Season 4 Episode 11

Lost and Found

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 27, 2006 on The WB
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Ephram falls into a depression over his stumped relationship with Amy and his sudden lack of direction in life is made worse by the news that his piano teacher, Will Cleveland (James Earl Jones, who does not appear in the episode), has died. Bright takes Ephram to one of the college keggers to help cheer him up, but Ephram ignores the party and the girls who are flirting with him to play video games. Also, a lonely Edna suffers a panic attack and Andy comes to the rescue as he rushes her to the hospital. Delia grows more rebellious against her father and Harold and Rose consider adopting a child from Africa, but find out it is a lot harder than they expected.moreless

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  • Andy adn his youngest kid are nto on great treams. Andy older son buys a pion and miss Amy as a grilfriend.

    I think that it was sad at the end. I loved this one like all the others. Amy needs her exs Ephram. Andy and his son talk. The cast is great. The plot is great. Jake is not in thsi one. I part when Amy mom trickes her husband a little. Or when Rose;s husband is showing after the mask and the drum. Or when Bright's grilfriend gest red when she said ball bouncers. I like the one where amy goes to ny on a plane with her boyfirend. I love this all of it. So this is a great show.moreless
  • Amy's lost. Hannah's lost. Harold's lost. Delia's lost. Even Edna's lost. Thankfully we've got Ephram (?!) and Rose.

    Great episode, just like \'Ghosts\'.

    Ephram was WOW. I mean, he has been moody and sad and depressed for so long, it was starting to get so boring. But then, out of nothing, he was there, playing the piano again. Andy\'s face when he saw Ephram in his own living room, actually playing the piano, brought tears to my eyes.

    Can someone PLEASE give Sarah Drew her own show? Hannah was so perfect. I could totally understand her pain when she felt she was losing Amy. Who hasn\'t lost a friend, and felt even more lost afterwards? Maybe it\'s because Hannah and I are so much alike, but I also understood her so much when she was talking about the Planned Parenthood thing, and it was amazing that she stood up for her beliefs.

    Harold and Rose were perfect as always. During the whole episode I was thinking \"Hey, don\'t be so prejudiced about a kid with issues like depression or bipolar disease, you have AMY, remember?\" and then Rose materialized that in one of - certainly - best scenes in Everwood. When she talks about \"a child\'s\" problems and then tells Harold that kid he apparently wouldn\'t know how to handle was their own daughter, was painful and yet beautiful.

    Edna missing Irv was so sweet. It\'s good to see her as a human being who feels pain for a change.

    Amy\'s so boring with that new teacher who is so perfect and so nice and so life altering. Please. You miss Ephram, girl. It\'s Amy of second season again. Phelgm.

    An amazing episode as always. Everwood at its best.moreless
  • Whiskey Sour with a Twist of Lemon: A Long-Overdue Everwood Review...(this is the same as my review for "Ghosts"; I don't have time to seperate the events, right now).

    other day, I noticed that Monday's episodes took some people back to season one. I wholeheartedly agree.

    The one thing, however, that continues to resist season one's style is...Ephram's hair! Why? Why does it have to be so long? In the scene with him and Amy, I notice that his hair is almost as long as hers! This is just unacceptable.

    Delia has become such a...teenager! What is happening with her? I suspect we will find out more, pretty soon, but this is an annoying turn of events (not that it isn't realistic...all teens go through that kind of emotional roller coaster). But I wonder if it's anything specific. Those tears aren't for nothing; something is up with her. Maybe this has something to do with it: "No wonder she hates you!" Is it about her mom? It seems so. And let me just say that I love the following exchange between her and Andy:

    Andy: "You go to your room!"

    Delia: "I'm GOING!"

    Andy: "Well, go faster!"

    There is a great comedic balance not only in that moment but also throughout the episode(s). Of course, we can always count on Bright for comedy, too: (to the Ms. Pac-Man) "I missed you!" (hugs it).

    Nina/Jake: okay, Nina is utterly saint-like. She is such a good person, and I know it is hard for her to do what she does (take Jake back). Paradoxically, though, it is NOT difficult: she loves Jake, and she doesn't want to throw that away. I don't know if I could get over something like that; kudos to her. And Stephanie Niznik does a wonderful job portraying her; the emotion I get from the following line is just one testament to this fact: "Goodbye Jake." She's almost crying; heck, I'M almost crying. And then, later, she takes him back! So great. I hear Emmys calling!

