Season 4 Episode 20

Goodbye, Love

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 29, 2006 on The WB
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Ephram reveals information about his dad to Nina that surprises her and adds a new twist to her inner Andy-or-Jake struggle; Andy finds more of a connection with his dad (guest star Charles Durning), who's still in town; Amy and Ephram recall a moment from their past that helps Amy realize that Ephram is always there for her. Lastly, Hannah and Bright come together as friends, realizing that there's still a close bond between them.moreless

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  • Great episode ! Here in Belgium we saw this episode today on March 5 ! Love that Amy girl ! Just two episodes left .... so sorry !

    Here in Belgium we watch the serie for the first time three years ago !

    After episode 12 from season 2 they stopped for a while !

    But today - march 5 - we saw episode 20 from season 4 !

    Just two episodes left !

    So sorry ! It was a realy show to follow ... i have every episode on DVD !!

    Most off the actors are playing very good ! Hope they continue the show in a while !!!

    And otherwise... hope to see some actors in new series !!

    At last ... two months ago a became a father for the first time ... it was a boy .... we called him EPHRAM !!!

    Great show ! Congrats !!moreless
  • With episodes like this, how can they ax Everwood

    To hear Dr Abbott admit that he was wrong about Irv was a great and sad moment in this show. We're seeing how Dr Abbott has grown as a man through the series and regretting the loss of a great character whom I thought was not used enough - especially in these latter episodes.

    To see how one man touched so many lives was amazing and really makes you think of the concept of 6 degrees of seperation and to see Edna cry out in the end just rips at you.

    This episode just tore at you and makes you think about life and how you can touch upon everyone you meet - even without realizing it. I loved Irv's character and was sorry that we didn't see as much of him this season and am sorry to see him go but you couldn't get a better send off.

    This episode on another shining example of why Everwood should be kept on CW.moreless
  • Amazing flashback episode, but I'm still wondering: why Irv?!

    Poor, poor Irv. I can't believe he's dead, and I can't believe that his death's episode was so perfect. All of the flashbacks were amazingly touching, and brought new horizons to the story.

    It was great seeing how Irv went to ask for Harold's blessing and his and Edna's wedding day. It was the kind of thing you've always wanted to see but never tought they'd actually show. Better even was to see Harold admitting how he was mistaken about Irv. All of the character's faces at the funeral were depressing.

    I loved to find out how it was Irv who helped Bright figure his life out. Bright in the Army was hillarious, and him and Hannah talking as friends was very sweet (keep your fingers crossed!).

    Ephram and Amy were adorable. The scene where she breaks a cup, Irv yells at her, she's mad, and then back to the present she realizes how much he taught her about values and life, was so powerful. Then, two years ago, Amy and Ephram appear talking about feelings, Tommy and Madison (?!), their feelings. In the present, in the middle of her pain, Amy realizes she still has feelings for Ephram. They're leaving everything ready for the right ending.

    In that subject, we find out Andy bought Nina a wedding ring! And Ephram tells her his dad still loves her on the way to Irv's funeral. She goes all pale, because she obviously feels the same way. That means Nina & Andy are ending together, which is wonderful!

    The last scene was the best one. Edna arrives home all alone, and sees Irv's ghost, in the best Julia flashback. She asks him not to leave her, I'm already crying rivers and asking not only Irv, but Everwood, not to leave me as well.moreless
  • This episode is mainly a memorial to Irv Harper who died from a heart attack in the previous episode. It starts at his funeral, where Harold is giving a speech and then we see flashbacks to when Edna first announced she was getting married to Irv.moreless

    I can't say this episode was the best, because every episode of Everwood is terrific, but it was extremely well done. I was pleased to see it was written by the creator, Greg Berlanti. The flashbacks were a nice surprise and contributed a lot to the episode. I thought of it as a kind of prequal to the series. We finally got to see what life was like in Everwood prior to the Brown's arrival. Harold seemed a like his first-season self, completely closed to the idea of Edna and Irv getting married. I also enjoyed seeing more of Bright and Irv's relationship through Bright's memories. Overall, this was an episode that mixed laughter with tears in a satisfying way. It filled us in on some stuff about which we had been wondering. I just wish the CW had picked up Everwood so we could see more episodes like this one!moreless
  • Major Sob and Laugh fest!

    Man, this show never has an 'off' night. It always

    delivers! As much as this was an funeral episode of Irv, it still made me laugh and cry all at the same time. This definitely showcased Tom Amandes geat acting skills, (especially in the flashback scene with him and Edna arguing and his talk about Irv in the church). The flashbacks are usually a very tricky tool to use in tv shows, but Everwood did a splendid job-they are interweaved perfectly and lightly. And I got to know more about the situations of where some of the characters have come from. Irv and Edna's so-called wedding-if you call it that, anyways! I particularily enjoyed the flashback of Irv and Bright- with Bright trying out for the army-oh my god! And the talk afterwards-although very insightful-was too funny!

