Season 3 Episode 16

A Moment in Manhattan

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2005 on The WB
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Feeling conflicted over the recent turn of events and not willing to jeopardize Ephram's Julliard audition, an angst-filled Amy tells Ephram that he should take Andy to New York instead of her. In New York, Andy struggles with memories of his former life and the desire to tell Ephram the truth about Madison. Fate plays a hand when Ephram runs into Madison in Manhattan and they make plans to see each other, causing Andy to take matters into his own hands. The episode was partially filmed in New York City.moreless

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  • Great

    They keep getting better and better; you can feel the season building up to it\'s finale; the season started quite slow in a way; we really had to get used to Jake and Hannah; the Amy-Ephram thing did not really grip me yet; but now it is all there again; the excitement, the romance .. The music in the background and the build up of exitement : Amy knows, will Ephram know soon about Madison ?? Can\'t wait ...moreless
John Beasley

John Beasley

Irv Harper/ Narrator

Anne Heche

Anne Heche

Amanda Hayes

Debra Mooney

Debra Mooney

Nurse Edna Abbott Harper

Tom Amandes

Tom Amandes

Dr. Harold Abbott Jr.

Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith

Ephram Brown

Scott Wolf

Scott Wolf

Dr. Jake Hanson

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Irv's novel is entitled A Mountain Town.

    • Note Irv's comment about "a distraught heart," which is from one of the early first season episodes.
      Irv is originally from Annapolis.
      Amy learns that Bright slept with Kayla.

    • When Ephram is playing the piano in the public center you can tell that he is not really playing the music that you're hearing. His hands are moving way too slow in comparison to the music you're hearing.

    • Ephram tells Andy that this is his first time back to New York since Julia's death. They've been back at least twice in season 1's The Unveiling and Home episodes.

    • Irv says that Harold has been a good "son-in-law" to him when in reality, Harold is his stepson.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Bright: (walking in with package from Ephram) The guy has been in New York for like 30 minutes and he's already sent you a care package. Will that guy ever run out of ways to be your bitch?

    • Receptionist: ...You're all set. Sunday at 4.
      Ephram: Great! What do I do until then?
      Receptionist: (laughing a little) How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
      (Ephram chuckles as he leaves).

    • Edna: All right, hussy, then! That hair! Makeup like she's ready to do Kabuki. She's trolling for her fourth husband, and you bit on that worm like it was made of sunshine!

  • NOTES (9)


    • Ephram: (To Andy) And, and (pause) also, Delia's gonna be 12 soon. Good luck finding a bat mitzvah tutor in Everwood.
      An important social event in Jewish families, a bat mitzvah is a ceremony in Judaism marking the beginning of religious responsibility for Jewish girls. Bat mitzvah is Hebrew for daughter of the commandment.

    • Edna: (To Greta) All right, hussy, then! That hair! Makeup like she's ready to do Kabuki!
      Kabuki is a type of popular Japanese drama. The performers wear elaborate costumes and heavy, white makeup.

    • Ephram: (To Amy) But first you have to make good on your promise to try lox. You insult my people when you refuse our gross fish!
      Lox, which is smoked salmon, is derived from the Yiddish word laks. My people refers to those of the Jewish faith.

    • Andy: (Crossing the street) I mean, there is no other place like this in the whole world... none whatsoever (car honks its horn). Hey, hey, I'm walkin' here! Okay? God, it's great to be back home!
      The phrase, Hey, I'm walkin' here!, was first said in the 1969 movie Midnight Cowboy. In that film, the Dustin Hoffman character, Ratso Rizzo, uttered the phrase as he banged on the hood of a car while he was attempting to cross a street in Manhattan.

    • Andy: (To Ephram) I can't believe I never took you ice skating at Rockefeller Center, or at Wollman. Hey, let's go ice skating! Wanna go? ...Okay, well then, let's check out the Christo exhibit in the park.
      The small and intimate ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center is situated just below the famous golden statue of the god Prometheus and the complex of commercial office towers (and a giant Christmas tree is erected near the rink every December). Wollman Skating Rink is a large ice skating rink located in Manhattan's Central Park. Christo and his wife, Jeanne-Claude, are European-born American artists who just completed The Gates, a work of art consisting of 7,500 vinyl gates, with free-flowing nylon fabric panels, anchored to 15,000 steel bases on 23 miles of walkways in New York's Central Park. The Gates remained in Central Park for only 16 days; removal started on February 28, 2005.

    • Rose: (To Edna) Do you even know what I had to do to keep Harold from running off and joining the seminary three days before we got married?
      A seminary is a theological school for the training of celibate priests.

    • Bright: (To Amy) The funny thing is, I keep coming up with more names to put on the list, ... like Taco Bell chick, with the clock tattoo. Or was it Taco Time chick with the bell tattoo?

      The naming scheme 'X, with the X tattoo' is coincidentally similar to the crime novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Swedish author and journalist Stieg Larsson published posthumously in 2005.

    • Julliard Receptionist: (To Ephram) How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
      For generations, playing in Carnegie Hall has been a goal of young musicians. There's an old joke that begins with someone in the streets of New York asking a local how to get to Carnegie Hall. Instead of giving directions to Carnegie Hall (the corner of 57th Street and Seventh Avenue), the local answers by saying: Practice, practice, practice!

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