    Edna/Irv: they have such a great connection. When Irv comes back because he misses Edna, I'm just so touched ("I missed my spoon."); Edna's panic attacks are powerful, revealing. It makes me extremely sad that one or both of them will (likely) be gone soon (these two deserve Emmys as well). And, once again, Edna proves to be subtly hilarious, as Andy says, "no offense." "No! How could that be offensive?" This is another great exchange, one of my favorites.

    As for Andy's attacking Irv, I kind of get it, and I think that the story about the affair is justified. Andy has a right to be a bit perturbed by Irv's ending for him; but at the same time, as Irv points out, it's just fiction. Andy's emotions get the best of him and unravel his sense of reality; he takes the ending personally, and as Irv is just out to "make a buck," the old expression springs to mind, very relevant indeed: "It's not personal, it's business." Now, Andy just needs to accept his fake "ending" and make a better one in reality.

    While the so-called "revelation" about Julia has been revealed before, and thus is not a revelation, it DOES present a new take on the subject. It gives us new information: Andy was RIGHT there. Could he have stopped it? I am extremely happy that he shares this information with Dr. Abbott: as their relationship changes, it is interesting to see them show concern for each other. Andy is hurting, and Dr. Abbott has the decency to stop cracking jokes. I think many of us agree that theirs is one of the most intriguing relationships of the show.

    Another interesting relationship is the one between Ephram and Kyle. As we get closer to the big coming-out, it is fascinating to watch their growing relationship. (Well, we assume it's Kyle that will come out of the closet). Ephram's trip down memory lane is great, shades of season one. Showing Kyle that he can find friends in the most unlikely places, Ephram seems to set up the storyline: will Kyle feel that Ephram is his friend, that he can trust him with such important information? And how about that scene with Ephram in the halls of the high school, the spinning, the nostalgic viewpoint? Again, back to season one; love it! Did anyone notice that one of the girls Ephram pointed out was named Kimber, Kelly Carlson's alter-ego on Nip/Tuck (she's guest starring next week)? Or did I imagine that?

    I'm not sure about Amy's professor. She seems a tad shady, but perhaps this feeling will blow over. Afterall, I love her comment about Laguna Beach (which I don't watch)! She has potential; at least she can be funny. One positive thing about her: she opens up a can of worms for Amy, who realizes that her dad may not be who she thought he was...he performs abortions, or has done so.

    Loving the slap! Hating the party. Bright...I love you as a character, overall, but why do you have to be such a college GUY? I seriously doubt this party had an effect on Ephram, other than costing him $2,000 and making him kiss some girl he doesn't know.

    When will the nightmare end? When will Ephram and Amy just get together already? Their conversation in the diner (or whatever that was) leaves us wanting more, wanting them to make it or break it. "I still think you're my person," Amy says. So...hurry up and have your Europe! We want a resolution. Will we get one before the season is over? Ephram and Amy have been apart for SO long, and it wasn't even a very definite breakup!

    As I wrap this up, I'd like to point out that Ephram is ecstatic when he is at the piano. Playing "Bella Ray" again seems like medicine for his soul; again, season one. What does this mean for his future (especially when one considers the new piano that he buys)? Will Ephram love music again, not just teach it? What can he and Kyle do for EACH OTHER (not dirty, I swear)?

    Last, but not least, who here is creeped out by the background music, during Amy and Hannah's argument? It is just SO sad and scary, because it evokes a really bad feeling in me: will Hannah and Amy "break up"? Where is their friendship headed? All this from music. Wonderful job, music crew. :-)

    And while I'm at it, this goes out to the cast and crew: amazing work! Keep it up.


    The only really negative things I noticed were the lack of Harold/Rose, in the first episode, and the completely blatant advertisement for that car. The advertisement didn't bother me that much, though, which goes to show that I am reaching to find something bad. In reality, these episodes meet my expectations.

    Now, though, we are climbing for something higher, a new plateau, a new level of expectations, with the following upcoming storylines: more death, heartbreak, suicide, abortion...we're in for a ride. It's only going to get better.moreless
  • I used to actually like this show, but wow, this sucker is boring.

