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Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 27, 2006 on The WB
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After a week since Ephram and Amy have slept together, the couple tries to figure out what this means for their future together. Meanwhile, Nina and Jake are at a standstill over their relationship after Jake's prescription drug habit was revealed to Nina. Also, Irv's brutally honest description of Andy in his debut novel causes Andy to take a long look in the mirror. Meanwhile, Ephram realizes that he and Kyle (guest-star Steven R. McQueen) may have even more in common than he originally thought. Lastly, Amy bonds with a cool teacher at Colorado A&M. She goes to a meeting about a search for the new Provost with a few other women invited.


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  • Just like the good old days. We missed you all SO much. =)

    This was Everwood at its best. Subtle, deep, beautiful, sad.

    Delia - I have seen this before. Season 1 flashback. But I still expect great things from Delia Brown. Every episode she looks more and more like her dad, and that little outburst of hers was a lot more like Andy's then Ephram's. Vivien Cardone grew up a lot over the years, and she makes a wonderful job, even with the little scenes.

    Ephram is, as always, amazing. He surprises me so much. It's great to see how much he's grown, and his talks with Kyle are perfectly written. My eyes were filled with tears when he told Kyle about his life when he first got to Everwood and never imagined he would ever be friends with the most popular kids in school. Who hasn't felt that way about someone before? I know I have.

    Bright and Hannah deserved their own series, that's all I've got to say.

    Nina's getting boring once again. But if she did break up with Jake, that wouldn't be her, so we should all forgive her. =P

    And finally, the best, the perfect, the always surprising Dr. Andy Brown. The whole Julia story (wasn't she a saint, like, two years ago? What is happening to the world?) was shocking and the way he reacted to it all was very Andy, and yet so different than what one would have expected. The letter, and the way he reacted to Delia while writing, was something the first season Andy Brown would have never done.

    'Ghosts' was a perfect name, doing justice to "Dear Julia" and to the Amy and Ephram romance. Both ghosts who came back to us after these long months of waiting.moreless
  • Whiskey Sour with a Twist of Lemon: A Long Overdue Everwood Review...

    The other day, I noticed that Monday's episodes took some people back to season one. I wholeheartedly agree.

    The one thing, however, that continues to resist season one's style is...Ephram's hair! Why? Why does it have to be so long? In the scene with him and Amy, I notice that his hair is almost as long as hers! This is just unacceptable.

    Delia has become such a...teenager! What is happening with her? I suspect we will find out more, pretty soon, but this is an annoying turn of events (not that it isn't realistic...all teens go through that kind of emotional roller coaster). But I wonder if it's anything specific. Those tears aren't for nothing; something is up with her. Maybe this has something to do with it: "No wonder she hates you!" Is it about her mom? It seems so. And let me just say that I love the following exchange between her and Andy:

    Andy: "You go to your room!"

    Delia: "I'm GOING!"

    Andy: "Well, go faster!"

    There is a great comedic balance not only in that moment but also throughout the episode(s). Of course, we can always count on Bright for comedy, too: (to the Ms. Pac-Man) "I missed you!" (hugs it).

    Nina/Jake: okay, Nina is utterly saint-like. She is such a good person, and I know it is hard for her to do what she does (take Jake back). Paradoxically, though, it is NOT difficult: she loves Jake, and she doesn't want to throw that away. I don't know if I could get over something like that; kudos to her. And Stephanie Niznik does a wonderful job portraying her; the emotion I get from the following line is just one testament to this fact: "Goodbye Jake." She's almost crying; heck, I'M almost crying. And then, later, she takes him back! So great. I hear Emmys calling!

    Edna/Irv: they have such a great connection. When Irv comes back because he misses Edna, I'm just so touched ("I missed my spoon."); Edna's panic attacks are powerful, revealing. It makes me extremely sad that one or both of them will (likely) be gone soon (these two deserve Emmys as well). And, once again, Edna proves to be subtly hilarious, as Andy says, "no offense." "No! How could that be offensive?" This is another great exchange, one of my favorites.

