Season 4 Episode 22

Foreverwood (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 05, 2006 on The WB

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  • Great ending to a terrific show.

    Everwood was not only one of the shows you looked foward to watching every week, it was also a show that taught me and so many others important life lessons concering friendship, love, hope, faith and even desire. This final episode to me was like taking all the things and expereinces the characters had during the entire seris and putting them all together. This made me laugh, cry and it also made me realize the value and importatnce of the people around me. Amy and Ephram were meant to be together, but in most cases it was Ephram putting his heart on the line for Amy. When Ephram told Amy he was still in love with her and she told him that she was overit , it really broke Ephram's heart yet he still admired from afar and trusted that if they weren't going to be together that friendship was the next best thing. At this point Ephram told Amy everything he was feeling and Amy was just deining that she was still in love with him. In this episode I think that the ferris wheel scence was perhaps one of the best moment of this whole seris. It was Amy finally taking a chance for love. Now she knew Ephram could very well tell her off after what she had done to him but she took that chance in the hope for something more. When Ephram said that he still loved Amy that was the moment you knew that there was nothing that would ever tear them apart again, and even though this was the final episode we can still imagen what would happen next. Andy and Nina's wedding, eventually Amy and Ephram's. The Abott's raising there new addition and who no's mabey down the line Hannnah and Bright getting back together again. Everwood though gone will always be rembered as the best telivison show that was ever and will be .
  • Series Finale of Everwood, an excellent show! Will be missed :)

    One of my favourite episodes of one of my favourite shows. It couldn't have ended more perfectly in my opinion. It was so awesome how Bright told Hannah to go but in doing that made her realise she wanted to stay. Andy and Nina finally get engaged, YAY! Delia finally gets her horse and one of the sweetest moments/scenes ever: Amy's grand gesture, her telling Ephram she loves him and Ephram saying "I love you too, I knew it then, I know it now, I'll know it always, You're it Amy, You're my one". awwwwww, totally made me cry :) Wish the show didn't have to end but i'm glad it ended in the absolutely perfect way it did.
  • Nina stays in Everwood&temporarily moves in with the Browns.Bright learns that Hannah's maybe going to Notre Dame and is not happy with it. Delia finally get her horse!Amy tells Stephanie that she plans to tell Ephram about her feelings for him.

    The best part was when Amy was talking to her mother about feelings for Ephram...
    "He's not Ephram any more, he's Stephram, how can I just go to him now and tell him: Oh, you know, I still have feelings for you..." ;)
    Bright and Hannah got used to the fact that they should be friends now, but I'm happy with this outcome... and Hannah going to A&M and not Notre Dame...
    Amy and Ephram were very cute at the end...

    All in all, I was very happy how it all ended(except the fact that Irv died)... but I still get the feeling that there is more to say.... that there's more material to shoot this show... and I'm very sorry that they didn't get the 5th season...
  • The right way to end

    Though it was sad to see Everwood leave the tv screen, I have accepted it and moved past my anger :) I came to realize what a perfect way to end the series it was. There are some shows lately that have ended on a very disappointing note or have ended too early and therefore leave us wanting more without the possibility of having more. Everwood gave hope and a feeling of relief because Amy and Ephraim finally got to be with one another, both accepting all the baggage and each other's pasts so that they could live in the love that was intended for them since the very beginning.
  • Wow, that was real kitsch... But sooo amazing! :D

    I've not seen a lot of Everwood, but I was bored, so I watched some episodes lately and I just watched the finale. Couldn't have been cornier, if you ask me... The scene when Andy goes to New York to say goodbye to his first wife: kitsch! Amy suddenly realizing Ephram's the one: kitsch! Hannah deciding to stay after Bright's kitschy speech: kitsch! It was a total clichee finale! But I loved it!

    Finally, Ephram and Amy got together again and her "grand gesture" was so sweet :wink: It was a great installement, I just really love kitsch and this so definitely was kitsch!
  • The series finale of Everwood, one of the most beloved shows and a powerful show to say the least. The whole show was jam-packed with emotion, and while reading the description of the episode you might not think it is that good. But it is.