    When is Marcia Cross coming back from Africa? She was the last intriguing character on this show. And Treat has gone soft since busting up Ephram and the hottie babysitter. I wan\'t a little character consistency. What\'s more, Bright, or however you spell that name, needs to be stupider. Yeah.
  • An intriguing, dark follow-up to "Ghosts"

    As a matter of luck, skill, or a combination, "Ghosts" and "Lost and Found" ended up being a very complementary "two-hour event" for Everwood's long-overdue return. While "Ghosts" had a fairly light feel to it, "Lost and Found" had a much darker feel.

    Where to begin? Let's start with the comedic aspects. Take, for example, the great teaser to start the episode. I just love it when Bright and Ephram have a scene together. The two characters are polar opposites, which is why they work so well together. Bright's unyielding (and excellent) comedy is a tremendous counterpart to the introverted and more serious Ephram. So, when Ephram reveals his concern over his lack of "forward progress" in life, Bright retorts that he will make a happy Ephram. I don't know why, but scenes like this are why Everwood should be treasured. Each scene is believable and yet delightfully idealistic and heartwarming. I don't know how this show does it time and time again.

    The title of this episode says it all. "Lost and Found" focuses on an intriguing evolution of nearly every character in the show. The Abbotts discuss adoption, and in the process, we learn of one of Harold's primary concerns (Tom Amandes is sensational on this show). Ephram's life seems to be falling apart, but the death of his piano teacher (or, really, his mentor) gives him a much-needed spark. Andy seems to have connected with Ephram now, but he appears to have lost Delia. Delia, meanwhile, is completely lost in the desperate times of childhood growth.

    Meanwhile, Amy appears to have found a new calling while at the same time losing her "Everwood" personality. I find this evolution intriguing, and I applaud the writers for doing this. I have seen this evolution in college students (to varying degrees and "personalities") time and time again -- hey, I've done it myself -- and Amy's evolution is no different. The wonderfully intelligent and thoughtful background information regarding Planned Parenthood earns Nancy Won some big kudos from me.

    Although it was difficult to watch, I applaud the tension between Hannah and Amy. And what an intelligently written argument they had. Two friends on different paths. I wonder how many of us have had discussions like this one before? Maybe not the same conversational context -- but definitely the tone.

    My favorite scene of the episode was Ephram's discussion with Reid regarding happiness and goals in life (By the by, Justin Baldoni is supremely underrated on this show). I can't describe the number of ways that scene was perfect -- but it was. Also nice comedic elements with the Ms. PacMan (YES!) and the term "bitchin'".

    What a wonderful episode this was. The quality of Everwood is, to the greatest degree, en fuego. "Lost and Found" continues this trend. Welcome back, Everwood.moreless
Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt

Harold Brighton "Bright" Abbott III

Debra Mooney

Debra Mooney

Nurse Edna Abbott Harper

Emily VanCamp

Emily VanCamp

Amy Nicole Abbott

Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith

Ephram Brown

John Beasley

John Beasley

Irv Harper/ Narrator

Merrilyn Gann

Merrilyn Gann

Rose Abbott (recurring Seasons 1, 2)

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    • Bright: Aw yeah, B plus. Career high. Who puts the stud in American Studies? Bright Abbott does, ladies and gentlemen. I could do this professionally.
      Ephram: You want to be a Historian?
      Bright: God, is that what it would make me? Never mind.

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    • Ephram: (To Reid) My dad always said that medical school was like the fifth ring of hell... or maybe it was the seventh. I can't remember, I always tuned him out anyway.

      This is a reference to Inferno, a poem at the beginning of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, which he wrote in the 1300s. Inferno tells the story of Dante's trek through hell, which he describes as having nine circles of suffering.

    • Nurse: Well, Edna, you did not have a heart attack.
      Andy: Thank God.
      Edna: Ah, thank Lipitor.

      Lipitor (officially named atorvastatin) is a drug used to lower cholesterol. It is manufactured by Pfizer and is the world's highest-selling medication.

    • Laurie: (To Amy) I live for students like you. Most kids just want to get an A and go home and watch Laguna Beach. A show, by the way, which is scarily instructive about gender roles.

      Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County was a TV show that ran on MTV for three seasons, from 2004 to 2006. The show focused on the lives of wealthy teenagers living in Laguna Beach, California.

    • Bright: (To Ephram) If Jennifer can get over the Brad, you can get over my sister.

      This is a reference to actress Jennifer Aniston and her ex-husband, actor Brad Pitt. The two were married from 2000 to 2005. Soon after they split up, Pitt became involved with Angelina Jolie.