    And the flashback of Ephram and Amy-that was deep and philosophical-has me crossing my fingers in hopes of them gettting back together. The last scene with Andy and his father was brilliant-he told his Dad he loved him-and that Fields of Gold song-made me go weepy- with the final scene-Edna talking to Irv's spirit and her breaking down. Debra Mooney made me cry harder- her words, "Please don't leave me"-really choked me up. CW made a bad move getting rid of this show-this is truly amazing acting and writing.

    What a send off into the series finale! This is what Everwood is made of! I can't wait until the finale- I can only hope Andy and Nina, Ephram and Amy and Bright and Hannah all get together. Seeing that here in Canada, B.C. it doesn't air until June 7.

    It will be always have a place in my heart!moreless
Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt

Harold Brighton "Bright" Abbott III

Debra Mooney

Debra Mooney

Nurse Edna Abbott Harper

Emily VanCamp

Emily VanCamp

Amy Nicole Abbott

Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith

Ephram Brown

John Beasley

John Beasley

Irv Harper/ Narrator

Merrilyn Gann

Merrilyn Gann

Rose Abbott (recurring Seasons 1, 2)

Charles Durning

Charles Durning

Eugene Brown

Guest Star

Luciana Carro

Luciana Carro

Stephanie Meyer

Guest Star

Ben Hammond

Ben Hammond

Sam Feeney

Guest Star

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    • Amy: (to Ephram) So, yeah, I thought about it, but more in the way I thought about marrying Big Bird when I was six.

      Big Bird is one of the characters, or muppets, from the TV show Sesame Street, a children's series that debuted in 1969. It is the longest running kid's show in the history of American TV.

    • Bright: (to Irv) I was thinking if you get into that Oprah's Book Club thing, dude, we would be rich and famous, dating Halle Berry.

      This is a reference to The Oprah Winfrey Show. Winfrey began the book club portion of her show in 1996, and she selects books for discussion. Many of the books that she selects go on to become best sellers because of the show's popularity.

      Halle Berry is an actress who has starred in numerous movies, including Monster's Ball, Swordfish, and X-Men. Berry has won Emmy, Golden Globe, and Academy Awards.

    • Harold: (to Edna) I tried to; you were too busy acting as if you'd just won the Publishers Clearing House.

      Publishers Clearing House is a marketing company that sells household items and magazine subscriptions to consumers. The company is well known for its sweepstakes, in which the "Prize Patrol" shows up at the homes of the winners and surprises them with the news.

    • Andy: (to Ephram) Are you kidding? Patience is my middle name. I am all about maintaining the zen of my motorcycle, or whatever that book says.

      This is a reference to the 1974 novel Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values by Robert M. Pirsig. The book covers Pirsig's seventeen day motorcycle ride across the U.S., which included many philosophical discussions with his family and friends.

    • Eugene: (to Delia) I thought you were reading Little Women?

      Little Women is a novel by Louisa May Alcott about four sisters who work on overcoming character flaws as they grow up. The book was published in two parts in the late 1860s and was published as a single novel in 1880.

    • Ephram: (to Andy) There was an Ethan Hawke marathon on TNT the other day, you know he was in White Fang?

      White Fang was a 1991 movie about the relationship between a gold hunter and a wolfdog during the Klondike Gold Rush in Yukon, Canada. The film was based on Jack London's novel from the early 1900s.

      Ethan Hawke is an American actor who has appeared in numerous movies, including Hamlet, Training Day, and Before the Devil Knows You're Dead.

    • Eugene: (to Andy, referring to Irv's book) I'm ten pages from finishing. This thing's Da Vinci Code good.

      The Da Vinci Code is a 2003 mystery novel by Dan Brown about a murder at the Louvre Museum in Paris. The book inspired a 2006 movie with the same name.

    • Amy wanted to marry Luke Skywalker when she was 6.

      Luke Skywalker is a fictional character from the series of movies Star Wars.

    • The title, Goodbye, Love could possibly be a reference to the song from Rent (musical and movie), Goodbye, Love.

    • Ephram: I'm not saying it has to be candles and Coldplay, but it has to be special.

      Coldplay is an English rock band from London. The group consists of vocalist Chris Martin, guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman and drummer Will Champion.

    • Irv: Listen to me, Busta Rhymes, you need a plan.

      Trevor Smith Jr. AKA Busta Rhymes, is an American rapper and actor.

    • Ephram: Seize the day. O Captain! My Captain!

      O Captain! My Captain! is a poem by Walt Whitman about President Lincoln.

      'Seize the day.' is the common English translation of a Latin phrase, Carpe diem, in a poem by the Roman writer Horace.

      Together these two poetic allusions form an allusion to the 1989 hit film Dead Poets Society, in which both quotations feature prominently, becoming well-known catchphrases for the film more than for the original works the quotations are actually from.

    • The camera angles with Irv and Edna in the final scenes allude to the pilot of the show. In both episodes the dead, Irv and Ms. Brown, are seen in and out of the frames depending on the direction either from the back, seen or front, unseen.