Season 3 Episode 20

He Who Hesitates

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 09, 2005 on The WB
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An angry Ephram makes a bold move – and breaks his father's heart in the process – in an attempt to raise money for a plane ticket to Europe by selling his music equipment, including his piano, to "musician" Jared and his band. Meanwhile, Nina can't quite put her finger on why Andy has been acting strangely of late, whereas a more perceptive Delia comes right out and asks her father whether he has feelings for Nina, and Bright's green-eyed monster makes an unexpected appearance when Hannah (Sarah Drew) goes to the prom with Topher (guest-star Lukas Behnken). Hannah becomes very upset when Bright insults her dress. Bright goes apartment hunting. Lastly, Rose begins her treatment at the hospital with Harold by her side.moreless

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  • Bright: Boyfriend? Topher's not Hannah's boyfriend. Ephram: They've gone on three dates; he took her to prom. What else would you call him? Bright: Personally, I'd call him an asshat!

    This episode is both sad and funny at the same time. The parts with Bright getting jealous over topher are great and it's nice to see Hannah all dressed up for prom and Bright finally sees her as a viable option. And Andy finally realizes his feelings for Nina when Delia calls him on it and makes him really think about why he doesn't like her and Jake being together. Ephram is acting immature in this episode but you can't blame him because he doesn't know what to do about his son. The parts with Rose in this episode are really sad because she is such a strong woman and her body is getting weaker. All in all a really good episode.moreless
  • Season 3 heads into the last stretch of the season with a powerful episode destined to make tears flow.

    Season three of Everwood is winding down and this is one of the strongest episodes of the season. I will admit that while the first half of the season was very, very good, there was something missing. Something that wasn't quite as good as the two previous seasons. Maybe it was just me. But once the Madison thing really kicked into gear with the fantastic "Surprise", and then really blew the doors open with "A Mountain Town", the third season has been on a major roll. The second half of season three has been as compelling, dramatic, and top of the line product as any of the other seasons. A good chunk of these episode can stand up to some of the show's top best episodes from seasons one and two. Every new storyline has been set up so beautifully, and we are given nothing but one beautiful and brilliant pay off after the other. Sure, it may not be exactly what we would have wanted for most of these characters, but that's what makes it interesting. If everything was just wonderful and turned out wonderful, then how interesting would that be?. "He Who Hesitates" is not only a powerful and emotional episode, it's also a pretty pivotal episode for the remaining two episodes of the season. So, what's happening in our sleepy little town?....

    Rose and Harold - Rose has been sick and under the weather for quite some time. She got an MRI at the end of the last episode, and we learn that it is definitley cancer. A mass that is forming on her lower spine, and has now spread out into the tissue in the surrounding area. Which explains the back pain she has been having. The doctor informs Rose and Harold that going through a round of chemotherapy for now would be the best cause of action. This has been a powerful and heart tugging new story development. As usual, the show has turned into something very human and realistic, and very emotional without overdoing it, or making it sappy. The characters on this show are so well written, developed, and performed, that you feel for them. Not only that, but you are close and connected to them. We feel for Rose. We feel for Harold. We don't need any of the usual TV cliches with a story like this. Cliches that amp up the music and obviously play with people's emotions. We don't need any of that here. Why is that?. Because we already feel close to these people, and feel as if we know them. It will hit us and affect us quite nicey just with the story itself. And the show, brilliantly, knows that. This story spreads and touches most everyone else on the show. When Rose and Harold finally tell Amy and Bright, it is strong and potent, without the viewer even hearing a single word of the conversation. Amy's break down to Hannah is so real, you wished you were Hannah so you could hug her too. And Harold. Poor Harold. He thought he was losing his daughter last season, and now he is faced with the possibility of losing his beloved wife forever. Tom Amandes' scene with Andy in his office was powerful and heartfelt. Amandes continues to be not only one of the best actors on this show, but also one of the most underrated and overlooked. The end scene with Rose and Harold was shocking and sad, and came out of nowhere. But leave it to Everwood to make it something special. Much praise to the wonderful Merrilynn Gann as well.

    Bright and Hannah - It was clear right from the get go that these two, at some point, were destined to get together. They just had to. Here lately, it seemed more obvious. Not only do they need to get together, but you want them to get together. As much as I loved the Amy/Ephram deal, they have been overshadowed. Bright and Hannah have become the premiere twosome here and I look forward to their scenes more than Amy and Ephram. Hannah is getting ready to go to her prom with Topher, while Bright obviously seems to have a problem with it. Bright goes apartment hunting, and calls Hannah on her cell phone to ask about an apartment he is looking at. She is hurt from his earlier comment about her prom dress. When Topher and Hannah kiss on the front step, it's awkward and is obviously not the kiss Hannah had envisioned. From then on, it's apparent that Hannah is re-thinking the Topher issue. Bright and Hannah are so great together and have wonderful chemistry. Chris Pratt continues to show that there is more to Bright than anyone had thought, and he and Sarah Drew just work off each other perfectly. I love these two, and they have become the top couple for me on the show.

