Everwood - Season 4

The WB (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Foreverwood (2)
    Episode 22
    After making an important decision, Nina and Sam move in temporarily with the Browns. Ready to propose to Nina, Andy goes on a mysterious trip to take care of one last unresolved issue, but not before surprising Delia with her Bat Mitzvah gift. Meanwhile, Bright tries to help Hannah realizeher college dreams, and as Harold and Rose continue caring for baby Lily, Harold is shocked to learn that his mother is planning to move away. Also, Ephram and Amy are both finally starting to seewhat they've been wanting all along,but someone needs to make the first move.moreless
  • Foreverwood (1)
    Episode 21
    While packing up her house and preparing to leave Everwood with Jake, Nina tells Hannah that she knows Andy bought an engagement ring for her. Hannah convinces Nina to sneak into the house while the Browns are out to get a look at the ring. Later, Jake finds out about the ring and confronts Andy once again about his feelings for Nina. At Delia’s Bat Mitzvah, Amy watches Ephram with his new girlfriend Stephanie, and realizes her feelings for Ephram are still strong. When one of Harold’s patients leaves her baby on the Abbott’s doorstep, Harold wrestles with the right course of action while Rose immediately becomes attached to the little girl.moreless
  • Goodbye, Love
    Episode 20
    Ephram reveals information about his dad to Nina that surprises her and adds a new twist to her inner Andy-or-Jake struggle; Andy finds more of a connection with his dad (guest star Charles Durning), who's still in town; Amy and Ephram recall a moment from their past that helps Amy realize that Ephram is always there for her. Lastly, Hannah and Bright come together as friends, realizing that there's still a close bond between them.moreless
  • Reckoning
    Episode 19
    Andy's father, whom the Browns haven't seen in 15 years, pays a visit to Everwood surprising Andy, Ephram and Delia. Ephram and Amy try to cheer Bright up and take him out to celebrate his 21st birthday. This ends badly when a drunk Bright falls through a window and ends up in hospital. Hannah rushes to Bright's side, leaving Nick behind on their date. Jake's big question last week, gets an answer from Nina as she has decided to move to LA. Andy is not happy about this. Edna and Irv decide to drive all over the country for their retirement.moreless
  • Enjoy the Ride
    Episode 18
    Just out of the hospital and wanting to start his life over, Reid asks Amy out on a date. Amy talks a very reluctant Hannah into a double date with Amy's friend Nick, leaving Bright to deal with his pain and jealousy. Delia panics when her Bat Mitzvah falls on the same day as the birthday party of the most popular girl at school. Nina tries to deal with her confusing emotions over Andy and realizes she will have to make a decision when Jake asks her to move to Los Angeles with him. Harold points out to Rose that they were so caught up in the adoption procedure they've been taking each other for granted.moreless
  • 5/8/06
    Ephram rescues Reid from attempted suicide as Reid suffers depression from finding out that he has been kicked out of Med School. Nina confesses to Andy that she still shares feelings for him. A necklace is passed between Harold and Bright as each try to apologize to Rose and Hannah.
  • Truth...
    Episode 16
    Ephram discovers that Bright cheated on Hannah and confronts him about it. Irv takes Edna along on his book tour, where they meet his daughter Cassie. Reid is faced with expulsion from medical school for cheating on an exam. Harold confesses to Andy that he neglected to report Rose's cancer on the adoption application. Ephram tells Amy what happened with Bright, prompting her to confront him and force him to admit the truth to Hannah.moreless
  • 4/24/06
    Andy manages to get tickets for a piano concert he and Ephram attend. After, Ephram and the pianist talk about playing professionaly. Bright meets a girl from his past again, which makes him think about his current relationship with Hannah.
  • Across the Lines
    Episode 14
    Andy and Jake are having a little get-together before work when a car crashes into a lamppost in front of them. Both doctors immediately detect the person in the car had been drinking. Harold meets a member of Rose's cancer support group. Jake checks up on the drunk guy in the hospital and ends up having a good talk with him. Reid has a discussion with his academic counsellor. Amy takes Hannah out to a restaurant where she meets with her college friends.moreless
  • 4/10/06
    An eighteen-year-old girl wants Andy to check her for the breast cancer gene, as it runs in her family. The girl and her older sister (who already had cancer and a double mastectomy) go see Andy for the results. After being tested positive, they decided to have a preventative mastectomy to lessen the chance of cancer. Bright and Hannah are out on a date when something happens to both of them, and they call Harold. Ephram talks Kyle into accepting an invitation from a pretty classmate to go to a school dance, but when Kyle has a terrible evening, Ephram finally faces his suspicions that Kyle may be gay. Feeling that he has made things worse for Kyle, Ephram turns to Amy and Andy for advice. Kyle doesn't want lessons from Ephram any more, again.moreless
  • 4/3/06
    Andy consults Josh Stein, who's studying to become a rabbi. Josh also helps Delia with her Bat Mitzvah. Ephram supports Kyle, as his father comes to town. Amy's professor talks to Harold about a medical procedure. Andy is trying to go on a date with someone he met over the internet, but he has to postpone multiple times.moreless
  • Lost and Found
    Episode 11
    Ephram falls into a depression over his stumped relationship with Amy and his sudden lack of direction in life is made worse by the news that his piano teacher, Will Cleveland (James Earl Jones, who does not appear in the episode), has died. Bright takes Ephram to one of the college keggers to help cheer him up, but Ephram ignores the party and the girls who are flirting with him to play video games. Also, a lonely Edna suffers a panic attack and Andy comes to the rescue as he rushes her to the hospital. Delia grows more rebellious against her father and Harold and Rose consider adopting a child from Africa, but find out it is a lot harder than they expected.moreless
  • Ghosts
    Episode 10
    After a week since Ephram and Amy have slept together, the couple tries to figure out what this means for their future together. Meanwhile, Nina and Jake are at a standstill over their relationship after Jake's prescription drug habit was revealed to Nina. Also, Irv's brutally honest description of Andy in his debut novel causes Andy to take a long look in the mirror. Meanwhile, Ephram realizes that he and Kyle (guest-star Steven R. McQueen) may have even more in common than he originally thought. Lastly, Amy bonds with a cool teacher at Colorado A&M. She goes to a meeting about a search for the new Provost with a few other women invited.

