Season 4 Episode 13

An Ounce of Prevention

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 10, 2006 on The WB

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  • Kyle (Steven R. McQueen) \\\"comes out\\\" as gay and wise viewers should be saying, \\\"Well, duh.\\\"

    \\\"Everwood\\\" has had a mixed cannon when it comes to how gay male characters are depicted. In the first season \\\"Carl\\\" (Dylan Walsh) came out as the family man with a secret male lover, and soon left town. In the fourth season, \\\"\\\"Reid\\\" was introuced (Justin Bardoni) as the guy that people mistaknely thought was gay, but it would seem that this was something of a \\\"clever\\\" distraction for the real coming out of high school teen; Kyle.

    Kyle was not a sterotypical \\\"screaming queen\\\", but he was the smart and senitive suburbian teen that needs Ephram Brown to tutor him (for free) in piano, and in life. Smart Everwood viewers would see some hints that the young teen was about to stumble out of the closet. Aside from being \\\"senititive\\\" type, Kyle was seen being bullied by the \\\"cool\\\" school jocks, demonstrated no interest in the opposite sex and always seemed to have something on his mind.

    The actual \\\"outing\\\" where Ephram tells Kyle that it is ok to be gay, is a heartfelt highlight of the show\\\'s final season. The entire episode is peppered with some great diologue, but it is more about Ephram worried that he might be a homophobe, then about what is going through Kyle\\\'s mind.

    Two episodes later we learn that Kyle gets accepted into a prestigious music school, has \\\"told\\\" his mother, and is moving away with her to New York city. Granted it would have meant more if the outing had come from an established character, that had been around since the begining (i.e. \"Willow\" in \"Buffy The Vampire Slayer\"), but the amount of character development given to Kyle is enough to make it a great episode.
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