Season 4 Episode 3

Put On A Happy Face

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2005 on The WB
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As if adjusting to college life and the news that her secret crush Reid (guest star Justin Baldoni) is gay were not enough to handle, Amy learns that Ephram is going to be a regular fixture in her life now that he's moved in with Bright and Reid. Meanwhile, Andy, Nina and Jake attempt to move on with life after Nina decides which man she loves, which is Jake. Bright and Ephram take Hannah to a college party.

Andy gets involved in a case dealing with 17-year old Ethan Harcourt who has been on anti-depressants since his older brother's car accident and death, but now wants to be intimate with his current girlfriend. The anti-depressants he takes cause erectial dysfunction and he tries to coerce Andy in letting him have Viagra. Ethan wants to keep all of this a secret from his girlfriend and family who don't know about his situation. Andy wavers that he's too young but Ethan doesn't listen and purchases medication online that inevitably ends him up in the hospital after its use.moreless

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  • Not the best, but definitely important.

    It may not be my favorite episode, but it was an important episode.

    Amy has to find her way in college and the first in her life it seems that she is not the center of attention...not to mention the Reed thing...

    The Bright/Hanna scenes were very important to the show just to see the length that Bright will go to make Hanna comfortable, and the lengths Hanna will go to make sure that Bright is happy...even if it is over her own. Makes you think the relationship is either doomed, or going to last forever.

    Great show, and a good episode.moreless
  • Keggers, College, and Cheesecake. Another great week in Everwood.

    Let me just say that the new Thursday at 9 slot was not a great thing to hear when it was first announced. It didn't look good in the beginning with the fantastic premiere when it only had 3.57 million viewers. But the show is growing steadily in it's new slot week to week. The second episode had 4.16 million viewers, and this one had 4.35 million. On par to where a number of the second half of season three's episodes were ratings wise. At this point, I don't think we need to worry about the future of our favorite show. It will survive this season, and probably more in the future. And what a nice season too. The premiere was absolutely brilliant, the second episode was fantastic, and this episode was good. While this one was a good ep, it was my least favorite of the three so far. I didn't think it was anywhere as great as the first two, but it was still good. I am not usually one that likes a lot of change in some of my favorite shows. Sometimes it works like gangbusters, and other times it doesn't go over so well. Some start out rocky, but soon find their footing again. So far, Everwood's season four hasn't missed a beat. I am not sure about "college Amy" yet, but I guess only time will tell. Anyways, there was a lot of drama in the relationships on this week's episode. What is happening this week?. Read on and find out...

    Let's start off with Harold and Rose first, shall we?. I have always loved them as a couple. I love Rose, and Harold has always been my favorite. They have always seemed like a real married couple. As anyone can tell you, they have had serious obstacles in their lives in the last few years. The drama with Amy in season two, and now Rose's cancer, which has been brilliantly done in every way. This episode finds our couple in an interesting new dynamic. Rose is feeling better, and we finally see her with her short hair coming in after all of the chemo. She is in better spirits, and feels like getting some romance back into her life. She surprises Harold when she says she is going to make cheesecake. Her code word for "sex". Everything seems great. The doctor told her not to deny herself anything, and she isn't. Her and Harold make a plan for it later that evening. The following morning, we find out that it didn't go through. Harold starts acting cold and clinical towards Rose, and they have an argument. He basically tells her that he doesn't want to have sex. Harold has a talk with Andy about this and Andy tells him that it is normal for this to happen after all that they have gone through with her cancer. Later on, Harold states that Rose is gone and he has no idea where she went. When she does come back, she is smiling, upbeat, and in a good mood. She tells him that she misses the two of them, and felt that their argument made her feel liks his wife again and not just as a cancer patient. This was a great storyline for the two of them...but I'm worried. Rose wants some hanky panky, but Harold does not. She disappears for hours(even though she told Harold that she was at his mothers, a place he would never look)and she comes home all happy and looking really good. Is it possible that maybe Rose is getting the romance back in her life somewhere else?. There have been rumors that a couple will be torn apart from cheating. Could this be it?. It sure would be a dynamic idea for the show. Tom Amandes and Merilynn Gann continue to shine, and this was a great story for the two of them to have. I also like how the writers are staying consistent with Rose's cancer. They have kept at it and made it natural, instead of other TV shows where things are taken care of and are over quickly. Nice job guys!.