    As for Andy's attacking Irv, I kind of get it, and I think that the story about the affair is justified. Andy has a right to be a bit perturbed by Irv's ending for him; but at the same time, as Irv points out, it's just fiction. Andy's emotions get the best of him and unravel his sense of reality; he takes the ending personally, and as Irv is just out to "make a buck," the old expression springs to mind, very relevant indeed: "It's not personal, it's business." Now, Andy just needs to accept his fake "ending" and make a better one in reality.

    While the so-called "revelation" about Julia has been revealed before, and thus is not a revelation, it DOES present a new take on the subject. It gives us new information: Andy was RIGHT there. Could he have stopped it? I am extremely happy that he shares this information with Dr. Abbott: as their relationship changes, it is interesting to see them show concern for each other. Andy is hurting, and Dr. Abbott has the decency to stop cracking jokes. I think many of us agree that theirs is one of the most intriguing relationships of the show.

    Another interesting relationship is the one between Ephram and Kyle. As we get closer to the big coming-out, it is fascinating to watch their growing relationship. (Well, we assume it's Kyle that will come out of the closet). Ephram's trip down memory lane is great, shades of season one. Showing Kyle that he can find friends in the most unlikely places, Ephram seems to set up the storyline: will Kyle feel that Ephram is his friend, that he can trust him with such important information? And how about that scene with Ephram in the halls of the high school, the spinning, the nostalgic viewpoint? Again, back to season one; love it! Did anyone notice that one of the girls Ephram pointed out was named Kimber, Kelly Carlson's alter-ego on Nip/Tuck (she's guest starring next week)? Or did I imagine that?

    I'm not sure about Amy's professor. She seems a tad shady, but perhaps this feeling will blow over. Afterall, I love her comment about Laguna Beach (which I don't watch)! She has potential; at least she can be funny. One positive thing about her: she opens up a can of worms for Amy, who realizes that her dad may not be who she thought he was...he performs abortions, or has done so.

    Loving the slap! Hating the party. Bright...I love you as a character, overall, but why do you have to be such a college GUY? I seriously doubt this party had an effect on Ephram, other than costing him $2,000 and making him kiss some girl he doesn't know.

    When will the nightmare end? When will Ephram and Amy just get together already? Their conversation in the diner (or whatever that was) leaves us wanting more, wanting them to make it or break it. "I still think you're my person," Amy says. So...hurry up and have your Europe! We want a resolution. Will we get one before the season is over? Ephram and Amy have been apart for SO long, and it wasn't even a very definite breakup!

    As I wrap this up, I'd like to point out that Ephram is ecstatic when he is at the piano. Playing "Bella Ray" again seems like medicine for his soul; again, season one. What does this mean for his future (especially when one considers the new piano that he buys)? Will Ephram love music again, not just teach it? What can he and Kyle do for EACH OTHER (not dirty, I swear)?

    Last, but not least, who here is creeped out by the background music, during Amy and Hannah's argument? It is just SO sad and scary, because it evokes a really bad feeling in me: will Hannah and Amy "break up"? Where is their friendship headed? All this from music. Wonderful job, music crew. :-)

    And while I'm at it, this goes out to the cast and crew: amazing work! Keep it up.


    The only really negative things I noticed were the lack of Harold/Rose, in the first episode, and the completely blatant advertisement for that car. The advertisement didn't bother me that much, though, which goes to show that I am reaching to find something bad. In reality, these episodes meet my expectations.

    Now, though, we are climbing for something higher, a new plateau, a new level of expectations, with the following upcoming storylines: more death, heartbreak, suicide, abortion...we're in for a ride. It's only going to get better.

  • A fine example

    I've joined the Everwood party a bit late. Everwood's move to Thursdays was undoubtedly insulting to the series, but I was grateful for it since I decided to stick around after Smallville (guilty pleasure) and give this small Colorado town a whirl. Now back on Mondays, Everwood returns with the style and quirky atmosphere that we've come to know and to love.

    "Ghosts" is a wonderfully crafted episode. From the uproarious opening sequence to the quirky character interactions to the poignant vulnerabilities of most of the characters, "Ghosts" contains everything there is to love about this series.

