Season 1 Episode 1

Pilot Episode

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 16, 2002 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • On the DVD commentary actor Treat Williams mentions that the brown paper bags seen on the show are actually made of cloth and not paper to keep the noise down while filming.

    • In Ephram's dream the magazines he is showing to Amy are of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing 95' - 96' directed by Masashi Mukaeda; it was one of the first Japanese Gundam series to be translated into English at the time and is also one of the most praised. In the pilot of the series The Shooting Star She Saw the main Gundam pilot Heero Yuy meets Relena Peacecraft whom she immediately tries to befriend the first day of school.

    • Ephram is wearing a Ranma 1/2 shirt featuring the character P-Chan in the scene when Andy tells Ephram and Delia that they're moving to Everwood.

    • Goof: In the end of the episode, when Ephram is playing piano, the sound we hear doesn't match his fingers' movements.

    • Andy has been a Brain Surgeon for 15 years.

    • Dr. Andy Brown General Practice is being held at the train depot and his services are free.

      Dr. Harold Abbot is the family doctor in town and has been for 15 years and his father was before him.

    • The town of Everwood has a population of just over 9,000. It was founded in 1853, with the one of the country's first opera houses, oldest gold mine, and third largest chili cook-off.

    • Irv is the narrator/voiceover.

    • At the beginning of the episode My Brother's Keeper, it is stated that Edna left in 1968, so if we say that Harold was 12 and Linda 8, by the time Season 1 of Everwood began Harold would have been 46 and Linda 43 years of age.

    • It is very hard to believe that in a town populated with 9,000 people there are only 2 doctor care physicians; even only one before doctor Brown came on board.

  • Quotes

    • Old lady: Is it true Doctor Brown, are your services really free of charge?
      Dr. Brown: Only my medical ones.

    • Nina: Hi, I'm Nina Feeny. I'm your neighbor.
      Dr. Brown: That's a weird coincidence because I'm your neighbor.

    • Nina: You want a cup of coffee?
      Dr. Brown: Only if it's spiked.

    • Narrator: I wasn't there the day Dr. Brown's life changed forever. But I was around for many days thereafter. When he and his family would call Everwood their home.

    • Dr. Abbott: I've been the doctor of this community for 15 years and my father before me.
      Dr. Brown: Was it your father's father before him? 'cause that would be really cool.

    • Ephram: Dick.
      Andy: Don't you talk to me like that. You're gonna get yourself another one.
      Ephram: You know what? You said you were crazy. And you know what? News flash, you are. All right, you quit your job, you grow this ugly ass beard, you look like you wear your clothes to bed and you move us to No-wheres-ville U.S.A.! And why? Because someone told you it was pretty once.!? And if that's not enough, you talk to mom like she's still her and hasn't seen you and Delia threw some. What do I have to say to myself?! What do you have to say to yourself?!
      Andy: I can't believe you think my beard is ugly.
      Ephram: Mom would have never had done this to us! She never would've moved us here and gone crazy!
      Andy: Don't be so sure of that!
      Ephram: I am sure! All right, I knew her. You didn't know her. We all just tolerated you!
      Andy: Hey, that's pretty good, what else you got?!
      Ephram: I wish you died instead of her!
      Andy:Well, I wish I did too you little bastard!
      Ephram: I hate you!
      Andy: Well, I hate you right back! Now get in that house!
      Ephram: I'm going for a ride!
      Andy: Oh, yeah?!
      Ephram: Yeah!
      Andy: At some point you're getting in that house!

    • Andy: I'm making some pancakes, you want some?
      Ephram: Go to hell!
      Andy: That's my boy.

    • Amy: That doctor who just moved here, he's your father right?
      Ephram: Yeah, if you use the term 'father' loosely.

    • >Andy: Come on, let's get you to school.
      Ephram: I appreciate the offer, but it's about 10 years too late.

    • Ephram: Moving where?!
      Dr. Brown: Everwood, Colorado.
      Delia: Where's that?
      Ephram: (to Delia) Colorado, moron.

    • Amy: Bright get off of... (Ephram) ( Punches him)
      Ephram: Your name is Bright? That's ironic.