    In a way Everwood has just began, because even though it has ended on The WB, new viewers will get to see the show on ABC Family. All the show was special, and while it didn't get the usual WB farewell at the end, it didn't really need it, because this episode was something to see. Everwood is probably one of my favorite shows, and I don't think it could've ended better. Definetly a must-see episode. Amy's segments were somewhat funny, but you can't help but think at least for some of the segments they could've done something different. I wish we could've seen Madison or her baby, which would've added to the episode. I didn't really think much of the Stephanie/Ephram relationship in this episode, but at least it made Amy see how much she loved Ephram. It's nice to see the endings they created also. Bright transformed from a jock to somebody totally different, but keeps a litle humor to his character. Andy's relationship with Ephram seems resolved, and it's welcome to be seen. Andy's goodbye to his wife was deeply moving, and the backround music throughout the whole episode was entirely stellar. I loved seeing Harold's humorous character at least a little more, and seeing Jake at least have a minor part in the whole scheme of the episode. The final scenes were touching, with Hannah hoping to be with Bright, Delia seeing her horse, Andy proposing to Nina, Edna staying with Harold, and Amy sharing her true feelings for Ephram. I think the series finale could have been even more touching with Ephram revisiting his piano and maybe some more Bright/Ephram scenes, but overall I think this episode was one of the best of Everwood, and is a picture perfect ending to the whole show. Goodbye Everwood!

    It was sad to see everwood go. at the last minute I was sad and happy because Amy and ephram finally were together. I was like Noooooooooooooooo! and then the next thing you know their saying wb11 news at 10 next don't miss it. o and something about a fire. anyway I thought Everwood needed more, I mean I really wanted to find out if they get married or not, or split up and get back together. I also wanted to know what happend with ephrams dad, and neala I was so happy they got engged. that\'s all then bye.
  • It's hard to say goodbye! We needed more, but now it must end!

    Like the entire series, I just loved the episode. Too bad it had to end. All the storylines resolve the way everybody expected and because of that we cannot wish a 5th season. I'll miss it sadlly, but another season, movie, whatever would just ruin the story.

    About the episode, it's great in every way. The exception is the urge to finish the story and some aspects that should take more time to resolve like what would happen to everybody in the next year, is Amy going to Princeton, will the Abbotts keep the baby, what Bright is going to do (it was a big part of the last 2 seasons). In the end, tt was a little too happy.. but i'm fine with it..

    Farewell Everwood!
  • Saying goodbye...

    Well, it's over. After four superb years of television, Everwood signed off. Prematurely? Yes. With dignity? Definitely. With class? Certainly. Everwood's series finale, one of the best concluding episodes of a TV series ever, was a wonderful two-hour denouement.

    I won't write much about the episode itself. After all, there are plenty of other reviews that have done so. Besides, I choke up every time I try. There aren't many things that make this 24-year-old male cry. The last time a TV show or movie made me cry was way back in 1996 when I first saw Schindler's List. Long time. "Foreverwood" had me releasing the floodgates when the last piano/violin solo by musician Blake Neely soundtracked a rising camera to that last beautiful shot of our favorite mountain town.

    I love this show. It was a member of my family. I mean that. I joined this series late in the game (Season 4, actually), but I've now been fortunate enough to see every episode (Thank God for friends with video tapes). Even if I hadn't, I would have been in front of the TV every week watching our Everwood family. The first episode I watched was The Next Step, Episode 2 from Season 4. It was a glorious one, so wonderfully written by Anna Fricke and so brilliantly acted by the cast. It would become clear that each and every show was like this. It is rare for any show to have this consistent quality episode after episode. It is even rarer for a show to improve with each passing season. Everwood did so effortlessly. Gracefully, too.

    In terms of this year's programming, Everwood was the best show. Period. And it's not like the show didn't have strong quality competition (Battlestar Galactica, Veronica Mars, House, Scrubs, etc.). But I can say that with absolute certainty. Everwood was tops.

    Before the finale, Rina Mimoun was interviewed by TV Guide, and she described the difficulty of making a series finale. So many shows fall short in this category because they forget to bring things full circle. Often, shows have evolved so much that it's seemingly impossible to end it (For example, will the TV series ER have a sufficient ending? How could it with a virtually new cast and a completely different feel to the show after a thousand seasons?), or at least end it well. The great shows evolve but remain true to its themes. Everwood never lost sight of what it wanted to say and how it wanted to say it. And with talented writing and a superb cast, this was the formula for a quality finale. Rina Mimoun and company did not disappoint.