    Although I felt this episode had a generally uplifting or light feel to it, there were some fairly dramatic, even dark, moments -- mainly revolving around Andy and Delia. How about Miss Cardone, huh? She insists on having the acting skills of an adult while playing the oh-so-difficult-to-achieve believable child with growing pains. And you have to love the comedic intervention in the parent-daughter argument: "Go to your room!" "I am." "Well, go faster!"

    Andy's reaction to Irv's novel was also well thought-out and acted to perfection by Treat Williams. I love his scene at the bookstore with Irv -- somewhat uncontrollable anger barely hiding the fact that he has reached an "epitome" regarding himself. Irv was indeed on the nose in his description of the doctor.

    Maybe it's because I'm a college student, but I have a strong affinity to the younger characters on this show. I almost want to stand up and applaud each time I see Chris Pratt and Sarah Drew on screen together. They play just as lovable a couple as Judy Reyes and Donald Faison play on Scrubs -- it's all about the perfect mix of character nuances/quirks. Believing Bright and Hannah should be together seems contradictory until you see them together.

    I also am impressed with the complexity of Ephram -- probably one of the most complete and realistic "youngsters" ever written for television. And he's played so well by Gregory Smith. His face at the restaurant near the conclusion of the episode was a testament to Smith's impressive portrayal of his character. He needed no dialogue when Amy expressed her wishes regarding their relationship. His face spoke volumes. What a powerhouse scene.

    And finally -- Stephanie Niznik and Scott Wolf. Yeah, we may root for Nina and Andy -- but Niznik and Wolf are just perfect together. "Why are you being so amazing to me?" "Because I'm in love with you, stupid." Not pretentious or overly clever dialogue. No, instead it was perfect. Nothing could have been better.

    I think Everwood works so well because it refuses to "bloat" life -- it instead chooses to "picture" it with a strange combination of love, comedy, and tension that ultimately creates one of the most compelling and rewarding hours of television today. "Ghosts" is a fine example of this fact.moreless
  • Welcome back, old friend...

    After nearly four months away from our TV screens, Everwood returns and reminds us with this(and the second episode that followed)of what a great TV show it is, and how sorely it was missed. Even tho it has felt like an eternity, it didn't take much effort to get right back into the swing of things as if it never left. Filled with emotional human drama, intelligent and witty writing, and superb performances, Everwood is back and this was episode was great. In the time that the show has been gone, much has happened in the way of the show's future. The WB is closing down to form The CW, merging with UPN. The future of this still dazzling and brilliant show is uncertain. It shouldn't be. Everwood is the classiest, most realistic, and most involving show on either network. They yank it off the air for "Just Legal" and it tanks. They put on "Related" and it tanked. They threw it to the sharks on Thursdays, where it did well despite the change. No other show on either network has gotten the kind of acclaim the show has gotten(especially in the last month or so), and no other show on either station has gotten such incredible backing from top publications, critics, and online sites campaigning and pleading for it's continuation on The CW. Everwood may not be the biggest rated show on the network(not this season anyways), but it's the best show. The show has been so unfairly treated by the WB. Taken off it's schedule for months, and then pushing back it's return dates. The promotion for it was not the greatest either. When the ads started pumping up, it was during a time when most shows were re-runs and vieweship was low. A lot of people were still unsure as to when it was on. Some thought it was only on at 9 and not 8. Everwood is the crown jewel on the WB's slate. It's much, much higher rated UPN's critical darling "Veronica Mars", which is almost certain to make the transfer. It's higher rated than "One Tree Hill", and most of everything else UPN has to offer(except Chris and Top Model). Now the show is back on Monday nights where it should be. They should never of moved it in the first place. Everwood was the first and only show to be compatible with it's lead in, "7th Heaven", and the only show to be a ratings hit as well. It has earned the Monday slot, and it has earned 7th's old spot next fall on The CW. I am hoping that ratings will go back up, and more people will find out where it's at. No other show on either WB or UPN deserves a shot more than this impeccable show.