    • Bright: Dad is gonna skin your ass when he finds out you're hanging out with Ephram.
      Amy: Dad isn't going to find out because you're not going to tell him.
      Bright: Oh aren't I?
      Amy: Not if you value all that porn you have stored on your computer. What was the file name again? Favorite Biblical Passages?

    • (Referring to the old train station)
      Dr. Brown: Do you see what I see here?
      Brenda: Multiple opportunities for staph infection?
      Dr. Brown: No, Mrs. Baxworth. My new office.

    • Mr. Greeley: Oh, Doc. Doc. Doc. I've been waiting for you. Right on time. Doc. How are you today, Dr. Abbott?
      Dr. Abbott: Just fine, Mr. Greeley.
      Mr. Greeley: Well, that makes one of us.
      Dr. Abbott: And how are you today, Mr. Greeley?
      Mr. Greeley: I'm so glad you asked. There's a pain in my left leg, just above the knee.
      Dr. Abbott: Is it a throbbing pain or a sharp pain?
      Mr. Greeley: Throbbing. No, no, sharp. No, throbbing.
      Dr. Abbott: Un huh. How long have you had it?
      Mr. Greeley: About three years.
      Dr. Abbott: I'm opening this Friday around 2:15.
      Mr. Greeley: Well, can't you just check me out here?
      Dr. Abbott: As I explained to you before, Mr. Greeley, there are insurance regulations that prohibit me from diagnosing without a proper check up.
      Mr. Greeley: But, it's just a little pain.
      Dr. Abbott: Well, a little pain can become a big lawsuit. Let's say, hypothetically, I were to misdiagnose you now with an osteoarthritic condition and advise you to purchase some aspirin. You would adhere to my suggestion and then, this evening you would drop dead, again hypothetically, when you had a vascular brain disorder expressing itself unilaterally in your left leg. Can you imagine the malpractice case your family would have against me? Sorry, I don't make the rules. I just live by them. Friday, 2:15, then.
      Mr. Greeley: Oh, rats.

    • Narrator: I wasn't there the day Dr. Andrew Brown's life changed forever. But like most folks in Everwood, I've heard the story enough times to be able to tell it. It begins where many stories begin. In the city of New York, where Dr. Brown lived comfortably with his wife and two children.

    • Dr. Brown: Good morning.
      Dr. Abbott: Buzz off. And do me a favor - keep your son away from my daughter.
      Dr. Brown: I don't think that's how it went.
      Dr. Abbott: Why on earth would my Amy associate with your misfit?
      Dr. Brown: Well, he said something about a crack deal.

    • Dr. Brown: You know, I was thinking last night that you look vaguely familiar to me.
      Dr. Abbott: Perhaps I remind you of one of the inmates you knew from whatever asylum you escaped from.
      Dr. Brown: It's my first day. Are you going to wish me luck?
      Dr. Abbott: Oh, it'll take more than luck to launch the U.S.S. Wacko but what the hey? Good luck. Now if you're finished blathering, one of us has patients to attend to.

    • Amy: You were bold out there.
      Ephram: Oh, it was just strategy, really.
      Amy: Strategy?
      Ephram: I find it best when dealing with any unfamiliar bully to strike early with sarcasm. It makes them wonder whether I have some secret butt-kicking prowess they're unable to detect.

    • Kid 1: Hey freak. What's with the hair, man? They run out of green at the store?
      Kid 2: Hey, you. My friend here asked you a question.
      Ephram: I'm sorry. I didn't understand him. You see, I don't speak dumb-ass. But since you obviously do, maybe you could translate.

    • Andy: (about moving to Colorado) Now, I want this to be a democratic decision, so we're going to put this to a vote. Everyone who wants to move... and get their own horse, raise your hand.
      (Delia raises her hand excitedly).
      Andy: Well, that decides it.
      Ephram: Democratic?! You bought her vote!
      Andy: Yeah. That's the American version.
      Ephram: (to Delia) I want you to remember this moment. This is the moment you conspired with a psycho to ruin whatever was left of our pathetic little lives.

