Season 4 Episode 4

Pieces of Me

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2005 on The WB

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  • WOW! Everwood is at it again with another great episode..with steller performances by Tom Amandes and Merrilyn Gann

    Wow! This was by far one of my favorite episodes of the season, besides "Put on a happy face". At first I actually thought, I wouldn't like it because of Ephram's role in it.(The summary of this eppy seemed to be long) I misunderstood that, that meant he would have the most air time. But he didn't! And I'm so glad, I still really like Ephram, but he is not my favorite. The best parts of this episode dealt with Bright and Harold and Rose.

    Bright: He is so funny in this one. The whole Dakota-Fanning quote about Delia was fun, and the part when he told the priest, (I think he said) " He's jewish" to Ephram and then he said "lost cause" to himself. Ha! And then his last scene with his Mom was funny, but really it was quite warm. He is definitely maturing!

    Harold and Rose: Now this was truly the best part of this episode and pretty much the best part of Everwood since"He Who Hesitates" from the third season. I love Rose and Harold they are my favorite characters, and wih Rose having Cancer, it has definitely intensified the mood of Everwood. In this ep, we have them awaiting Rose's test results, and at the sametime Harold campaigns for his wife's reelection for mayor. But it seems that Harold, is far too determined to get his wife reelected. Which leads to two of my favorite scenes, where at Rose's campaign meeting, everybody is asking about her health and he yells at them, saying that his wife was always there for them. But really the scene where he breaks down and yells at Edna in his office.Hit me even harder.He made me want to cry!
    At the end when Rose finally got her test results and they came up negative, the look on both of their faces are so touching. And then Rose cries as Harold holds her..it pulled at my heartstrings. Tom and Merrilyn have equally pulled off phenonmenonal performances, throughout this, drawing from their intense,chemistry to create an memorable episode. Keep up the great work! The writer's have done such a great job with this storyline,letting it run its course, so it can make its own conclusion. Now with Rose in remission it can go either way. I do hope the cancer won't come back, but do I wonder what it would be like if it did. Enough Said!
    I loved it. And besides Harold and Rose, it was great seeing Renee Taylor (from The Nanny)playing her part and the actor who played her husband (I don't remember his name) were great in their roles.
    The scene with Jake and Hannah was a little wierd. Its great that Hannah told him off!
    All in all, its a classic episode, funny and yet extremely powerful!

  • One of the best episodes yet.

    The only thing that I did not like about this episode was the whole Ephram thing. But that's just becasue I'm not the biggest Ephram fan. Like I've said before Gregory Smith is a great actor, but Ephram such a jerk. Plus he about bores me to sleep. Except when he's with Bright. Speaking of Bright....

    Man this guy is funny! I bet the writters have loads of fun thinking of dialouge for him.

    But what really made this story so good was everything with Rose. I'm so happy that her cancer is now in remission, because I don't think I'd be able to take it if she had to go through everything again. Tom Amandas was wonderful with this episode. I cried when he broke down to Edna (well, he sorta did) And I cried again when Rose said her cancer was in remission and he just held her. The actress that plays Rose (sorry, forgot her name) was wonderful with this whole storyline too.

    Everwood is definatly the most underated show on T.V.

    Rating: A 10/10
  • Goodbye past, Hello future...

    Week four of "Everwood" is an episode that really puts ongoing storylines into new chapters. Things are progressing nicely. While this was still a pretty good episode, it would probably be my third favorite of the four so far. It does have some great moments. Tom Amandas' scene where he breaks down to Edna is marvelous, and basically anything with Harold and Rose was superb and well done. As you can see by my summary for this particular episode, there really is a bit of the past coming into play while people move on into the future. Ephram is moving ahead while past memories come flooding back to him. The way of living for Nina and Jake has changed basically because of Hannah. A patient of Andy's doesn't want a future if he has to forget his past, which in turns helps Andy deal with Delia's desire to have a bot matizvah(I know I didn't spell that right!). And then there is Rose. Lord I love Rose. I love the whole Abbott clan. Give me the Abbott's over the Brown's any day of the week(although Andy is still a favorite). Rose's past has been as mayor for the town for 12 years, and now it looks like things are changing. Plus with recent news, it looks like there will be a future for Rose. The writers for this show are brilliant with consistency and have everything happen in their most natural, logistic ways. Especially with Rose's cancer, which was so spectacularly done. Then there is the Amy/Ephram thing. People are wanting them to get it going together again. I don't. It's so much better when they are not together. It's more interesting and brings more drama. So, this was a strong episode, and everybody was really on their game here. Then again, when aren't they?. What exactly happened?. Read on and find out.