    Bright and Hannah are still going strong. They get my vote for the cutest and most entertaining couple on TV. Where can I find someone like Hannah?. Anyways, Bright and Ephram learn of a frat party, but Bright blows Ephram off and says that he is not going. Just drop it. Ephram brings it up in front of Hannah, upsetting Bright. Why is Bright acting this way?. He tells Hannah that he becomes an idiot at these parties and he doesn't want her to see him like that. This was very sweet of Bright, and it shows his maturity and his changing ways of thinking. Hannah tells him to go and they do. Hannah sees what Bright meant when he drinks, sings on stage, and basically acts very much like the old Bright. It is painfully clear that Hannah does not like this too much. She puts on a happy face(great title, by the way)and acts like it was okay and she had fun. Ephram knows the truth. This is heading for disaster as long as Hannah acts this way. If she doesn't tell Bright her true feelings about this, what will happen?. She has to be open and honest about this, or the relationship will fail. Open your mouth Hannah, and tell Bright how you really feel. This is the couple to watch.

    Amy is starting college, and the opening shots of her with the camera swinging around was kind of annoying. I am not sure if I am going to like the college aspect yet, but it's early. She gets into a photography club, but it turns out to not be what she thought. So, she's back home and things are not great. She goes to the movies and bumps into Ephram. The two talked and got along like old times. Amy tells Reid(who she is still crushing on)about it, and she says that it felt comfortable. It's perfectly understandable that she would be a little hesitant about getting back together. The two have an interesting record, and she is smart for playing it safe instead of just jumping back into something with Ephram. Good for her. As for Reid, is he or isn't he?. Amy witnesses a girl coming up and kissing him on the lips. They are apparently going out on a date to the movies with their arms around each other. So, is he?. And how will all of this work out since Ephram is now living with Bright and Reid?. It will be interesting to find out.

    It was bound to happen sooner or later. Jake knows about Andy and Nina and confronts Andy on it in the post office. He says he is just putting on a nice act for Nina's sake, but he doesn't like Andy now, and they are definitley not friends. It was a strong scene. Andy tells Nina that they have to talk and move on and get this behind them if they are going to have some kind of a friendship. Scott Wolf was really good in his scene, and the writers are really making the most out of this complicated triangle.

    In the end, this was another strong and worthy episode in the "Everwood" legacy. The plot lines are consistent, engaging, well written, and wonderfully acted. This show never disappoints.moreless
  • Everwood at its Best!

    WOW !! This is what I call "Everwood" at its best, the fourth season is definitely one of my favorites."Put On A Happy Face" was so clever, hilarious, and extremely touching in some parts. The scenes between Harold and Rose were sweet and touching. Tom and Merrilyn have such a great chemistry that it always shows on-screen. I thought the line about"cheesecake" was so hilarious! Oh Rose and Harold, they are so funny. The discomfort on Hannah's face at the college party was so obvious. Bright was..well Bright. But what the heck is going on with Reid, is he gay or isn't he? Personally, I would still want Amy to get back together with Ephram, they are made for one another. The whole viagra issue was also well-written into this episode, it was informative and smart. Now the big question, will Nina and Andy ever get together? Who knows what will happen, just keep the juicy stuff rolling..next episode seems also very interesting.moreless
  • What a great show!

    What a great show! I love this series and the episodes this season have been terrific. The interaction between Harold & Rose was especially touching. Andy's patience with both Harold and Ethan showed us that he's growing and trying to change. Ephram/Amy, what a fabulous scene. Wonderful Nite!!
  • An episode with lots of great lines, situations, and moments of vulnerability as Amy, Ephram, and Bright deal with the realistic challenges of college life. Bright gets to shine, Amy is adorably disappointed, Hannah is hilariosly overwhelmed, and Ephrammoreless

    A great episode with every storyline getting developed accordingly in a fresh, exciting way. I enjoyed the entering college episode, and how Ephram, Amy, and Bright are all trying to reinvent themselves in some way. Ephram tries to loosen up and attend some parties, but reverts back to the midnight movie watching Ephram by the end of the night. Like he said, progress is in stages not all of a sudden. Amy is trying to get back on track for college, but finds hardship and disappoint with making new friends, dealing with work, missing the "easy", while living off-campus. Pretty realistic in its depiction of the common problem of commuting to college. Bright on the other hand is trying to change and tone down himself in front of Hannah so as not to turn her off, but can't repress the Bright of old once the party gets going.

    I liked the way that the show depicted these characters not as undergoing sudden life changes once entering college, but remaining essentially the same people with the same continuing problems. The expectation is usually there for college life to totally change everything for you, but in reality it is another gradual step in your development. I enjoyed watching these characters show their vulnerabilities, such as Bright confessing to Hannah about being overwhelmed, Hannah showing her obvious discomfort about Bright's whole manner being "much", and Amy getting a bit cranky with her father because she has no one to hang out with on a Saturday night.