    I knew the floodgates were coming by the end of Part I. After a riveting sequence between Jake and Nina (the wonderful Scott Wolf and Stephanie Niznik), I knew it was coming. I just wanted to hold it off as long as I could. This show was too good not to enjoy, and I demanded myself to stay dry until the end.

    As it turned out, that was one of the most difficult things to accomplish. After all, there was the brilliant scene where Andy tells his wife (er, his wife's tombstone) goodbye. Or the scene when he gives Delia the present he always promised when they first moved to Everwood. Or the scene when Amy reveals to Hannah (and later to Rose) her love for Ephram. Or the scene when Andy tells Ephram how much he's appreciated the past year. Or the scene with Bright and Hannah on top of the mountain. Or the last three-and-a-half minutes. Well, the floodgates are starting again.

    After the last seconds of the episode aired, I just cried and cried and cried. I happened to watch it with three others, all of whom were also crying. Two guys (24 and 23) and two girls (25 and 24). Crying like babies. Over a TV show.

    The point, however, is that Everwood was not just a TV show. It was a place to spend an hour and catch up with people. People we've come to know and love. Sure, they aren't perfect. Far from it. But I have a feeling that's why we love them so much. Because they are people. Flawed people trying to do good things.

    We can agonize or be angered by the fact that Everwood had a premature demise. Many of us have (and for good reason). But I think we can all remember, with great joy, what a tremendous show this was. And we can forever treasure the wonderful town of Everwood. Its cast, its crew, and its characters.

    Goodbye, Everwood. And thank you.
  • I wish it would not end

    There has got to be a way for them to keep this show running,the way they ended it leaves pleanty of room for a continiation of the show. We should start a petition to bring it back. It would be great to see andy and nina wedding and also to see bright and hannah back together since she had dec to go to college with him, they were meant to be just Ephram and Amy are. They could also go woth the story line of the new baby the abbotts have now, there is so much more that could be done with the program. Don't let this really be the end
  • I loved the ending but I wa a little sad because Everwood is gone forever now. Ephram and Amy ended up together. Bright and Hannah have patched up there friendshp and Nina and Andy are getting married. I will miss the show.RIP Everwood, we will miss you.

    I was pleased with the ending. Harold and Rose have a baby, Edna is living with them, Ephram and Amy realize there love for each other, as do Nina and Andy. Now I don't really remember when Dr. Brown promised Delia the horse but I was happy with that. I do wish Madison would have came back because she and Ephram left on bad terms. I am glad though that Bright and Hannah may end up together again. They are one couple that never got boring. I am also glad Nina and Dr. Brown realized there feelings for each other.
  • Loved it

    My favourite part was when Andy said goodbye to his wife. I cired so much! I found it so sad that he hadn't let go of her yet and that he needed to do that to move on. I was happy to see Amy and Efram back together. I think it really closed things well, I didn't feel that thingy were left un finished but i did want to se Madison. Good job on doing a great episode and a great show. It will be missed but I am ready to let it go.
  • The perfect way to say goodbye.

    I still can't believe Everwood is over, and more, I still can't believe it ended so perfectly. I never saw a better season finale. It was how everyone wanted the show to end. I cried my eyes out, I smiled, I laughed and I was grateful for such a wonderful show. (full of spoilers)

    Edna ends the show without her husband Irv, but with so much more. I loved to see Harold's efforts for his mother to stay with them in Everwood, and I couldn't believe he was actually offering her a room in their own house. Harold, Rose and Edna. That'll be a fun household.

    Harold and Rose also end up with a new baby. Little Lily is dropped at their doorstep, making life happy once again for the couple. I was so happy for them. Rose beat cancer and now got the baby she wanted so much. We know they'll be fine.

    Hannah and Bright were so sweet. You could see how she helped Bright to grew up, and in his own words, to be less selfish. It was adorable of Bright to tell Hannah to go to Notre Dame, even tough that'd mean they'd rarely see each other again. Hannah's last scene show her sending out the admission papers to - Colorado A&M. Wow. It's a pity we'll never see those two getting back together.

    Delia's Bat Mitzvah was the sweetest thing. She was adorable, and it was beautiful that she remembered her mother while lighting the candles. Her last scene was of one Everwood's best. She's with her dad in the car, and he starts talking of how, in the future, she'll hate him, ignore him and want to run away many times, but he'll always love her. It was what he never said to twelve-year-old Ephram. Minutes later, she finally gets the horse Andy promised her when they moved to Everwood.

