Everest: Beyond the Limit

Discovery Channel (ended 2009)





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  • Great show.

    Brilliant reality show.

    It basically follows an expedition group of climbers, who pretty much are trying to climb the highest mountain on earth, Mount Everest.

    The people who are mainly followed by camera, are great people and always let us viewers in on what they are going through. The way the speak is brilliant, it gives us a feeling of what they are going through and when they struggle, we struggle with them, win they succeed, we are right up there with them.

    The first season hooked me in, mainly becuase of Mark Inglis, he is a fellow NZer, and I greatly respect him.

  • Thrilling and exciting even for the average teenager!

    Even though I am just a teenager, this show has to be one of my favorites. Every Tuesday I would DVR it so I could watch it the next day. It's so exciting to watch the Climbers conquer such a massive mountain. Also, being one to watch too much MTV, this show I can NOT wait for it to come back. I'd watch it and then be like "hey mom, did you know Mt. Everest, blah blah blah" The show is informative, and so real. If I was able to climb MT. Everest one day I would. Thrilling, mind blowing, adrenaline pumping, this show never ceases to get old. I definitely hope there is a next season, it will be on my to watch list =]
  • i like this show

    Red, blue, and green tents dot the Everest base camp like plastic blossoms in the snow — it's one of many striking images in Discovery Channel's six-part docuseries (which began airing Nov. 14 and wraps Dec. 19). Following a group of climbers during the 2006 season (one that saw 11 deaths), the show is packed with gritty personalities. New Zealander Mark Inglis is attempting a summit despite losing both legs in a Mount Cook freeze-out — he hikes with the benefit of custom-made twist-on spikes. There's also a good-natured L.A. firefighter, a former Hell's Angel, and a terse guide, Russell Brice, who's the opposite of the yammering camera hogs we're used to enduring on reality series: ''It's a pretty stupid game to be playing,'' Brice admits of the Everest dream. The climbers are admirable — respectful of the mountain and the sherpas who guide them. (Particularly likable is Terry O'Connor, the team doctor, who aids other underprepared teams while making his first summit attempt with modesty and grace.)

    The show will resonate with any fan of Jon Krakauer's nonfiction book Into Thin Air. When amateur climbers create dangerous bottlenecks in the summit's ''death zone,'' being stuck in line has never looked so frightening — and the ego that drives people to Everest was never so maddeningly displayed. But even somewhat average days here are fascinating. It's one thing to imagine the complete bodily deprivation Everest entails, and another to see the stark, icy faces of men pushing through their sixth week of climbing.
  • Heart pounding adventure drama. Super Tremendous show. It's as if you are with these climbers without the cold. Absolutely a MUST SEE

    This is one show that needs to be recorded. It has so many things going on that I have reversed and replayed almost every scene to get it's full effect. There's alot to miss otherwise - the dialogue, the photography... Until I saw this show on Everest I had no idea the depth of the danger and level of intensity and risk that is taken to climb this mountain. I also found out that so many people climb climb or attempt to climb - maybe 300 up and down but to do Everest properly it should be at the level of professionalism with this leader and his sherpas at a cost upwards of $70,000.00 and two plus months at or en route to Everest. It's not a weekend jaunt. There are also many, many who have died during the climb right in their tracks. If you die, the body just remains there forever - exposed. The drama that surrounds the climber deaths and injuries is amazing. This is a show to watch slowly, to save for a special time when you can attend to it - in it's recorded state. I hated to delete the episodes but I couldn't save them. I sure wish they'd do shows on other group risk-taking activites but not Everest, maybe a Safari would be good; or a long, sailboat trip. The personalities interacting with the leader and the mountain (dangerous activity) and all of the requisite gear makes for fasinating entertainment that you won't forget.
  • Intense show, just like the climb itself.

    Let me say this right away- I could do without the voice over of Ever- Ever- Ever- rest- rest- rest. It's completely annoying, I suppose it represents the mountains desire to kill every climber that attempts it. I guess I need to get beyond that. The cast of characters is seemingly well chosen, all have some defect and are not experienced on a mountain of this scale. I first became interested in Everest after the Imax film and 1998 "disaster." They continue to try to build up that a disaster is pending for the entire team, all the while countering with how cautious Russell is and how he's affected by 1998. I guess that keeps the uncertainty of the mountain at the forefront. As for the filming itself, I'm glad the lipstick camera was invented, we can follow the team all the way to the summit vs just up to advance base camp as in previous shows.
  • Absolutely gripping, fantastic viewing. I love this show!

    Watching this show makes you feel like you are the one climbing Everest. It is breathtaking and heartbreaking. You really get an inside look at the people attempting this feat and share in thier accomplishments/failures. I am literally on the edge of my seat when I am watching this show. Definately worth viewing for anyone who likes documentaries.