    • Nurse Barb: You asked me to remind you when it was 7:00.
      Dr. Brown: It's 7:00 already?
      Nurse Barb: It was 7:00 a half-hour ago, when I reminded you the first time.
      Dr. Brown: Tell Julia to go without me. I'll meet her there.
      Nurse Barb: She called already to say she was leaving and asked me to remind you that you're a lousy husband/father.
      Dr. Brown: Thanks, Barb.

    • Andy: About the other day. I said some things I didn't mean.
      Ephram: We both did.
      Andy: And that comment about my beard?
      Ephram: No, that I meant.

    • Andy: Doing a lot of laundry these days.
      Ephram: Do you wanna charge me?
      Andy: I was once a happy sack of hormones myself.
      Ephram: Gross. Find another sack to share with.

    • Ephram: Do you have a boyfriend?
      Amy: Yes. But I want you to meet him. If you do, you'll understand.
      Ephram: That was right on my list of things to do today, right between picking up my dry cleaning and chopping off my hand.

    • Andy: Someone's unusually quiet this morning.
      Ephram: Someone's unusually interested.

    • Edna: I should've told you old tightass is my son. Apologies, Sparky.

    • Andy: How was your day?
      Ephram: It was ok, I found out I'm in love with in a girl who's in love with a guy that's in a coma. Other than that it was pretty standard.

  • Notes

    • The theme for Everwood is an original piece composed and performed exclusively for the show by Blake Neely and recorded by a live orchestra.

    • Featured Music:
      Cat Stevens - Miles From Nowhere.
      Rosemary Clooney - They All Laughed.
      Seven and the Sun - Walk With Me.
      Al Green - Let's Stay Together.
      Bobby Darin - Mack the Knife.
      Gigolo Aunts - Pacific Ocean Blues.
      Johann Sebastian Bach - 1st Prelude in C-Major.

    • This episode was broadcast in widescreen.

    • First UK airing on ITV1 Monday 7th November 2005 2.30pm with following episodes daily Monday to Friday.

    • Merrilyn Gann (Rose Abbott) appears in a deleted scene off the DVD in this episode. The scene is a scene between Harold and Rose in Rose's mayor office.

    • The entire first season of Everwood was released on September 7, 2004.

    • The Futon Critic ranked this episode #50 of the top episodes of 2002.

    • This episode marks the first appearance of recurring star Stephanie Niznik as Nina Fenney.

    • Cast listed at the beginning of the episode in a similar fashion to that of guest cast.

    • When the show premiered on September 16, 2002, Everwood ran an extra 10 minutes (9pm-10:10pm) with additional scenes added to the premiere episode. Later on scenes were cut to make it fit one hour.

    • This episode marks the first appearance of recurring star Lee Garlington as Brenda Baxworth.

    • Everwood creator, Greg Berlanti, has said that it was shows like Northern Exposure and Picket Fences which made him want to be a TV writer.

    • TV Guide says, "A New York City neurosurgeon transplants his family to a quirky Colorado town in this earnest drama."

    • The WB began on-air promotion for Everwood on May 22, 2002 during the two-hour series finale of Felicity with a 30-second preview commercial.

    • The pilot was filmed in Canmore and Calgary (located in Canada) in March 2002. When the series was picked up the rest of the show was filmed in the U.S.

    • In the 1st season of Everwood the WB had a one-hour weekly presentation of Everwood on their Sunday lineup at 6pm ET/5pm CT. They broadcasted the same episode that aired earlier in the week in their regular Monday night 9pm timeslot.

    • Everwood got an early 13-episode pickup from the WB network before it presented it's fall schedule (May 14, 2002), which is very unusual for a completed pilot unless the executives are very confident within the potential show.

    • Before getting it's official Monday night timeslot, Everwood was originally being targeted for a Sunday timeslot.

    • WB Entertainment President, Jordan Levin: "It was a show that we were confident was going to be on our fall schedule. It's one of the strongest pilots we've ever seen, and hopefully (the early pickup) will allow Everwood to push out of the pack and into the public eye... it's an incredibly flexible piece; it has numerous time slots that it can play in, but most of all it came down to passion. It's simply one of the best moving, well-executed plots I've seen and I wanted to maintain the creative momentum of the project."

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