Season 4 Episode 22

Foreverwood (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 05, 2006 on The WB

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  • Great ending to a terrific show.

    Everwood was not only one of the shows you looked foward to watching every week, it was also a show that taught me and so many others important life lessons concering friendship, love, hope, faith and even desire. This final episode to me was like taking all the things and expereinces the characters had during the entire seris and putting them all together. This made me laugh, cry and it also made me realize the value and importatnce of the people around me. Amy and Ephram were meant to be together, but in most cases it was Ephram putting his heart on the line for Amy. When Ephram told Amy he was still in love with her and she told him that she was overit , it really broke Ephram's heart yet he still admired from afar and trusted that if they weren't going to be together that friendship was the next best thing. At this point Ephram told Amy everything he was feeling and Amy was just deining that she was still in love with him. In this episode I think that the ferris wheel scence was perhaps one of the best moment of this whole seris. It was Amy finally taking a chance for love. Now she knew Ephram could very well tell her off after what she had done to him but she took that chance in the hope for something more. When Ephram said that he still loved Amy that was the moment you knew that there was nothing that would ever tear them apart again, and even though this was the final episode we can still imagen what would happen next. Andy and Nina's wedding, eventually Amy and Ephram's. The Abott's raising there new addition and who no's mabey down the line Hannnah and Bright getting back together again. Everwood though gone will always be rembered as the best telivison show that was ever and will be .