    Nina and Jake say their final goodbye at the airport, as she admits an undying love for Andy. He says he can't have just a part of her heart, and goes away, simply asking her not to wake up Sam till he's on the plane. I never liked Jake, but he was so sweet, and you could see how he truly loved not only Nina, but her son Sam. I'll admit, his speech made me cry.

    Obviously, not so much as Andy in New York. He went to ask his deceased wife Julia her blessing, as he was going to propose to Nina. Oh, my. Looking at her grave, Andy says he'll be for Nina the husband he wanted to have been to her. Most of all, Andy grew up. A lot more than his children.

    The proposal was, well, everything. He brought her to the place where they first met, got on his knees (Nina's face while he kneeled was so funny, she was incredulous) and said the beautiful words each Everwood fan hoped to hear: 'Nina Feeney, will you marry?'. 'Yes, I will', she answered. Obviously.

    Lastly, Ephram and Amy. It took her long enough to realize Ephram was her one, but when she did, it was wonderful. There was Amy, talking about all of her feelings and memories, while Ephram fell and remembered all the same.

    The show ended with the mountains. Everwood left brokenhearted fans, and yet left them happy with the best season finale they could ever make. Thank you, writers, for one of the best shows in the television. Thank you for expressing half my feelings through TV characters. I'll miss you.

  • Best Series Finale of 2006!!! Long Live Everwood, forever...

    Finally, an ending so big and so joyful that it made me laugh and cry at the same time. It gave me a feeling that everything was great and that life can be almost perfect if we make it that way. Finales like this don’t come that often; we see every character and there personal growth that they have made in the beautiful town of Everwood. The drama that has captivated us through all this years has finally dissolved in pure love and joy. I really don’t understand why this show has to be cancelled but we have to acknowledge not what where going to miss in the future, but the things that we have learned in this journey. For all the actors in this show I give them a very big round of applauses (“Huraaaaaaaaaay”), your acting has been one of the best on TV that I have seen, really, you have made me a better person. In conclusion, to the other fans like me those that are sooooo sad that Everwood is over, let’s embrace the future and give thanks for the past because we cannot change bad decisions that other people have made but we can make good decisions for ourselves. Lets keep Everwood alive through us, through our actions.
  • Words can't express how proud an Everwoodian feels after watching a finale crafted as flawlessly as Foreverwood.

    I've lost two of my favourite shows this year, and whilst The West Wing was completed well it pales in comparison in terms of the true heart and soul poured into this episode. If you're a fan, I doubt you could be disappointed although if you're not, you might get lost in the reminiscing.

    I love that recently so many people have compared Everwood to Frank Capra's idealistic films. That really explains what's going on here - especially this episode. If you love it you adore it, if not, what's wrong with you? It's even more fittingly sentimental that it was announced as axed the day Frank Capra was born.

    May Everwood rise like a phoenix from the ashes and blind disbelievers with its light!
  • Perfect ending to the show, thank you! :)

    Actually, I loved the two hour finale; my only nit-picky thing is that the very ending, right where they were showing the mountain, they could have gone directly to a flashback, or a preview to the future, or do a written thing of possible things to come. For some reason, I think that it would have improved the conclusion even more.

    Otherwise, I loved the ending. Andy Brown's love life finally gets back on track, as does Ephram's & Bright's.
    Hannah finally chooses the college of her choice while Harold & Rose are able to take in the child left on their door-step (Lilly, I believe).

    This episode was deffinitely worth watching. I'm just sorry that the show wasn't picked up for another season.
  • The plots aways seamed to be pretty realistic not to far fetched. They were down to earth and not to phoney.

    The show had a excellent ending. The plot of the series finally was done in such a way that many things could come of it. One if there is enough people who write in just maybe they could change their minds. That doesn\'t happen very often but has been done. Or there could be several spin-off choices from the way they ended the show. But either way my monday nights will have a big gap in it. My wife and I always made sure we either found time to watch it or made sure we taped it. Many times we would be either wiping away tears or laughing together. Then she would blame me for getting us started on this show. I agree with the rest of the reviews I think they made a mistake ending the show.
  • A bittersweet but classic ending to a wonderful series.