  • 12/8/05
    A very-much-in-love Ephram discovers that he has unwittingly become a "girlfriend" to Amy, but the friendship takes a turn for something more when a moment of intimacy leads to them waking up together the next morning. Meanwhile, Nina grows suspicious of Jake's recent strange behavior, which is further amplified when his brother, Brian (guest star Tom Parker), shows up unexpectedly. Delia takes up with the popular girls in school, which worries Andy. Also, Bright tries to rectify Hannah's low self-esteem issues. Lastly, Rose drops some startling news on Harold, which could drastically change their lives.moreless
  • 11/17/05
    With Hannah leaving for Minnesota in a few days with her mother (guest star Jayne Brook, "Chicago Hope"), Bright and Amy find themselves taking the loss of their girlfriend and best friend, respectively, harder than even they expected. Jake sets out on a high-risk bike trip with his friend, Cliff (guest star Simon Rex), that takes a near fatal turn; Andy and Harold uncharacteristically decide to go skydiving after hearing of Jake's daredevil ways; and Reid (guest star Justin Baldoni) keeps his promise to Ephram and backs off from pursuing Amy, leaving her feeling all the more lonely.
  • Pro Choice
    Episode 7
    Hannah's mother (guest star Jayne Brook, "Chicago Hope") pays an unexpected visit to Everwood to tell Hannah that her father has passed away. Elsewhere in Everwood, Ephram stifles his feelings for Amy while forced to watch her relationship with Reid (guest star Justin Baldoni) grow more serious; Andy advises a patient (guest star Keith David, "Crash") who desperately needs a kidney transplant, but refuses to accept one from his daughter (guest star Gina Ravera). Lastly, Bright is at a loss at how best to help Hannah through this difficult time.
  • Free Fall
    Episode 6
    In hopes of mending Andy and Jake's friendship, Nina suggests the two men go to counseling together. Meanwhile, Andy breaks the news to Ephram that Amy may be seeing someone new; Harold helps Rose find new direction after losing the mayoral reelection campaign; Ephram realizes that Kyle's (guest star Steven R. McQueen, movie legend Steve McQueen's grandson) life may be more complicated than he originally thought.moreless
  • Connect Four
    Episode 5
    On a camping trip with Andy and Harold, Ephram reveals the true reason why he returned to Everwood and Bright contemplates a sex-free relationship with Hannah after she tells him that she doesn't believe in pre-marital sex. Meanwhile, Amy grows even more emotionally confused when Reid (guest star Justin Baldoni) asks her to go with him to a Halloween fund-raiser. Jake (Scott Wolf) and Edna's working relationship is put to the test when Jake treats a 40 year-old woman who has stress urinary incontinence.

