Everest: Beyond the Limit

Season 3 Episode 4

Death Zone Gridlock

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 30, 2009 on Discovery Channel



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    • Valerio Massimo: (worrying about a possible gridlock on summit day) I'm very happy If I don't make the summit of Everest if it's because I get ill, or because I just can't hack it on the day. But, you know, to fail because, you know, a couple of morons are holding up the ropes on the Hillary Step would be hard to take, I think.

    • Adrian Ballinger: (ordering his team to move out) No ****ing up today. (looks straight at the camera) Whoops, sorry Cameraman.

    • Chris Dovell: (as he climbs Everest) Words can't describe this. We're mere humans, we have words to describe what we see everyday in towns and cities; we don't have words to describe this, it's just beyond belief!

    • John Hansen: People ask me why I climb, and I go, 'The only reason I really want to get to the summit is that at that moment in time, that moment in time, out of all the hundreds of millions of people in this world that live here, I can say, and feel, to be the highest!'

    • Shaun Hutson: Crowds equal danger. You can control an awful lot on mountains, but you cannot control what other people are going to do around you or how many people around you.

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