    Let's start with my least favorite part of the episode. That would be the whole Ephram thing. The episode starts with him and Bright(along with Delia)at a job fair. There are some humorous results here, but nothing floats Ephram's boat. He comes upon the idea of giving piano lessons to earn some cash. Bright is concerned that this will mean Ephram will become "piano guy" again, and Amy thinks this could be hard for him to even go back to playing the piano and will stir up some old memories and feelings. Ephram scoffs at both of them and says he will be fine. Well, it appears that Amy was right. Ephram's first student is a 'bratty' kid named Kyle who thinks he knows it all. More than that, this kid can already really play. He tells Ephram he has no idea of learning or playing that "classical crap". The kid is played by Steven R. McQueen, who is the grandson(or great-grandson)of legendary film actor Steve McQueen. That's pretty cool. Shortly thereafter, Ephram gets into the process but it seems to be too much too soon. Why is he even doing this when this kid already acts like he knows everything and is kind of snotty?. Ephram gets it together and he lays it out on the line for this kid. He will continue to teach him, and he might have to play that classical crap because Julliard likes it. The kid agrees but tells Ephram that he can't pay him. Ephram agrees to keep doing it anyways.

    I didn't care much for this storyline, but Gregory Smith was good, and young McQueen seems like he could become more bearable and likeable as the season progresses. But it was the last scene between the two that was the best part. Kyle tells him that he can't pay him but Ephram agrees to continue to tutor him. Ephram sees something good in this kid and he is not going to let this kid waste his talent or lose out on his dream like he did. It's kind of a passing of the torch kind of thing. It worked really well.

    The best part of this episode once again dealt with the senior Abbotts. Rose has had her final scan, and now they have to wait for the results to come back to see if the cancer is all gone. The doctor tells them that chemo is not as effective the second time around, and that if the cancer is not all gone then, well, it looks bad for Rose. In the meantime, they learn that Rose's deputy mayor is running for mayor. This irks Harold as nobody has ever run against Rose since she has been mayor. Why would this happen now?. Harold is bound and determined to start a campaign for Rose and that she is going to win. In a town meeting for her re-election, the locals only ask about her health and what will happen if it's not gone. It dawns on Rose that she is no longer "Mayor of Everwood", but "cancer victim". The people see her differently now. If she is sick, and will still be sick, how could she run the town?. Harold is upset with the locals, as he should be. But it seems all for nothing when it appears that Rose is losing in the race. On the upside, she gets the call from the doctor. The scan results came back negative. The cancer is gone. This was a happy moment, while at the same time was completely heartwrenching. Amandaes and Merilynn Gann have both been phenomenal with this storyline. Harold's scene in his office with Edna was powerful. The writers have also handled it so brilliantly. It wasn't wrapped up and taken care of. They let it go all the way for it's natural conclusion. It's also great that they never gave the audience the sense of false security. They never let the viewers feel too comfortable or at ease with Rose's future. They made it feel like it could go either way. Just superb.

    Jake feels like there should be new house rules with Hannah. He wants Hannah to let them know ahead of time if she is not going to be there for dinner, since she and Bright skipped out on Nina's gourmet dinner. This leads to a tense scene where Hannah tells him that he is not her dad, and why should she listen to him?. Besides, she thinks Jake is in the same boat as her. They are both staying there at Nina's, rent free, so who is he to give her these rules?. While you might kind hate Jake at first, you understand where he is coming from when he talks to Nina. He doesn't know his part to play. Who is he in this house?. Where does he fit in and what is he supposed to do?. Is he the father figure, or fun uncle Jake?. This discussion gets Nina thinking of the new living situations. They have a teenager living in the house now, who has a horny boyfriend who lives in his own place with two other guys. Curfew time!. It's a simple but honest storyline that does carry some weight. It is an interesting living situation, and just where does everybody's pieces fall?.

    It was really cool that screen veterans Joseph Bologna and Renee Taylor appeared in this episode as Andy's latest clients. For those of you who don't know, they really are husband and wife in real life. Bologna plays a man who has a brain tumor. It's benign and Andy says it would be easy to take out. Side effects would be memory loss and stuff like that. This turns the man off. When he finds out the real reason why, it's quite powerful. He is a Holocaust survivor, and he still has nightmares. He doesn't want to lose that part of his past. Andy understands, but tells the man he would be willing to give that up if it meant he could have a future. So, the operation is a go. Thanks to the man's wife and their jewish history, it has Andy keeping his promise to Delia who wants to have a bot mitzvah. She got this idea after talking to a priest while at the job fair. This was a strong and stirring side storyline that grew in stature as the episode went on and Delia's story and the patient's story were connected. It would of been nice if we got word on how the operation went. Maybe next episode.

    "Pieces Of Me" was another well done episode of the show. The series is still able to amaze me every week. There is no better show on TV.
  • Get Amy and Ephram back together already.

    When is Jake going away? I have never liked Scott Wolfe and he is trying to ruin one of my favorite shows. Jake and Nina together make absolutely no sense. Amy and Ephram need to get back together. I'm liking Bright and Hannah more and more with every episode. I especially liked Hannah on this episode. She told Jake off and had every right to do it.
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