    I have never been so emotionally invested in a series or its cancellation as I have been in the loss of Everwood. I just watched the finale for the 3rd time and still cannot get over the fact that its gone forever. All I can say is that the finale was terrific. The writers (and cast) were terrific for all 4 seasons but outdid even themselves for the finale. The ONLY thing I thought was missed would have been Irv's voice over the mournful violin as the camera pulled back at the end.

    May the CW go down in flames. Their choice of One Tree Hill and 7th Heaven over Everwood should go down in history as the biggest programming blunder of all time. Comparing the writing of 7th Heaven to Everwood is like comparing a Dick and Jane reader to Shakespeare. The acting difference can best be described by comparing a high school musical to a Broadway play.

    Thanks Everwood crew, you gave us 4 great years and it should have been more.....

  • Classic!! A great way to end the series

    I don't even know where to begin..
    Never been the biggest fan of Jake, dunno why but YAY for letting Nina go to Andy.. I love him for that ;)
    Harold and Edna were their usual selves... and I love them!! And that adorable baby, how cute were that... I'm glad the Abbotts got their baby.. I was so rooting for them to get one..

    And Andy finally proposed.. and Nina accepted... I'm so happy about that.. I've been waiting for that for 4 years and it finally happened.. :) Though Andy's scene at the graveyard was a total tearjerker.. I totally cried my eyes out...

    I like seeing all the progress in the friendships on this show.. Bright and Ephram have come from a long way but I love their friendship.. and even Ephram and Andy have become friends, even more then a father and son.. I like this development a lot..

    As for Bright and Hannah I love these two.. and their scene on top of the mountain was one my faves.. Bright said all the right words and Hannah's choice to stay close her friends was great.. To me it meant that in the end Bright and Hannah will end up together..

    The Bat-mitzvah was sweet too and Delia got herself a pony!! YAY!! :) I found that scene so adorable.. I actually found all the scenes adorable, so yeah I can't say it enough :)

    And of course Ephram and Amy.. I love these two.. Their last scene was amazing and I liked the flashbacks.. Nothing against Stephanie but I was so rooting for Amy in this episode.. and their dance was just amazing.. I loved it! I love everything about this couple!

    It was sad to see the end of Everwood but they ended perfectly.. It gave me total closure about everything that has happened on the show and the acting was done magnificently.. It's sad to see such a show go but I enjoyed all four seasons.. Thank you Everwood for being there and to enterain me.. You truly were one of the best shows out there :D You'll be missed :D
  • A perfect ending. No. of times I cried: 5. No. of times I laughed: The whole way through...

    First off I just have to stress how much I hate HATE Dawn Onstroff (stupid CW) for letting such a beautiful and well written series die like this (although I did love the finale). Idiot, idiot, IDIOT move, bet her network FAILS miserably.
    Ok, my little rant is through. Now we can get to the finale. I thought it started out kind of slow, but it really picked up after the first fifteen mimutes (maybe I was just dragging since I'm so depressed that my favorite show is being cancelled). I have to say that the underscore was greatly done and all the music they used was superb.
    Each and every little storyline was interesting in its own way and how they all tied together was perfect too. First, there was the Jake/Nina/Andy love triangle. I think that Jake bowed out of the relationship gracefully and though I was not a big fan of their romance from the beginning, when he split up with her in the airport with a sleeping Sam, I'll admit I shed a few tears. I felt bad for "Dr. Boob-Job" (GOD I loved Harold this episode!!). I loved that she showed up at Andy's place, all unannounced (ah, the good old days). It was so sweet of him to offer her and Sam a place to stay. No wonder she said yes to marrying him (I exclaimed happily through my tears outloud when she said yes!). I also liked how Andy wanted to get Julia's blessing before he married her. That was a sweet scene at her gravesite. Yay, couple no. 1 back together!!
    Next we had the Bright/Hannah storyline. They are so cute together. I think it was very noble of Bright to tell Hannah to go to Notre Dame when he was so afraid of losing her. He has really come a long, long way. Even better was that Hannah applied to Colorodo A&M instead of Notre Dame to stay close to Bright (couple no. 2...on their way back together, sorta).
    Then there was the Rose/Harold/Edna/Baby thing. It all kind of tied into one there. Of course I knew Rose would automatically attach herself to the baby left on their doorstep (I loved Bright's reaction to seeing the baby there, classic!). But I loved how Harold got attached too. I am so glad they went through a legal way of keeping little Lily (name seems a bit repetitive there, didn't we recently have a baby on Desperate Housewives named Lily?). Anyway, I loved seeing Edna start out by having all of her emotions buried deep inside (I can relate) to gradually admitting how dead she feels inside without Irv. When she broke down in the trailer, I cried (AGAIN). I am so glad she decided to live with Harold, Rose, and baby Lily. I bet THAT household will be fun...
    Next we have the whole Bat Mitzvah (probably spelled it wrong) thing, which was cool. Delia did pretty good this episode. I'm glad she apologized for being such a brat lately. And she finally got that horse her dad promised her! How cool is that? Her little speech about her mom was sweet. And Bright and Hannah danced to avoid an awkward conversation with Amy! LOL!!
    Lastly, of course, we have the whole Amy/Ephram/Stephanie story line. After all this back and forth crap, they finally admit they both still love each other. I am glad it ended up being Ephram and Amy instead of "Stephram" (LMAO at that comment!). When Amy asked Hannah to tell her she didn't like Ephram (Hannah's response was great too), I kept mumbling, "Tell her she's an idiot and she loves him. Come on, smack her on her dumb head!". It took getting drunk on Kosher wine at his little sister's Bat Mitzvah for Amy to realize she stilled loved Ephram. Her drunk self was kind of funny. Then she rented out that Ferris Wheel and had it brought to his apartment, wow. The little montoge of them together (besides the funny looking Ephram haircuts) was really well thought out and done wonderfully (I was a sissy crying fool here too). FINALLY: couple no 3. Back together.
    This was a great way to end a finale. It tied up all of its loose ends and left a few things open...just in case another VERY smart network decides to pick it up, (please?) so it would still have plenty of interesting stories left to tell. But all in all, it ended happily ever after. Great job Everwood. I will certainly miss you. Thanks for all the laughter and tears (I don't know if I laughed more or cried more...).
  • Great Show, Great Series Finale!!!!

