Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 22, 2006 on The WB
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Andy's father, whom the Browns haven't seen in 15 years, pays a visit to Everwood surprising Andy, Ephram and Delia. Ephram and Amy try to cheer Bright up and take him out to celebrate his 21st birthday. This ends badly when a drunk Bright falls through a window and ends up in hospital. Hannah rushes to Bright's side, leaving Nick behind on their date. Jake's big question last week, gets an answer from Nina as she has decided to move to LA. Andy is not happy about this. Edna and Irv decide to drive all over the country for their retirement.moreless

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  • Why Irv?

    I was all out of sorts when Bright fell out of the window. I felt so bad for him. Trying to nurse a broken heart. Probably a bad idea to go to a bar...even if it\'s to celebrate your legality. And poor Irv. I really didn\'t see that coming. When he collapsed and fell to the floor all I could do is gasp! Why? I was just so overwhelmed by that scene. I could never get through this show without a box of kleenex at my side! I think I\'m going to need 2 boxes for the series finale.moreless
  • "Stopping me from living isn't going to stop me from dying."

    Those words are from The Golden Girls. But they apply here too. "Reckoning" is about death, or maybe more accurately, about how we fear it.

    Three storylines have death lurking in the shadows. Bright is hitting rock bottom after his rocky break-up with Hannah. When Ephram plans his 21st birthday party, Bright drinks his problems away -- but they become achingly apparent. You can see it reach the surface more and more so as the episode transpires. Bright watches Lifetime, Bright doesn't go to class, Bright starts drinking, Bright starts becoming irrational about Hannah, Bright stops being funny. And when Bright stops being funny, you *know* there is a problem.

    That problem is gravity. Bright clumsily plays pool and stumbles out the window after he loses balance (The episode cleverly uses his lack of mobility because of his broken arm). He hits the ground hard and immediately loses consciousness. His life is in danger as his friends and family impatiently wait.

    Meanwhile, Rose is alerted to a large bruise on her lower back. She immediately believes her cancer has returned. When Edna and Irv visit the Abbotts, Rose urgently calls for Edna to take care of Harold in case the worst happens. In fact, Rose seems to have resigned to the cancer before she is even certain it has returned. This scene is powerfully done -- a real testament to Merrilyn Gann's acting ability.

    Finally, Andy's father mysteriously appears. Andy has not talked to him in some time. There is bitter anger and resentment as the death of Andy's mother has come between the two of them. At first, we believe that Andy feels that his father (Eugene, played by the wonderful Charles Durning) is somewhat responsible for her death -- given that his stubbornness to have her treated in New York City was shortly followed by her death. But then we learn the real reason. Andy felt orphaned by the two of them -- and not just due to his mother's death.

    Throughout the episode, Andy asks if Eugene has returned because he is dying. Eugene assures Andy that that is not the case. By the end of the episode, it is obvious that Eugene has indeed come to visit, and to visit only.

    What this episode cleverly illustrates is that death can be feared but can usually not be predicted. The last scene, so wonderfully presented by director David Petrarca, shows Irv making breakfast for Edna. Not a word is spoken. Suddenly, we see Irv in extreme pain, and he falls to the ground. Little warning, total devastation.

    Bright survives, Rose's cancer remains at bay, and Eugene is, apparently, healthy. Irv, however, is in the throes of death. What we see here is that "stopping me from living isn't going to stop me from dying". As much as we fear death and its ultimate finality, there is no saying when it will happen, and why. The reason death is so scary is that its inevitably is complemented by its unpredictability. So why not live life to the fullest before death's cruel hands take over?

    This is a fine episode -- with terrific acting, as usual. At times, the episode felt a little overstuffed and seemed somewhat rushed. I also was not a big fan of the slower frame evolution of Bright's fall -- but I appreciated the parallelism with Irv's. These complaints, however, are minor. Everwood, as usual, succeeds in superb fashion. "Reckoning" is another fantastic installment.moreless
  • I don't want the show to end.

    Well, I guess it happens to all good series. They have a life and then they end. Everwood is such a good show to watch and it combines so many good elements. I am sorry to see it end. Bright getting hurt was a sad moment but probably necessary for him and hannah. Andys father showing up was sad but good for resolving things. The writers had several ways the stories could have gone, just to continue the series, but I am sure they will wrap it up nicely in the end. I will continue to watch to the bitter end. Thanks for everything EVERWOOD.moreless
  • Good but predictable

    Didn't like that they has Irv having a heart attack in the kitchen at the end. Liked the plot with Andy's father. It shows Andy has finally figured the father thing out, Julia would be so proud of him. Bright falling thru window was ok. Hannah rushing to his side and crying over his lifeless body was cheesy.
  • Good, but it was too obvious that they are closing up the show...