    Let's start off with Andy and Irv. First of all, let me say that I am glad Irv(John Beasley)got some nice screen time in this episode(and some more in the follow up, "Lost And Found"). We all know that Irv has written a book based on life and people in Everwood. The book is out and Irv is gearing up for some book signings. Andy buys a copy and says he can't wait to read it. When he does, he isn't too happy. Andy is angry and upset over Irv's book. In the book, the character which appears to be based on Andy, ends up dying alone. Andy is upset that Irv thinks he will be all alone for the rest of his life. He confronts Irv on the matter, and Irv tells him that it was just for his book, but lets Andy know that he still sees sadness in his eyes. He has moved on, sure, but there is still this sadness with him. Andy reveals that Irv is right, and he is still harboring feelings for his deceased wife Julia, who had an affair. Andy hasn't let go of Julia or gotten over this fact. Irv says he writes to deal with issues like this.

    This was a great storyline. The fact that Irv got something to do was great enough, but that the material got Andy to open up about this issue and confront his feelings he still has for Julia and the affair she had. I love this kind of stuff. The episode ends wonderfully with Andy writing a letter to Julia, with snow falling outside his window. So very Everwood.

    I have not been overly excited with the Ephram/Amy thing this season. This episode was no exception. It just isn't doing it for me. The two have slept together and they haven't really talked about it since then. The two wonder what this means for them and the future of their relationship. Bright and Hannah both find out that the two slept together, and both have varying views on the situation. Hannah thinks it's great, and Bright doesn't. In the end, Amy and Ephram have a talk. Amy basically tells Ephram that she wants him in her life, but now just isn't really the time for it. She wants to go off and have her own "Europe" before anything else happens. Ephram tells her that he will be there waiting for her when she is ready. In the meantime, Amy has hooked up with a new professor and has gotten Amy leading into a new life, which is explored more in "Lost And Found". I have to say that I am not liking this new path Amy is on, and I don't like the new professor. Does anybody else think there is something more going on?. I just got a weird feeling with this lady. I could be wrong.

    Ephram is still working with Kyle, who I am liking more and more as the season wears on. I was not a fan at all of Kyle or this storyline when it first started, but this episode has changed my mind. The interaction between the two has become more and more interesting, and the dialogue is poignant, interesting, and witty. The two are really developing an interesting repoire with each other. Ephram realizes that the two of them have a lot in common(as if we didn't already know that). The downside of these scenes?. Ephram in his unflattering hat on top of his more unflattering hair.

    Jake is at a rehab center dealing with his addiction. Andy tells Nina that maybe she should go talk to him. She does. It's a pretty nice place too. Nina and Jake talk and he is sorry for everything that he has done. When Nina goes back to see Jake, he is packing. He's not coming back to Everwood. He says that the deed of the restaraunt will be in her name by the end of the week. But Nina isn't giving up on him. She tells him that he is coming back home with her. When he asks why she is doing this, she responds by saying that she loves him. Nina is a great woman and a great character. It is so like her to not give up fully on someone or something and just walk away. Jake has a problem and he is getting help for it. He has a problem and he made a mistake by lying to her. He knows this and he is sorry. It's nice that Nina understands this, knows he hurt her but had a problem, and is going to help him.

    Harold barely appears in this episode, which is sad, but it is a splendid episode nonetheless. Right from the start, you are reminded why you love this show, how much you missed it, and why it is so critically acclaimed. A ton of critics, publications, and web sites are not fighting for this show to return for no reason. I have seen a few websites who are now following the show who never did before, and some of them are sites that DO NOT cover this kind of show at all. Just goes to show you how good this series is. And this episode was great. "Lost And Found" was not as good as this one, but no episode of EV has ever been bad. CW, give this show a slot on your fall schedule and see how it goes instead of not giving it a fair chance at all. God knows The WB hasn't. Welcome back, guys.moreless
  • I waited four months for this?

    What complete bs. Nina goes back to drug addict Jake and Andy finally admits he is mad at his dead-for-four-years wife. Irvs book was a stupid story line. And since when did Edna get soft? Harold and Rose trying to adopt a baby from another country had to take the cake. One of the worst episodes ever.
Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt

Harold Brighton "Bright" Abbott III

Debra Mooney

Debra Mooney

Nurse Edna Abbott Harper

Emily VanCamp

Emily VanCamp

Amy Nicole Abbott

Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith

Ephram Brown

John Beasley

John Beasley

Irv Harper/ Narrator

Merrilyn Gann

Merrilyn Gann

Rose Abbott (recurring Seasons 1, 2)

Vicki Davis

Vicki Davis


Guest Star

Leslie Hope

Leslie Hope

Laurie Fields

Special Guest Star

Steven R. McQueen

Steven R. McQueen


Recurring Role

Scott Wolf

Scott Wolf

Jake Hartman

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Bright and Hannah have been dating for six months.