    Boy, the powers that be really goofed on this one. This is the best show on the WB or on television period. And, with the kids just starting college there was still lots of life to write about. But, the writers did an awesome job on the finale. The best one I've seen since M.A.S.H.!! It is so nice to have some happy endings in this day and time -- with Ephram coming full circle with his Dad and also him and Amy getting back together. I loved seeing Hannah evolve from an introverted geek into a nice, good-looking, self-assured girl who can still remain a virgin and be cool. All the characters evolved so much but none more so more than Bright and Hannah. I would have loved to grow a few more years with these characters. But I would truly miss Irv - but even he could remain somewhat in the show in Edna's mind by her talking to him every now and then. Great Show - I will miss it!!! If someone wanted to pick it up and bring it back, well it would be a thought???????
  • All good things must come to an end!

    It was sad to see Everwood go after four years
    On the WB and now it will never be on there again
    But we do have re-runs to watch in syndication though
    Great show with great characters and great writing! The best show of the year had to do with Reid's attempting suicide that still gives me goosebumps to this day.
    Wished that the new CW would had picked it up for another year!
    But all good things must come to an end as they say!
  • Kudos to a great finale and show!!!

    The best thing about this finale was that the writers did the best they could to finish up all the characters that they could.

    The second hour was very revealing. I actually really thought that Edna was going to Africa because I could really see her doing that. But it was warming when Harold and Rose asked her to move in into their home. And that little girl was adorable.

    After Jake left Nina at the airport, there was NO DOUBT that she would end up with Andy. Andy's proposal to her was sweet.

    I never thought Hannah would end up back with Bright. They say they will stay best friends but in reality when she goes off to Notre Dame she probably won't see him again.

    And....Amy and Ephram....of course they would end up together. (Okay, I have to admit that I thought that the Ferris Wheel was a little corny.) It sure was cutting it close on time to the end of the episode, though.

    Overall, congrats to Everwood on a fine series finale (the 7th Heaven folks should take notes for their SECOND series finale) as well as one of the best "coming of age" shows ever.
  • Everwood is a show full of incrediblly realistic storylines and enthralling characters. And sadly the show has reached its end with elegance.

    Everwood is a show full of incrediblly realistic storylines and enthralling, down to earth characters. The dialoge has always been beautifully written and we have David Hudgins to thank for that. And sadly the show has reached its end with elegance.

    Throughout the series of episodes all of us avid fans have gotten to see each one of the characters grow. And each one of them has had a struggle that they have each gracefully overcome. We have stuck by this series through the heartbreak, death, love, and happiness.