    Andy is realizing that he has feelings for Nina, and that she is the one. Nina thinks something is up when Andy acts strangely towards her. This after hearing Jake tell him that Andy did have a shot with her at one point. It's clear that Andy wants Nina, even tho she herself might be too occupied lately with Dr. Dimples. It takes Delia to realize that Andy is in love with Nina, and she calls him on it. Delia is getting to be quite the smart little girl. I just hope they don't turn her into a know it all smarty pants like Ruthie on "7th Heaven". This is a storyline that's been in the making since the first episode of the series. One can only wonder, and hope, where it leads.

    Ephram - What to say about Ephram?. He is planning on packing up and heading off to Europe. How does he get the money?. He sells all of his musical equipment to a struggling musician. It's quite the powerful scene when Andy steps into that garage and finds it completely empty. But is Ephram right?. Can he just chuck his graduation and future away?. What does he really have left in Everwood?. His father had hid one gigantic, life changing secret from him that has altered their relationship. He and Amy broke up. He screwed up his Julliard audition. What does he have to keep him in Everwood?. It's interesting because these exact same questions, and some reasons, will be brought to Andy in the season finale. We all know Ephram is leaving, and there are mixed feelings about it. On one hand, we don't want him to leave. Stay and work out the problems. On the other hand, we, or I, don't mind seeing him go.

    In the end, "He Who Hesitates" is a powerful and compelling episode. It is sad, heartfelt, funny, and just hits all the right buttons. This is what makes "Everwood" Everwood. My lord, this is one fantastic show.moreless
John Beasley

John Beasley

Irv Harper/ Narrator

Anne Heche

Anne Heche

Amanda Hayes

Debra Mooney

Debra Mooney

Nurse Edna Abbott Harper

Tom Amandes

Tom Amandes

Dr. Harold Abbott Jr.

Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith

Ephram Brown

Scott Wolf

Scott Wolf

Dr. Jake Hanson

Lukas Behnken

Lukas Behnken


Guest Star

Todd Louiso

Todd Louiso

Equpiment Buyer

Guest Star

Lee Garlington

Lee Garlington

Brenda Baxworth

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Delia helps Andy realize what his true feelings towards Nina are and Ephram helps Bright realize what his feelings towards Hannah are.

    • Hannah goes to the prom with Topher and gets her first kiss in this episode.

    • Harold and Rose tell Bright and Amy about Rose's cancer.

    • Bright mentions his cousin Ginny in Iowa (he also mentioned her in another episode) and admits that he's never been east of Iowa.

    • Ephram was not in the 3 weeks later scene, so the writers were flashing forward only to show one small piece of the future for Rose and Harold. We can assume Ephram was already gone at that point, but since the flash forward didn't include any other characters, I'm sure the previews of the next episode mean it will go back and show what happened during his last week in Everwood.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Amy: (to Hannah) Just enjoy it, okay. Sometimes you forget to appreciate these moments and then suddenly you're back into your normal life trying to remember what it felt like.

    • Bright: Boyfriend? Topher's not Hannah's boyfriend.
      Ephram: They've gone on three dates; he took her to prom. What else would you call him?
      Bright: Personally, I'd call him an asshat!

    • Amy: May we please order some food? I'm starving and Bright is threatening to cook.

    • Bright: You're cooking?
      Hannah: Don't worry, you don't have to eat it if it's bad.
      Bright: No, it's not that...
      Hannah: I had to learn early, you know? I'm just giving you the heads up in case you want to order pizza.
      Bright: No, it's just, you've been doing this for your family for like, ever, it just doesn't seem right that you have to do it for mine too.
      Hannah: It feels right to me.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Ephram: (to Amy) Okay, uh, well, I'm pretty sure that's all your stuff. Um, I couldn't remember who bought the Liz Phair CD, you or me, so...

      Liz Phair is a singer/songwriter who began her career in the early 90s, primarily playing indie rock music. With the release of her self-titled album in 2003, her music began to shift to a more pop/rock style.

    • Piano Buyer: You know, we're kind of, uh, punk rock meets new wave meets LeAnn Rimes, her early stuff. Um, it's very stellar.

      LeAnn Rimes is a country/pop singer. She became famous at the age of 13 with her first album, Blue, and her voice is often compared to Patsy Cline.

    • Amy: Definitely, I'm sure he's (Topher) even picked out a song that he's going to have them play for you.
      Hannah: Oh no, what if he chooses something awful? I already know that he enjoys doing the Macarena.

      The Macarena is a dance that was invented to go along with a song with the same name. The Los Del Rio song was a #1 hit, and the song and dance were both very popular in the mid-1990s.

    • Harold: What a fearless meal, Rose. What would Dr. Atkins say?

      This is a reference to Dr. Robert Atkins, who made the low-carb "Atkins" diet famous. He read about the diet in a medical journal and wrote a series of books about it beginning in the 1970s. The diet reached the height of its popularity around 2003-2004.

    • Bright: (to Ephram) Hey dude, you should totally see if you can crash at Clooney's place in Italy, how sweet would that be? You and George in the speed boat, huh?

      George Clooney is an American actor and director who has starred in the TV show ER and in numerous movies, including Ocean's Eleven and Syriana.

    • Hannah: He's (Topher) always talking about how much he admires me, but, like, not in, like, a Bone Collector kind of way.

      Bone Collector is a 1999 drama/thriller movie starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. Their characters work together to solve a series of murders by a killer who removes a piece of bone from each victim.