Season 3 Episode 17

Fate Accomplis

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2005 on The WB

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  • Tick...Tick...Boom!

    It's been building since season two's amazing(and still best)season finale, "The Day Is Done". Madison comes to Andy and tells him that she is pregnant. And of course, it is most definitley Ephram's baby. Andy delivered the shocking surprise when he tells her that Ephram is not to know about this, and sends her away. And now, all season long it has been laying low. Simmering below the surface just waiting for the big eruption. And here it is. The few episodes leading up to this one("Surprise" and "A Mountain Town") were brilliant and mesmerizing, but this is the one that everyone has been waiting to see. What makes this episode sad is not just what Ephram learns and starts to go through. It's that he and Andy were really starting to connect and grow close. At the end of "A Mountain Town", on top of the building before Ephram went off to meet Madison, the two talked and it really seemed that, three seasons in the making, the two were really becoming father and son. That everything Andy went to Everwood for in the first place and wanted was happening. They were becoming a real family. And now this. It just makes it all the more sadder. But the father/son thing does not begin and end with Andy and Ephram in this episode. The father/son relationship weaves through the entire episode with Harold and Bright and a man who comes to Harold and Jake with his incredibly hurt son. One relationship is being torn apart, another is ending, and another is getting closer. It was a wonderfully written episode, and the father/son relationships in this episode were wonderfully woven together. So, what exactly happened you ask?...

    As we saw in last week's episode, Andy and Ephram go to New York City for Ephram's big Julliard audition. Andy goes since Amy told Ephram that it should be Andy who goes with him instead of her. While in the city, the two run into Madison. Surprise!. We know that Andy and Madison have talked, and he tells her to tell Ephram everything. And now Ephram is off to meet his former love for coffee before his big audition. The episode before ended in a bittersweet way, and seeing Ephram going into the coffee house with no idea of what awaits him, well, it just makes your stomach sink. The second Ephram walks into that door, it's all over. Everything will change, and the life and relationships he had before will forever be different. He meets up with Madison and it's all sweet and wonderful at the start. A little catching up. Before he walks in, Madison was about to leave. You yelled at your screen to leave and everything will be okay, but it won't be. But would everything be okay?. Would you really want her to of left and Ephram to continue being in the dark?. Or would you want him to know that he has baby?. And as we learn, it's a baby boy. Madison drops the bombshell, but leaves out Andy in the whole thing. The acting between Gregory Smith and Sarah Lancaster was amazing. Say what you will about Madison, but Sarah did an absolutely brilliant job of playing Madison and telling him the news and breaking down. If there was any justice, she would get a Guest Actress Emmy nomination. Smith was perfect as well. Any actor could of so easily of whooped it up and just gone overboard with it. But we know Smith. We know it will be on a smaller scale, and that much more thought provoking and heart tugging. Many people had problems with Ephram in the episodes after this one, but at this moment you really feel for him. He's had a number of things happen to him, and now this. The following scene with Andy when Andy lets Ephram know that he was involved and what he did was even more powerful. Treat Williams has had many moments where he should of been nominated for an Emmy, and this is another one. The blow up between the two in the hotel room was powerful and you don't want to see it happen. How can it continue after this?. What will happen?. How can anything ever be the same again?. Sadly, I don't think it can be the same. Because of all this, Ephram doesn't go to his audition and he misses his chance at Julliard. You understand what Ephram must be feeling, but you want to scream at him to make something out of this and do the audition and not throw everything away. And what about Madison?. She knew he had his big audition, and she decides to lay it on him right before?. Did she even stop to think of what could happen?. Couldn't she of waited until after?. The whole storyline was brilliantly written, directed, and just magnificently acted. Only time will tell where it all goes. And knowing this show, it will be brilliant and better than most everything else out there.

    A tragic accident brings Harold and Bright a bit closer. Harold goes to Jake's to collect the rent, when a man barges in carrying his son. They were out hunting and the son was accidentally shot. Harold and Jake scramble to work on the kid, and it isn't looking very good. Once the boy is transfered to the hospital, Harold and the boys' father start talking. The man is adamant that he will do anything in his power to help save his son. Thanks to a conversation with Bright, Harold questions the man's story and learns that everything may not of happened the way the man said it did. Either way, it's a sad and tragic tale for one father and son, but a glimmer of sunlight for another. Bright has been looking to move out and get his own place, and Harold has pretty much been ready for Bright to do just that. But the incident with the man and his son has started some talked between the two. Bright thinks what his dad is cool and in the end says that maybe he will become an EMT. It's obvious that this pleases Harold, and when Bright continues to talk of looking for a place and moving out, Harold no longer seems to feel that there is any rush. It was a sweet and tender moment between the two. Because of what ultimately happened between the man and his son who was shot, Harold realized that anything can happen. Someone can be taken away from you, and what if that boy had been Bright?. Harold realizes that time is precious, and this tragic accident has made him realize that he has a son. He still has Bright and that poor man no longer has his son. Overall, this was a dramatic and sad storyline, with a light at the end of the tunnel. Chris Penn(Sean's brother)did a good job as the father as well.

    Amy. Amy has sure had her relationship problems, hasn't she?. First Colin, then Tommy, and the whole Ephram thing. She knows about Madison and the baby and that Ephram is meeting up with her in New York. Amy just sits and wonders what will happen and what will become of her relationship with Ephram when he gets back home. Will Madison have the baby with her when they meet?. Will she tell him?. What will Ephram be like?. What will become of them?. Amy wonders and upsets herself, but it's mama Rose who gets through to her. This was a minor storyline to the two big other ones, but it was just as nicely written and acted.

    "Fate Accomplis" is a wonderful and brilliant episode of the show. It's the kind of episode that makes Everwood Everwood. Smart writing, brilliant direction, incredible and compelling drama, and Emmy worthing acting. This is a classic. No doubt about it.
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