    • This episode takes place three weeks after the previous one.

    • Goof: Amy's spoon disappears from her cup to reappear again seconds after.

    • Lots of details about the people of Everwood:
      -Delia's other friends are Courtney and Thalia. The girl they are picking on is Emma Banks.
      -Jake is in rehab in Carbondale, CO.
      -Kyle's mother's name is Jessica Hunter.
      -Irv and his first wife divorced in 1979.
      -The biggest detail mentioned is that Julia broke off her affair four months before her death. That information negates the question from the first season that Andy might not have been Delia's biological father. In other words, Julia's affair came long after the birth of Delia.

    • Hannah's (Sarah Drew) middle name is Katherine.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Hannah: (answering her cell) Hey, Amy.
      Amy: Are you sitting down?
      Hannah: Yeah, why?
      Amy: I need to talk to you.
      Bright: (answering his cell) The boy is back in town, how was New York, man?
      Ephram: Fine. I need to ask you something.
      Hannah: What's the matter?
      Ephram: Say you ran into an old girlfriend.
      Amy: Are you sure you're sitting down?
      Bright: Don't tell me you saw Madison?
      Hannah: (to Bright) He saw Madison?…!
      Ephram: No, not Madison.
      Amy: So, I went over to Ephram's last week.
      Ephram: And you weren't planning on anything happening…
      Amy: And we were just supposed to study…
      Ephram: And things got a little heated…
      Amy: And there was no one there…
      Ephram: And then something kinda…
      Amy: And we totally had sex.
      Hannah: You and Ephram slept together?!!
      Bright: (to Hannah) What?! No way!
      Ephram: "No way" what?
      Amy: I've been meaning to tell you.
      Ephram: Hello, you there?
      Amy: I just felt so weird.
      Bright: Dude, did you and my sister get back together?
      Amy: And I don't know what it means yet.
      Ephram: What? Who told you that?
      Hannah: I can't believe this.
      Bright: I can't believe you.
      Hannah: Bright This is so…
      Hannah: …Great.
      Bright: …Bad.
      Ephram: Have you talked to her?
      Amy: And he said he's still in love with me.
      Ephram: Did she say we were back together?
      Amy: And we haven't spoken since.
      Hannah: Okay, listen, come and get me right now.
      Bright: Okay, stay where you are.
      Hannah: We have to celebrate.
      Bright: Time for some serious damage control.
      Amy: This is not a celebration, Hannah.
      Ephram: I don't need damage control.
      Amy: I'll be there in ten.
      Ephram: Fine, if you're coming, bring breakfast, and beer.
      (Hannah and Bright both hang up and look at each other)
      Hannah: Guess that bike ride's gonna have to wait.
      Bright: Yeah.
      (They share a kiss and both depart)

    • Andy: Go to your room!!
      Delia: I'm going!
      Andy: Well...go faster!!

    • Andy: Does your sister know you're using her computer?
      Ephram: Do I care?
      Andy: Have you seen her lately? She'd kick your skinny white ass.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode originally aired along with episode 4x11 Lost and Found as part of a 2-hour premiere when Everwood returned from its hiatus. Plus, it marks the series return to Monday nights again at 9/8c on the WB.

    • Music featured:
      The Weepies - World Spins Madly On.
      Shout Out Louds - The Comeback (plays when Amy is at the party).


    • Amy: (To Beth) I didn't know that, and I also didn't know that they call it The Hill. That sounds so West Wing-y.

      The West Wing was a TV series on NBC that ran from 1999 to 2006. The show was set in the West Wing of the White House, with Martin Sheen playing the role of the president.

    • Hannah: (to Nina, referring to Sam) It took three Frog and Toads, but I think he's finally asleep.

      This is a reference to the two main characters, Frog and Toad, in a series of books by Arnold Lobel. The books were originally published in the 1970s, and each contains five short stories.