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What does everyone think of all the DVD releases? (Music, alternate ending, etc)

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    I just purchased "The Complete Fourth (and Final) Season" of "Everwood", completing my "official release" collection of the show (I also have all of the original broadcasts from the WB in HD as well!).

    Anyway, I thought I would comment once again about the DVD edition. Although no music replacement is a positive aspect to any TV show on DVD, I do have to say that the folks at Warner did at least attempt to find suitable replacement songs...a much better job than a couple of other shows that I have watched with substitute tracks: "Northern Exposure" and "Dawson's Creek". IMO, the lyrics of SOME of the replacement songs even seemed to be more appropriate than the original broadcast selections...almost like the new songs were written for the show (and they very well may have...I haven't found any of the replacement songs on aCD or elsewhere!). On the other hand, it would have been nice if they would have tried just a little harder to include original music...particularly in the series finale, "Foreverwood". What would it really have taken to include the songs "Steady As We Go" and "Ruins" (if it cost us another $10/set, wouldn't it have been worth it just for that one two hour episode to be intact? That wouldn't be any different then paying for a theatrical film on DVD!)? But again, although I'm not totally satisfied, at least they match the tempo/beat of the original songs, so the song changes would probably be unnoticeable to a casual viewer of the show or someone who is watching it for the first time (some of the lyrics to "Steady as We Go"'s replacement: "...You and I, we're Hollywood stars, living our dreams, like a final scene..."!).

    A couple other negative changes: the series finale was cut into two parts, when, originally, it aired as a single two hour movie. That isn't a huge deal, I guess, but it does ruin some of the authenticity since there are now titles over the opening scenes of part two that were not present before. The picture quality of the DVDs...primarily on seasons three and four...was not what it could have been. Many scenes are EXTREMELY grainy, and all titles seem to have digital "hair"...much like it would appear if you were watching it online. Too bad they couldn't "even out" the episode counts so that compression wasn't so bad...the final disc only had two episodes on it, while the others all had 5.

    On a positive note: We finally got to see the alternate ending to season four, had the show been picked up for a fifth season rather than being canceled. Although the package advertises "10 minute alternate season 4 finale", the unaired scenes really only run about 4 minutes total (they counted the "as aired" portions of the final act as part of the unaired footage). For those who haven't seen it (SPOILER ALERT): The only major change is in the final moments...Madison arrives at Sam's restaurant and leaves a message on Ephram's answering machine. He checks messages just as he is preparing to head out the door to go to the concert with Stephanie, and is dumbfounded. He ponders a moment, then grabs the tickets and heads down the steps, but stops dead in his tracks before opening the door (which would have revealed Amy's ferris wheel "grand gesture"). He runs back to his room and hurriedly picks up the phone and calls Madison...thusly leaving Amy standing alone with the ferris wheel, and STILL standing Stephanie up...I guess she wasn't meant to see that concert no matter how it ended up! (END SPOILER).

    Now that all four seasons are released, it would be nice if they'd go back and re-offer season one in widescreen, and then release "Everwood"'s 'kid brother'..."Jack & Bobby"...on DVD!

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    I haven't actually got season 4 yet, but damn, they swapped Ruins? I loved that song. I wouldn't have thought it would have been changed, I didn't think it was so popular it would cost too much.

    I must get onto buying it!

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