Season 2 Episode 14

No Sure Thing

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2004 on The WB

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  • Hot & Funny

    This episode was great for many reasons obviously, I was glad when Amy decided not to have sex with Tommy, that guy freaks me out. I have always wondered if they put shadow under his eyes or if it's just natural for him. Anyway Madison and Ephram finally consumate their love, which turned out to be a disaster (when they were on the couch) the part where Ephram got 'excited' too early was hilarious, I could not stop laughing. They don't have what music was in this episode on the WB website, does anybody know the name of the song that was playing in Ephram's car at the end? The one that is playing while they are hmm hmming? Anyway great episode, lots of plot development.