    Edna has been quite perplexed lately as Jake is opening up his private office more for surgical procedures and botox sessions. Also, Ephram learns more about his mysterious piano student, Kyle (guest star Steven R. McQueen, movie legend Steve McQueen's grandson). Ephram meets Kyle's mother, Tracy, and she thanks Ephram for all he has done for him. He also gets an insight on why Kyle is the way he is, which leaves Ephram more convinced that Kyle is just like him.moreless
  • Pieces of Me
    Episode 4
    Ephram begins giving piano lessons to a 14-year-old piano prodigy, Kyle (guest star Steven R. McQueen), but he soon realizes that the music awakens difficult memories from last year. Meanwhile, Dr. Brown gives advice a brain tumor patient (guest star Joseph Bologna, "My Favorite Year") and his wife (Renee Taylor, "The Nanny"); Harold and Rose await the latest cancer test results while dealing with the stress of a mayoral reelection. Delia informs her father she wants a Bat Mitzvah.moreless
  • 10/13/05
    As if adjusting to college life and the news that her secret crush Reid (guest star Justin Baldoni) is gay were not enough to handle, Amy learns that Ephram is going to be a regular fixture in her life now that he's moved in with Bright and Reid. Meanwhile, Andy, Nina and Jake attempt to move on with life after Nina decides which man she loves, which is Jake. Bright and Ephram take Hannah to a college party.

    Andy gets involved in a case dealing with 17-year old Ethan Harcourt who has been on anti-depressants since his older brother's car accident and death, but now wants to be intimate with his current girlfriend. The anti-depressants he takes cause erectial dysfunction and he tries to coerce Andy in letting him have Viagra. Ethan wants to keep all of this a secret from his girlfriend and family who don't know about his situation. Andy wavers that he's too young but Ethan doesn't listen and purchases medication online that inevitably ends him up in the hospital after its use.moreless
  • The Next Step
    Episode 2
    Andy learns that Ephram has no intention of moving back home, while Bright invites Ephram to move in with him and Reid (Justin Baldoni). Meanwhile, Hannah (Sarah Drew) begins to worry about the long term possibilities for her relationship with Bright after he shares his "three dates and out" policy; Harold suspects Andy is up to something after he frequently goes missing from the office.

    Nina and Jake have the grand opening for their new restaurant, Sam's. Nina is having a hard time convincing Everwood patrons on her new restaurant politics as "Mama Joys" is officially gone. But Nina gets some help when a couple of celebrities walk in and like her new establishment. Lastly, Ephram and Amy finally confront the unspoken fate of their relationship.moreless
  • 9/29/05
    Nina finally chooses between the two men she loves. Amy develops a new friendship with college-age student Reid (guest-star Justin Baldoni) while waiting on her mother Rose at the hospital. Also, Amy and Rose find that Rose's cancer has driven them apart rather than brought them together. Bright flirts with a new girl who might become his roommate, but is more involved in knowing what girlfriend Hannah scribbled off the postcard that she sent to him. Lastly, Ephram makes an emotional return to Everwood just in time for an unexpected wedding.