    I think Everwood made these episodes so that in case it got cancelled (which it did) they can end the series with nothing hanging. Smarter than 7th heaven, at least.

    BTW, I am not surprised (but still sad) that they are cancelling this show but MAD that they did AND kept 7th heaven for one more season after the worst "series finale" I had ever seen.

    Anyway, Bright falling out the window and Hannah running to his side at the hospital was poignant but I don't think she should get back together with him.

    Are they hinting that Ephram and Amy will FINALLY get back together for good? Hmm...I think if that is a dead horse but it is good if that happens.

    I do see it being good if Nina ends up with Andy though...they are a good match.

    I was very happy that Rose is now in remission. What a great moment for her and Harold. It would be too terrible if they killed her off like that at the end of the series.

    But I had a feeling that someone was going to die and it would be either Edna or Irv. It was sad that he had his heart attack around the time he and Edna were starting a new chapter in their lives.....I still hope he doesn't die but I think he will.

    Overall, it started the closing up for hte series finale.moreless
Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt

Harold Brighton "Bright" Abbott III

Debra Mooney

Debra Mooney

Nurse Edna Abbott Harper

Emily VanCamp

Emily VanCamp

Amy Nicole Abbott

Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith

Ephram Brown

John Beasley

John Beasley

Irv Harper/ Narrator

Merrilyn Gann

Merrilyn Gann

Rose Abbott (recurring Seasons 1, 2)

Charles Durning

Charles Durning

Eugene Brown

Guest Star

Christopher Egan

Christopher Egan

Nick Bennett

Guest Star

Luciana Carro

Luciana Carro

Stephanie Meyer

Guest Star

Scott Wolf

Scott Wolf

Dr. Jake Hartman

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • -Bright turns 21 in May 2006, which means that he was born in May 1985. May is also the month for Brittany's birthday.
      -Eugene was an auto mechanic who worked on European cars.
      -Hannah is Episcopalian.

      Note that the characters in this episode and in Foreverwood keep mispronouncing the name of a certain university. Anyone in Indiana will tell you its name is pronounced No-ter Dame.

    • A nice little nod to Irv with the music as he has his heart attack: Rosemary Clooney's Love Is Here To Stay is playing in the background, which harks back to the first time we see Irv in the pilot episode. Back then, he decided he'll like Delia because the Rosemary Clooney track They All Laughed was playing on the radio in his School Bus as she got on.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Andy: (when he sees Ephram talking to the man that turns out to be Andy's father) What's going on?
      Amy: Oh, your son is about to owe me $20.

    • (Bright lies unconscious in the hospital. Hannah goes into his room and sits down by his side)
      Hannah: Please don't die. (Puts her head down on his bed and starts to cry) Please don't die.
      Bright: (Coming around) Okay.

    • Bright: (Drunk) Did you happen to know almost all hookers strip, but nearly no strippers hook? That's not a word, is it? Yeah it is... Hook! Captain Hook!

    • Dr. Brown: (to Ephram) Don't tell me you were just talking to that man there.
      Ephram: Yeah, why? Do you know him?
      Dr. Brown: He's my father.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Edna: (to Irv) You know the last time I was out of the country was the Tet Offensive?

      The Tet Offensive was a military campaign during the Vietnam war that began on January 30, 1968. The Vietcong and North Vietnamese soldiers attacked American and South Vietnamese forces. Many consider the Tet Offensive a key turning point in the war.

    • Ephram: You're not working on any plan. I came in here yesterday and you were watching the Lifetime channel.
      Bright: That was all in the spirit of research, my friend, okay? Besides, Meredith Baxter Birney? Total MILF.

      Meredith Baxter Birney is an actress best known for her roles on the TV shows Family and Family Ties that were popular in the late 1970s and 80s. On Family Ties, Birney played the role of Michael J. Fox's mother.

    • Bright: Did you happen to know almost all hookers strip, but nearly no strippers hook? That's not a word, is it? Yeah it is... Hook! Captain Hook!

      Captain Hook is a fictional character in J. M. Barrie's play Peter Pan.

    • Stephanie: (to Ephram) See you later Piano Man.

      This is a reference to Billy Joel. Billy Joel is a famous singer who is known for his song, Piano Man.