, who returns to his hometwon of Evening Shade, AK to coach his old high school's football team. The show has a laid back, easy going feel as Mr. Reynolds surrounds himself with familar faces such as Charles Durning and the late, great Ossie Davis. The show helped bring back respect for Mr. Reynolds and he would win an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his work on the show.
  • actually a funny show

    i was in high school in arkansas when this show was on. i thought it was a really funny show. not just because of burt reynolds(who is hillarious), but because of the whol cast. if you've ever been to evening shade, you would see that it's not much like it was portayed on television, but still a great little town.