    I still cannot believe this astonishing series has reached its end.

    So farewell Everwood!
  • Everything is how it should be... After four years, everything has come to an end.

    Everwood was one of my favorite shows when it first aired on tv. But after a while I wasn't as interested in it and I started watching less and less of last season. This season I had only watched on episode. But I knew that since it was series finale that I had to watch it. And I did. No regrets about doing that. I loved it! It was a great way of ending the series. They went out with dignity and charm. For those who love the show, I'm sorry you are losing a great show.
    The finale tied all the loose ends, even the nes from season one. Like Delia finally gets her horse. It was a nice touch to it all.
    There were a lot of references to when the Browns first moved to Everwood, and finally a recap of Ephram and Amy's relationship since then.
    I would definitely say that this was one of the best finale of this season.
    Goodbye Everwood!
  • This is the best show on Television! It is a real crime that they canceled this show. Losing this show is like losing a family member or a dear loved one.

    To me and my family this is the best television show on TV. This show has brought together me and my family every Monday night from the first episode to the very last one. The series finale was an absolutely amazing show. Let me restate what I said in the summary, This show is amazing and it is a real crime that the CW has canceled the show. The canceling of this show is like losing a family member or a dear loved one. My family and I will mourn the loss of this show for a long time to come. If the CW really wants to have Great television then they would bring back the best show on televsion!
  • Great till the end

    This show is one of my favorites and they showed just how by being funny and sad and moving all at the same time. I think many people had a clue as to how the show would wrap up its storylines, but if CW had picked up Everwood for Season 5, it could have gone on and been very interesting to watch. I am not the only person who will miss this show come next season. I am invested in the magic of Everwood. A place that I probably wouldn't want to live, but I always wanted to hang out on Monday nights. Thanks for many good times. I wish I could have more.
  • I still can't believe it's gone but it was a very touching end.

    I loved this series and this is another reason as to why.

    Over the series we got to see the 'growing up' of Bright and Dr Abbott. Bright went for the big doofus to a pretty solid guy and best friend. Dr Abbott went from a pig headed family man to a brother to Andy and a much more open person.

    Also we finally have an end to the karmic relationships of Andy and Nina and Ephram and Amy - although I'm sure if we had another season, we'd still be working on the Amy and Ephram issue.

    The only disappointment I had was Foreverwood with Edna - in some ways, I just can't see her moving in with the Abbotts as a cure to her depression, although it was a nice way to 'bring back' Linda Abbott.

    I liked how the series went full circle in a way with Andy finally paying up with his bribe to Delia with the horse and how (even though it was in part one) we have Delia finally becoming a woman with her Bat Mitzha.

    Hopefully, if some other series doesn't make it on CW, they can bring back Everwood.
  • A BEAUTIFUL Episode. Its finally here... the day has finally come.

    While packing up her house and preparing to leave Everwood with Jake, Nina tells Hannah that she knows Andy bought an engagement ring for her. Hannah convinces Nina to sneak into the house while the Browns are out to get a look at the ring. Later, Jake finds out about the ring and confronts Andy once again about his feelings for Nina. At Delia’s Bat Mitzvah, Amy watches Ephram with his new girlfriend Stephanie, and realizes her feelings for Ephram are still there... After they dance her feeling are stronger and she's not sure what to do. She rents a farris wheel and tell Ephram how she feel and it mutral. Bright and Hannah are "BEST FRIENDS" so to say (if there was more time the would of gone into better detail after Hannah droped her collage letter in the box.) IT *"Finally"* Done Andy tell his wife (at cemitery) bye forever and ask Nina to *Marry Him...* SHE says "YES" and then he kisses her after waiting almost a year. its truly a beautiful episode.
  • Even though I knew how things would go down, I couldn\'t help myself from crying. I can\'t believe it\'s over. But I thank Greg Berlanti for writing such a beautiful show for us all. It helped me get through the tough times in my life and I thank you.

    They all grew up and found their way. Bright has matured, Edna found peace with her son, Andy doesn\'t have the sadness in his eyes because he finally said goodbye to his deceased wife, Hannah is going to college with Bright and Amy, Andy proposed to Nina and she said yes!! And Amy and Ephram remained in love till their dying days. I basically had a sense how this episode would go, but I could help myself from crying. Everwood will surely be missed, and I thank Greg Berlanti for creating such a beautiful show.
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