Season 4 Episode 22

Foreverwood (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 05, 2006 on The WB



  • Quotes

    • Bright: Couldn't close the deal huh? That's weird. Little Miss Hot and Sassy? I would've expected more, dude.
      Ephram: It wasn't a matter of couldn't, it was more a matter I just didn't think it was the right time to.
      Bright: Oh, right. Because lord knows she isn't hot enough, with those legs, and the formal wear and the high heels.
      Ephram: When you start noticing the shoes it makes me ask a lot of questions. So, uh, your sister, she, uh, get home alright? I mean, she was pretty wrecked...
      Bright: Yeah, I dunno. I think Hannah took her home or something.
      Ephram: Should we call, check, just to make sure.
      Bright: (looks at Ephram sharply, then throws the cereal box he was holding at him) Uh-huh! That's why there was no 'it' with Stephanie! You danced with the devil last night, it fogged your brain. Clogged your drain.
      Ephram: Don't rhyme! Don't rhyme, and don't clap.
      Bright: Dude, what are you doing?
      Ephram: Nothing. No, I'm just saying that there might have been some feelings last night while we were dancing, and I thought I should think about those feelings before I take any action on the Stephanie field.
      Bright: You're going to screw this whole thing up, realise that, right?
      Ephram: I'm just saying, if I felt something, maybe she felt something too.
      Bright: She-she didn't! She didn't feel anything! That's your problem, Ephram. You think there's juice left in that box but there isn't. Man, you got Stephanie. She's hot! She's totally into you and she brings no drama to the table! You are going to throw that away, for what? For what? For nothing!
      Ephram: I guess you have a point. I mean, Stephanie is pretty cool. She's smart, and she's funny, and...
      Bright: Dude, she's awesome. And why are you gonna risk that for something that you and I both know cannot and will not, happen. Ephram, you guys had sex, alright. You gave her the stack of postcards, remember? You told her that you loved her. Dude, she blew you off. You think a dance at a bat mitzvah's going to change that?
      Ephram: You're right. (he walks back to his room)
      Bright: Most of the time. Can I have that box back now, please? It's our last box!