    Bright really gets to shine in all his good intentioned dim-wittedness with trying to be a good boyfriend to Hannah and enjoying the debauchery of college. Ephram and Amy meeting at the midnight showing was a nice flashback to how well they go together and why they were friends. Hannah was very hilariously flummoxed by trying not to bring Bright down, and then popping aspirin after hearing Bright excited about going to another party on Friday. Not to even mention the honest developments of Nina's "let's be friends" thing with Andy, and Harold and Rose's cheesecake problem. The show just packs it all in there, and it is all well-developed, realistic, incisively observed, and lovably hilarious at the same time.

    The best line for me was hearing Amy in a rather adorable way saying under her breath after a beat of all her assumptions destroyed after seeing her gay crush Reid walk off with his arm around a girl: "You're a dead man Bright Abbot."

    The best family drama on television. I even hate to put it in that genre, it is one of the consistently best shows on television currently.

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt

Harold Brighton "Bright" Abbott III

Emily VanCamp

Emily VanCamp

Amy Nicole Abbott

Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith

Ephram Brown

Merrilyn Gann

Merrilyn Gann

Rose Abbott (recurring Seasons 1, 2)

Sarah Drew

Sarah Drew

Hannah Rogers

Stephanie Niznik

Stephanie Niznik

Nina Feeny

Margo Harshman

Margo Harshman


Guest Star

Star LaPoint

Star LaPoint


Guest Star

Victor Z. Isaac

Victor Z. Isaac

Ethan Harcourt

Guest Star

Scott Wolf

Scott Wolf

Dr. Jake Hartman

Recurring Role

Justin Baldoni

Justin Baldoni

Reid Bardem

Recurring Role

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    • Amy: (Under her breath after finding out that Reid is not gay and has a girlfriend) You're a dead man, Bright Abbott.

    • Ephram: I love parties.
      Bright: Since when? You're a social black hole, all light goes into you and dies.
      Ephram: Alright, first of all, it's not certain that light is conscious, so it can't die.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Nina: I mean, frankly, I've spent the last three weeks trying to keep Jake from going over there and punching your lights out.
      Andy: I don't need you to protect me. If Tiny Tim wants two shots, send him over.

      Tiny Tim (whose real name was Herbert Khaury) was a singer and ukulele player whose career reached its height in the late 1960s and 70s. He is well known for his falsetto version of "Tiptoe Through the Tulips."

      Tiny Tim is also the nickname of one of the characters in the Charles Dickens book A Christmas Carol.

    • Amy: Hannah, Ephram moved in with Bright and you meant to tell me? That's like Paul Revere, get-on-your-horse-and-ride type information.

      Paul Revere is known for his famous night horseback ride in 1775 to warn the militia of the British army's activity before the battles of Lexington and Concord during the American Revolution.

    • Bright: (to Ephram) So, you don't go to a party when you have a girlfriend. It's like taking Ben & Jerry's to 31 Flavors.

      Ben & Jerry's is a brand of ice cream originally founded in the late 1970s and currently owned by Unilever.

      31 Flavors is the slogan of Baskin-Robbins, a chain of ice cream shops that began in 1953 with the merging of two separate ice cream parlors.

    • Hannah: (to Bright) Look, it's obvious, you're embarrassed because I'm still in high school and I wear bad glasses and I dress like Laura from Little House on the Prairie.

      Little House on the Prairie is a book published in 1935 by Laura Ingalls Wilder based on her childhood growing up in the late 1800s. She wrote a series of books, which inspired a Little House on the Prairie TV show that ran in the 1970s/80s, with Melissa Gilbert playing the role of Laura Ingalls.

    • Hannah: (to Amy) Do you really think Jack White's hot? Cause I'm looking at him here, and I've gotta say, I question his hygiene routine.

      Jack White is the lead vocalist and guitarist for The White Stripes. He has also starred in a several movies, including Walk Hard, where he portrayed Elvis Presley.

    • Bright: (to Hannah) It's a bacchanal. It's in honor of the Greek god, B.A. Baracus. He's the god of beer and chicken and stuff.

      B.A. Baracus was one of the characters on The A-Team, a TV show about a group of ex-Special Forces that ran from 1983 to 1986. Baracus was played by Mr. T (Laurence Tureaud).

    • Episode title: Put on a happy face; it comes from the song of the same title from the musical Bye Bye Birdie.